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Articles relating to "Mortgage rates":

Average U.S. 30-year mortgage rate slips to 4.23% (3/23/2017)
Freddie Mac: Long-term mortgage rates are down from their highest levels of 2017. Last week, the 30-year FRM was 4.30%; the 15-year FRM was 3.50% and now is 3.44%.

Could rising mortgage rates be good for housing? (3/22/2017)
While higher rates make it more expensive for buyers, rising rates could also push fence-sitters into action and convince banks that they can approve more loans.

30-year mortgage rates rise again: 4.30% (3/16/2017)
Average rates hit their highest level for 2017 again. 90% of experts polled by think they’ll continue to go up over the short term, while only 10% foresee stability – none predict a decrease.

The Fed hiked interest rates. What happens to mortgages? (3/16/2017)
The U.S. is in a “rising interest rate environment.” That means there’s a greater chance mortgage rates will go up rather than down – but it’s never a sure thing.

30-year mortgage rate rises to yearly high: 4.21% (3/9/2017)
The Fed is expected to raise interest rates next week, nudging the 30-year FRM higher. Most experts (70%) polled this week predict rate increases will continue.

Average 30-year mortgage rate falls to 4.1% (3/2/2017)
FRM rates fell again this week, but with the Fed threatening an interest rate hike soon, 70% of experts predict they’ll go higher and none anticipate a decline.

Average 30-year mortgage rates slip again to 4.17% (2/9/2017)
Mortgage rates fell again after a post-election surge, and 88% of experts polled this week predict they’ll remain stable or fall even more over the short term.

Fixed mortgage rates move higher (1/3/2017)
Freddie Mac: Overall, 2016’s average mortgage rate was the lowest since tracking began in 1971 – but a consecutive nine-week uptick late in the year suggests that the era of low rates may be ending.