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Articles relating to "Property insurance":

Erika steams toward possible test of Florida’s unproven insurers (8/27/2015)
With Erika looming, state’s Insurance Commissioner urges residents in S. Fla. and elsewhere to prepare now – and Fla.’s insurance market could also be tested.

Citizens CEO suspects water damage claim fraud (8/26/2015)
Citizens, the Fla.-owned insurer of last resort, requested an average 3.2% premium increase, citing a “disturbing” spike in water damage claims out of S. Fla.

Hurricanes are forming – time to check ins. policies (8/26/2015)
A fizzled Category 3 hurricane and new threat are forcing Fla. owners to do something unusual: check their policy. Impending storms can also halt closings.

Good credit? Bad credit? In Fla., all pay high rates (8/26/2015)
Study: An owner's credit score influences his property insurance rate in 38 states – but not in Fla., which already has the nation’s highest insurance premiums.

Tampa’s rains remind all Fla. owners to monitor mold (8/18/2015)
Remediation for a leaky shower often requires more than “replace the carpet.” A complete fix can include plumbers, flooring experts, woodworkers and others.

Citizens insurance policies eyed for private market (8/13/2015)
Fla. will allow state-backed Citizens Property Ins. to move about half its policies to seven private insurers – but not all homeowners will agree to the switch.

Insurer offers add-on that covers landscape damage (8/11/2015)
A Fla.-based insurer introduced a commercial property add-on that that would reimburse for the loss of landscaping, seawalls and other outdoor property.

Tampa rains show value of flood insurance (8/10/2015)
A standard property insurance policy doesn’t cover losses from flooding, and some Tampa Bay homeowners are learning that lesson the hard way.

Report: Florida flooding risk from climate change (7/31/2015)
The Insurance Information Institute says insurers have “a responsibility to recognize – and plan for – the possible economic impacts” of climate change in Fla.

Treasury Dept. issues final rule on flood insurance (7/22/2015)
A group of federal government regulatory agencies finalized some rules covering detached structures, escrowed flood payments and force-placed policies.

Residents fight 6-year sinkhole battle as law shifts (7/8/2015)
A Fla. law that made it harder to collect sinkhole property insurance claims without major destruction may cause problems for homes with moderate damage.

Bill protects second homes from flood ins. increases (7/8/2015)
It’s a long shot in Congress, but two Fla. lawmakers will back a House bill that, if passed, would extend current flood ins. rate-increase protections to second homes.

Federal agencies tinker with flood insurance rules (6/29/2015)
The rule change allows some property owners to escrow flood insurance premiums into their mortgage payments and dole it out in 12-month installments.

Gov. Scott signs real estate-related bills into law (5/22/2015)
Three bills highlighted in Florida Realtors end-of-session report became law yesterday after the governor signed them. They impact insurance and FREC rules.

Court backs contractors in insurance benefits battle (5/21/2015)
An owner may still “assign benefits” to a contractor, which empowers him to make emergency repairs and collect money directly from the property insurer.

Fla. property insurance documents enter computer age (4/7/2015)
A bill passed by the Florida Legislature – Gov. Scott has not yet signed it into law –allows property insurers to send docs via email rather than regular mail.

Citizens Ins. has record-low number of policies (3/19/2015)
A move to lower the number of policies under Fla.-owned Citizens Ins. appears to be working – the number dropped below 600K for the first time since inception.

Citizens Ins. to accept alternate mobile home valuation tools (3/18/2015)
On March 2, Citizens encouraged mobile and manufactured homeowners to make sure improvements have been factored into the cost of their property insurance.

Fla. eliminates last hurricane assessment (3/10/2015)
It’s official: Property insurance policies will cost slightly less after July 1 – Fla. abolished the last hurricane damage assessment it charged homeowners.

Flood insurance premiums can go up after April 1 (3/5/2015)
Under last year’s law that limits flood insurance rate increases, a single policy can go up 18%, providing the average premium in its rate class rises no more than 15%.