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NAR-backed condo legislation passes Senate (7/15/2016)
Success: Many Realtors responded to a recent Call for Action, and Congress approved a plan to help FHA buyers secure a condo. It now only needs Obama’s signature.

U.S. home construction down slightly in May (6/17/2016)
Housing starts ticked down 0.3%, as builders pulled back a bit in the Northeast and Midwest. Meanwhile building permits, a sign of future activity, rose 0.7%.

71% of student loan debtors say it delays ownership (6/14/2016)
According to an NAR survey designed to gauge severity of the problem, half of those debtors think the delay will be at least five years, says VP Sherri Meadows.

Call for Action: Ease FHA condo restrictions (6/13/2016)
The U.S. Senate must pass HR 3700 to open more condos to FHA loans and make rural housing loans permanent, but it could take thousands of independent Realtor voices to make it happen. Realtors: NAR’s Call for Action takes only five seconds

Zillow-Move-NAR settle lawsuit for $130 million (6/7/2016)
NAR and Move Inc.,’s oversight company, allege that Zillow stole trade secrets, and a trial was to start soon. NAR will receive 10% after legal costs.’s new ads: You can ‘Bank’ on it (6/1/2016), which achieved marketing success with its “Own Home” TV commercials starring Elizabeth Banks, introduced two new TV spots this week.

NAR pushes back against patent troll (5/25/2016)
How? It filed a petition with the U.S. Patent office challenging the validity of claims by the company threatening infringement lawsuits against real estate firms.

NAR survey: More younger Realtors enter industry (5/19/2016)
The median age of U.S. Realtors decreased from 57 to 53 in one year – the lowest it’s been since 2008, according to the just-released 2015 NAR Member Profile.

NAR board meets, adopts new policies (5/16/2016)
The board enhanced Core Standards, adopted a policy on student loan debt and empowered MLSs to “store, reproduce, compile and distribute listing information.”

Commercial regulations: What’s on the horizon? (5/13/2016)
NAR provided legislative updates on 1031 exchanges, crowdfunding and real estate depreciation with a caveat: Congress only meets 48 times before Nov. elections.

Frustrations fly over FHA loan hangups (5/12/2016)
A lot of people aren’t thrilled with FHA loans, including Realtors, appraisers and underwriters who aired grievances at NAR’s Legislative Meetings this week.

7 Fla. Realtors inducted into RPAC Hall of Fame (5/11/2016)
The Realtors Political Action Committee (RPAC), which works with lawmakers to keep housing affordable and attainable, recognized its major contributors.

NAR: New condo rules may help student debt challenge (5/11/2016)
HUD says changes are coming, but some lower-down mortgage rules already help – and a boost in FHA-approved condo loans should provide more starter homes.

Realtors gather in Washington this week (5/10/2016)
A number of important real estate issues are decided at the national level, from flood insurance costs to commercial real estate issues. NAR legislative meetings, which include one-on-one meetings with lawmakers, run through Saturday.

Realtors ‘band’ together at Legislative Meetings (5/9/2016)
As leaders talk with policymakers in Washington this week, the NAR Realtor Band will help keep everyone “in tune” and the Realtor Party going strong.

‘Placemaking’ initiative builds communities (5/6/2016)
For homeowners and Realtors, an improved community results in happier lives and higher home prices – and Realtors who spearhead the effort may also gain clients. to offer home renovation cost estimates (4/26/2016), a subsidiary of Move Inc., and HomeAdvisor announced a new agreement to integrate HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide on listings.

NAR’s Broker Summit kicks off June 9 in Denver (3/17/2016)
Summit’s goal: “Help brokers hone the specific management and entrepreneurial skills they need to make their businesses thrive.” Guest speaker: Mary Lou Retton.

3 Fla. Realtor finalists for NAR’s ‘30 Under 30’ (3/10/2016)
The 50 finalists will soon be whittled down to 30 for NAR’s “30 Under 30” class of 2016. In Florida, members from Sarasota, Tallahassee and Destin made the cut.

Code of Ethics: Some social media posts aren’t okay (3/10/2016)
“What you wouldn’t say or do in front of someone, you also shouldn’t do on social media,” NAR advises. In general, a guide for offline behavior applies online.

Realtor University receives accreditation (3/8/2016)
The NAR-created online university that focuses exclusively on real estate is officially recognized “as a legitimate and credible institution of higher learning.”

NAR to sponsor ‘Now I Get It’ series on Yahoo (2/25/2016)
The popular video series on Yahoo Finance could entice future buyers and renters to enter the market through targeted ads that appear within each episode.

Realtors advocate VA homeownership before Congress (2/11/2016)
Sherri Meadows, 2016 NAR VP and 2014 Florida Realtors president, told a U.S. House subcommittee that Realtors strongly support programs that help vets find homes. milestone: 50M unique users in Jan. (2/8/2016)
News Corp, which operates the NAR-owned website, called it a bright spot for increasing revenues and “the world’s largest player in digital real estate.”

Ad campaign urges consumers to ‘Get Realtor’ (2/8/2016)
NAR’s new ad campaign tells clients that they need to do more than click a few buttons to magically get the home of their dreams. It’s time to “get Realtor.”

Bill to expand homeownership passes House (2/3/2016)
The NAR-supported H.R. 3700 bill eases some rules, including FHA condo loan restrictions, to help more buyers qualify for housing. It now goes to the Senate.

How is Zillow using IDX listing data? (2/2/2016)
NAR released more info about the lawsuits between NAR, company Move Inc. and Zillow, saying Zillow’s use of Realtor data is key.