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Articles relating to "NAR":

Orlando Realtor wins top NAR award (11/17/2015)
Cynthia Shelton, 2009 Florida Realtors pres., received the Distinguished Service Award in honor of her outstanding leadership and service to the industry.

Fla. Realtor is NAR’s new president (11/16/2015)
Tom Salomone, who served as Florida Realtors president in 2003, notes a few remaining challenges but “the economy and real estate market are back in a major way.”’s new owner upbeat about results (11/10/2015)
The company that manages the Realtor-owned site is “particularly pleased with the momentum … which is significantly ahead of schedule on key metrics.”

Safety video helps clients understand your process (10/29/2015)
“Why must I come into the office before seeing homes?” clients ask. The safety conversation may be awkward, but NAR’s new shareable video can help.

Stop Congress from taking money from homeowners (10/27/2015)
Protect Fla. homeowners from having housing funds hijacked by Congress to repair potholes and pay for transportation issues. Every Realtor should say “NO” to lawmakers.

Don’t tax homeownership to pay for roads (10/16/2015)
NAR Call for Action: Should G-fees – added costs on home loans backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac – help pay for road construction? Tell lawmakers “no.”

Traditional Realtor tools a target for lawsuits (8/19/2015)
A store-bought router supplies Wifi in your lobby? Your MLS offers a location-based home search? If so, you could be sued. NAR is working to end the practice.

Real estate firms confident about future profits (8/7/2015)
NAR’s 2015 Profile of Real Estate Firms finds that 95% of real estate companies predict their net income will increase or at least not decline over the next year.

Where do your Realtor membership dues go? (8/4/2015)
NAR paid $7.5M to settle a legal-but-ridiculous lawsuit by patent trolls – businesses that primarily make money by suing – and it could happen to you too. Take action now.

NAR issues Call for Action: Stop patent trolls (7/21/2015)
Patent trolls bully Realtors into paying for simple tech tools they already use. A bill in Congress could stop them, and NAR asks members to help get it passed.

Antitrust claim against NAR dismissed (7/10/2015)
A biz used MLS data without authorization. It lost a copyright infringement case, and then lost a second case when it claimed NAR and MLSs have too much power.

Realtors urged to take safety beyond smartphones (7/6/2015)
NAR recommends several phone apps that can help when agents sense danger. Simply carrying a smartphone, however, may not offer enough protection.

Zillow attempts to sue NAR and Move Inc. (6/4/2015)
NAR and Move asked the judge to deny the countersuit that relates to a whistleblower letter outlining Zillow’s alleged use of trade secrets.

NAR member survey finds slight business dip in 2014 (6/3/2015)
According to NAR’s just-released member survey, the average Realtor is a 57-year-old woman who made $45,800 last year – $1,900 less than she made in 2013.

Realtors: Marginal agents a major industry threat (6/2/2015)
NAR’s Danger Report cites “masses of marginal agents” – unskilled salespeople who lack experience – as today’s biggest threat to professional Realtors.