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Articles relating to "Real estate investing":

Small businesses in limbo again on tax breaks (4/10/2014)
If a small biz buys a laptop this year, how much can it deduct from taxes? It’s unclear. Business real estate purchases also lack clarity as Congress deliberates.

Marketing tip: Real estate investment clubs (3/31/2014)
Thanks in part to social media, real estate investment clubs are expanding. The once-a-month events attract investors, accountants, lawyers and Realtors.

Firm buys more Fla. rental homes to bundle as bonds (3/31/2014)
Monthly rent checks from hundreds of Fla. properties are tied to $513 million in bonds being marketed by Colony American Homes.

Large single-family home investor changes tactics (3/26/2014)
Tricon Capital Group says it’s changing its buying focus from single-family rental homes to upscale Fla. mobile home communities where houses average $60K.

Big investors slow their buying spree (3/21/2014)
CoStar Group: Institutional investors are buying fewer single-family homes in bulk and narrowing their focus to a few markets, though a number are in Fla.

Big investors bought less real estate in Jan. (2/27/2014)
RealtyTrac: Fla. cities had fewer big investors that buy 10-plus homes per year. Top of the list: Cape Coral (down 70%), Tampa (49%) and Jacksonville (21%).

Investors get back into the real estate game (2/19/2014)
Investment tactics have changed, however, with foreclosures no longer the primary target. In Nov., investors bought 13.2% of nation’s non-distressed sales.

Blackstone becomes lender to smaller investors (12/19/2013)
The company that bought hundreds of single-family homes to rent and manage like an apartment complex has decided to help smaller investors do the same thing.

Transitional land deals stage a comeback (11/26/2013)
The somewhat risky buying and selling of land with development potential has picked up again, though its hotness depends on location.

More investors should consider 1031 Exchange (11/13/2013)
Even some underwater property investors could benefit from a 1031 Exchange. Claiming depreciation, for example, could make an underwater property taxable.

Blackstone offers new type of rental bond (10/29/2013)
A company that buys single-family rentals says a new bond tool allows an investor to share in rental profits and also make money when a home is sold.