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Articles relating to "Property insurance":

Citizens reduces scope of managed repair program (9/28/2016)
Officials are scaling back a proposed managed-care rule. The new version: It would be offered only if Citizens chooses and only for internal plumbing accidents.

A flood of insurance rate hikes in Florida? (9/6/2016)
An insurance storm: For many Fla. homeowners, federal flood insurance premiums on policy renewals are on the rise, while state-run Citizens is seeking approval for increases in its policy rates.

Citizens ‘takeout’ focus shifts to riskier coastal properties (9/2/2016)
Citizens is about one-third as large as it was in 2012, but efforts to shrink it continue: More than 69K policies got the OK for “takeout” by private insurers.

FEMA nixes community flood insurance; GAO agrees (8/25/2016)
The government oversight office agreed with a FEMA report that it’s not wise to create community-based flood insurance policies. Under the plan, all residents would have been covered and paid for flood ins. through taxes or utility bills.

What do you do if floodwater rises unexpectedly? (8/17/2016)
The floods in Louisiana came without warning, spurring FEMA to issue homeowner guidelines on steps to take before and after floodwaters enter your home.

National flood insurance program expires in Oct. (7/5/2016)
While it’s unlikely that the national flood insurance program will go away, lawmakers will also consider changes that could again send coverage costs higher. NAR suggested possible solutions before a U.S. Senate committee last week.

Can anything be done about higher insurance costs? (6/16/2016)
Homeowners’ attorneys, water restoration companies, insurance agents and public adjusters met yesterday to discuss the rising cost of Fla. property insurance. Leaders hope the discussion’s reasonable tone leads to some kind of consensus.

State flags assignment of benefits restrictions (6/9/2016)
Fla.-owned Citizens was granted permission to limit Assignment of Benefits policy coverage, and private insurers quickly asked for the same right. But some requested more restrictive changes and the state turned them down.

Florida names new insurance commissioner (5/2/2016)
David Altmaier could significantly impact Fla. homeowners over the next few years as he tries to keep property insurance costs reasonable but insurers solvent.

Flood insurance solution takes big step forward (4/29/2016)
The U.S. House passed a bill that makes it easier for owners to get private flood insurance or return to national coverage without penalty. It now goes to Senate.

Freddie: Climate change a concern for housing (4/28/2016)
Property insurers consider many statistics to calculate rates, and a Freddie Mac suggestion to also include climate change could alter some owners’ coverage.

Mitigation key for flood program reauthorizations (4/7/2016)
We should prepare for floods rather than make repairs later – and figure out how to do it without more gov’t money, says Florida Realtors Pres.-Elect Maria Wells.