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Articles relating to "Mortgage rates":

Average mortgage rates edge lower: 30-year at 3.89% (8/17/2017)
The FRM rate is down marginally from last week’s 3.9%, though still higher than a year ago when it averaged 3.65%. However, despite low rates, the housing market remains hampered by tight mortgage credit standards.

Mortgage rates move a bit lower (8/10/2017)
The average FRM hit 3.90% this week, down from last week’s 3.93%. The 15-year loan held steady at 3.18%, and the ARM changed little at 3.14%.

Average mortgage rates steady: 30-year at 3.93% (8/3/2017)
Rates were virtually unchanged, though up a smidgen compared to last week’s 3.92%. For all of last year, the 30-year FRM averaged 3.65%.

Mortgage rates fall again – second straight week (7/27/2017)
Fixed-rate mortgages rose above 4% three weeks ago, but they’re down to 3.92% this week even though the Fed has increased short-term rates 4 times in 18 months.

When will mortgage rates rise? What happens when they do? (4/24/2017)
At some point, mortgage rates will rise again. An economic analysis of earlier 100-basis-point mortgage-rate increases found that median home prices often take a hit because buyers can’t afford their now-higher monthly payments.

Will mortgage rates below 4% spur market? (4/24/2017)
How long will 4% rates last? It could lead skittish buyers to act sooner rather than later – or shop for slightly a bigger home than they could afford in Jan.

Mortgage rates drop below 4% (4/20/2017)
Rates that surged shortly after the presidential election have surprised experts by dropping again. This week’s average FRM, 3.97%, is the lowest since Nov. 2016.

Two Fed moves could push mortgage rates higher (4/3/2017)
Interest rate hikes indirectly affect long-term mortgage rates – but a separate Fed move later this year could also push rates higher once it starts selling Treasury securities that the Fed bought during the recession to help ease the housing crisis.

Could rising mortgage rates be good for housing? (3/22/2017)
While higher rates make it more expensive for buyers, rising rates could also push fence-sitters into action and convince banks that they can approve more loans.