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Articles relating to "Mortgages":

New clean energy PACE firm plans full homeowner disclosure (7/14/2017)
Fla.’s fourth firm with the PACE program says it will have a “Know Before You Owe” disclosure and make sure owners know all the pros and cons of the plan.

CFPB clarifies rule: Agents may see Closing Disclosure (7/11/2017)
The federal consumer bureau says it’s okay for lenders to share buyers’ closing disclosure with agents, and it’s announcing soon the how-to-do-it details.

Senate makes headway in attempt to break up Fannie, Freddie (7/5/2017)
A bipartisan group is tossing out ideas, and a few appear to have legs. They’d keep the 30-year mortgage, for example, and possibly break off commercial lending.

Sept. bond sales could impact FRM rates (7/5/2017)
The Fed bought a lot of bonds during the housing crisis, and if officials start selling them in Sept., the Fed could postpone interest rate increases for a bit.

80% of mortgages pay taxes, insurance through escrow (6/30/2017)
CoreLogic: Nearly 80% of homeowners with a mortgage pay real estate taxes and home insurance through an escrow account – a 900 basis point increase in six years.

Survey: More lenders expected to ease credit standards (6/26/2017)
According to Fannie Mae’s 2Q survey, more mortgage lenders say they’ve eased credit standards recently, and they expect further easing in the coming months.

Hey buyers: Securing a mortgage takes longer than you think (6/23/2017)
The mortgage process is complex. In addition to filling out a form, it requires documentation, third-party verifications and an independent appraisal process.

12M consumers may get July credit-score boost (6/23/2017)
Some buyers who can’t qualify for a mortgage now might be OK soon after the big three credit agencies clean up their inaccurate tax lien and civil judgement data.

Mortgage tech company Sindeo calls it quits (6/22/2017)
Sindeo hoped to revolutionize the mortgage application process using tech, but “simplifying the highly regulated, complex business” proved too challenging.

CoreLogic: Mortgage credit risk edges up slightly (6/20/2017)
CoreLogic Q1 Housing Credit Index: The HCI rose 3.6 points to 105.6, up from Q1 2016; but the credit risk level remains nearly the same as the “normal” baseline.

The zero-down loan? It’s making a comeback (6/16/2017)
Some experts said no-downpayment mortgages led to the housing crisis, but some lenders are starting to offer them again anyway.

CoreLogic: Mortgage delinquencies dropped to a 10-year low in March 2017 (6/13/2017)
CoreLogic: Nationally, 4.4% of mortgages were in some stage of delinquency in March, dropping from an overall delinquency rate of 5.2% a year ago.

House votes to repeal key aspects of Dodd-Frank (6/12/2017)
Under the new bill, known as the Financial CHOICE Act, big banks would face less scrutiny and many of the regulatory powers of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would be stripped. It now heads to the U.S. Senate.

Fannie to loosen mortgage requirements (6/9/2017)
On July 29, Fannie Mae will raise its debt-to-income ceiling from 45% to 50%, making it possible for a larger number of new buyers to qualify for a mortgage.

CoreLogic: More homeowners have regained equity (6/8/2017)
9M U.S. borrowers have regained equity since the 2011 height of the mortgage crisis; an average homeowner gained about $13.4K in equity from Q1 2016 - Q1 2017.

Survey: Wannabe homebuyers aren’t saving enough (6/7/2017)
Apartment List: 80% of millennials want to one day buy a home, but 36% think they’ll have to wait more than 5 years; 16% believe they’ll be able to buy in 2 years.

Move-up buyers? The bridge loan is back (6/5/2017)
Details vary by lender, but a bridge loan allows a homeowner to buy a new home before selling his current home. Under a new version announced by Third Federal, the owner’s existing home payment is eliminated during the process.

Downpayment help with a catch: A claim on equity (5/31/2017)
Trending: More startups, such as Unison and OWN Home Finance, are offering to help buyers with a downpayment in exchange for a stake in their home’s future equity. However, interested buyers should carefully read the fine print.

HUD, FEMA announce goals to Realtors in Washington (5/17/2017)
HUD Secretary Carson told Realtors at the Realtors Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo that he plans a new era of homeownership, saying HUD will address FHA restrictions on condo lending. FEMA announced a goal to double flood ins. coverage by 2023.

Should FHFA crack down on rent-to-own? (5/16/2017)
Some groups want the Federal Housing Finance Agency to regulate investment firms that sell run-down foreclosures “as is” through some type of seller financing.

Borrowers lost homes to Ocwen, lawsuits say (4/21/2017)
The CFPB, Fla. and 20 other states are suing Fla.-based Ocwen Financial and halting certain operations for “numerous violations of Federal consumer financial laws.”

Mortgage lenders optimistic about 2017 (4/12/2017)
Survey: Independent lenders believe Gen X and millennials offer growth opportunities. The expect more jumbo loans and buyers who plan to make rental money.

More mortgage approvals = more mortgage fraud (3/27/2017)
A major fraud index found that mortgage “defects” – fraud and misrepresentation – rose 4.1% in Feb. But overall, the rate is down 25.5% compared to 2013.

Study: It’s taking less time to close (3/21/2017)
Closing times dropped way down last month, falling from 51 days in Jan. to 46 days in Feb., according to the latest Ellie Mae Origination Insight Report.

Spring real estate buyers: Early bird gets worm (3/15/2017)
Listings should hit the market soon, but buyers still outnumber sellers – and an expected mortgage rate increase means buyers should act sooner rather than later.

Survey: With mortgages, buyers prefer the personal touch (3/14/2017)
In Ellie Mae’s latest buyer survey, 57% went through the entire mortgage process working with a real person, and 28 percent used a hybrid online-in-person system.

More consumers turn to non-banks for their mortgage (3/6/2017)
In 2011, 50% of all new mortgage loans originated from JPMorgan, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, but their share dropped to 21% by September 2016.

Don’t do these 4 risky mortgage moves (2/28/2017)
Buyers excited about purchasing a new home sometimes sabotage their final loan approval by changing jobs, applying for credit or moving money around.

Did TRID work? 50% still surprised by closing costs (2/15/2017)
Study: The TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule’s goal was to help buyers understand their mortgage loan, but many still find the process confusing.

Mortgage words you should know (2/14/2017)
Do you know your DTI from your PITI? They can both impact your ATR. Realtors don’t have to be mortgage experts, but it helps to understand the lingo.

Fla. cities a ‘top place to score a mortgage’ (2/8/2017)
A SmartAsset study to find the 10 U.S. counties where it’s easiest to secure a mortgage found that six out of 10 are in Fla., and Sumter County ranks No. 1.

Housing forecast? Solid but many unknown variables (2/7/2017)
While real estate appears solid now, Freddie warns of “uncertainty about fiscal policy, foreign investments in U.S. real estate and size of the mortgage market.” A strong dollar and Brexit-type decisions outside the UK could have an impact.

Real and imaginary barriers holding back buyers (2/2/2017)
NAR aspiring buyer analysis: Affordability issues, student debt and downpayment confusion stopped many aspiring homeowners from reaching the market in 2016, even though demand for ownership remained high.

FHA streamline refinance: 5 strict conditions (1/31/2017)
Homeowners with FHA mortgages can refinance to a lower rate through streamline refinance. But while the process is simple, the homeowner requirements are not.

Wells Fargo settles BPO overcharge allegations (1/26/2017)
Wells Fargo doesn’t admit guilt but will pay $50M after a class action lawsuit alleged it charged owners up to $125 for broker price opinions that cost maybe $50.

When should buyers lock in a mortgage rate? (1/25/2017)
Buyers want the lowest mortgage rate possible, but today’s sporadic market makes it impossible to predict the future. Still, locking early provides peace of mind that, for many, is better than waiting and hoping rates will drop a bit.

NAR: Nixing FHA premium cut hurts up to 40,000 buyers (1/23/2017)
The cancelled FHA mortgage insurance cut will hurt up to 850,000 homebuyers, NAR said on Friday, but the association would continue advocating for a cut.