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Articles relating to "Property insurance":

For some homes, private flood ins. may be good option (7/21/2017)
Federal flood policies base their rate on flood maps, but Fla.’s growing number of private flood insurers will lower the cost of a policy if a home has been fortified to minimize potential damage from rising waters.

NAR says it supports latest national flood ins. proposal (7/21/2017)
The bill working its way through Congress has “significant improvements,” including a commitment to protect current owners from substantial rate increases.

Some homeowners losing confidence in their property insurer (7/17/2017)
More private S. Fla. insurers are pulling out of the market or raising rates, in large part because assignment of benefits claims make it unprofitable to stay.

How to get an insurer to pay your claims (7/13/2017)
The value of a property insurance policy isn’t based just on cost – it also depends on how the company responds after an owner files a claim.

Despite 2016 hurricane, insurers stick with Fla. clients (7/11/2017)
After Hurricane Matthew traveled up the Fla. coast last year, insurance companies reacted differently than they did a decade ago when five hurricanes hit.

Citizens to offer free water removal, drying services (6/23/2017)
The Fla.-owned insurer is giving homeowners two new options on July 1: They’ll remove water after a leak and offer drying services without charge (no deductible) and offer a 3-year guarantee if repairs are done by in-house contractors.

Congress tackling flood insurance extension (6/22/2017)
Coverage expires in Oct. without Congress approving an extension, but it’s addressing the issue. NAR says it supports six of seven bills that passed out of the House Financial Services Committee this week.

HUD, FEMA announce goals to Realtors in Washington (5/17/2017)
HUD Secretary Carson told Realtors at the Realtors Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo that he plans a new era of homeownership, saying HUD will address FHA restrictions on condo lending. FEMA announced a goal to double flood ins. coverage by 2023.

Bad credit scores can triple home insurance costs (5/8/2017)
In Florida, a homeowner with bad credit pays, on average, 25% more for property insurance than an owner with good credit. In some states, it’s much more though.

Do investors need landlord insurance? (4/24/2017)
Landlord insurance coverage varies based on location; but, in general, it will protect the house, apartment or condo being rented out against “covered perils.”

Survey: Flood insurance reforms have bipartisan support (4/18/2017)
Lawmakers may disagree, but a survey of voters found strong support for flood insurance upgrades, including conservation buyouts and local mitigation efforts.

Most consumers think their insurance covers flooding (4/10/2017)
The national flood program might be in better financial shape if more homeowners knew they needed coverage. A recent study found that 56% do not.

It’s time to evaluate flood insurance coverage (4/5/2017)
Hurricane season starts June 1, and newly insured homeowners must wait 30 days after they’re accepted for coverage to kick in. Bottom line: It’s time to sign up.

Citizens Ins. says it had a $27M net loss in 2016 (3/30/2017)
In 2015, the state-run insurer had a $5.7M profit, but blames its 2016 loss on assignment of benefits (AOB) problems and related litigation.

Need flood insurance? It expires in six months (3/30/2017)
On Sept. 30, the national flood insurance program officially ends, which could create a dilemma for homeowners and buyers. NAR is working with federal regulators to extend and improve the program, but challenges lie ahead.

Tax reform could raise cost of property insurance (3/21/2017)
Insurers buy reinsurance to reduce risk, but most reinsurance businesses exist outside the U.S. Fla. TaxWatch says a border tax proposal would increase the cost of reinsurance and homeowners would end up paying for it via higher property insurance rates.

Budget proposal could impact flood insurance (3/21/2017)
Proposed $190M budget cuts for updating flood maps could lead to higher costs if insurers stop trusting older maps or homeowners must make up the difference.

Court backs State Farm on policy info (3/21/2017)
In a defeat for the Office of Insurance Regulation, an appeals court agreed the info is a “trade secret” and should be shielded from public disclosure.

U.S. House studying a flood insurance extension (3/15/2017)
The national flood insurance program ends Sept. 30, and Congress has just started to look for ways to rework and continue the program, which is deep in debt.

Insurance claim satisfaction rises – but not so much in Fla. (3/10/2017)
A J.D. Power survey finds that Americans are generally happier with their property insurers when they have a claim, though little has changed for Floridians.

Lenders may soon reject some Fla. property insurers (2/9/2017)
Fannie and Freddie decide which insurance companies are okay, but they may soon delete a few from Fla. lists, which would force 250K owners to find a new insurer.

Hurricane Matthew damage? 60 more days to file (2/6/2017)
FEMA has granted homeowners affected by Hurricane Matthew flooding 60 more days to file a flood insurance claim.