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Articles relating to "Real estate investing":

Real estate again Americans’ top investment choice (7/29/2015)
A Bankrate survey of investors found real estate at the top of their preference list for the first time in three years. From 2013-2014, they preferred cash.

Institutional investors prune their portfolios (7/28/2015)
Large single-family-home investors operate like multi-family housing. While still buying properties, they’re also starting to sell some low-performing ones.

FHA loans to boost affordable housing development (7/17/2015)
Smaller investors could find it easier to fund affordable housing projects in the $3- to $5-million range, thanks to a new FHA long-term fixed-rate loan product.

Institutional investors hold out for larger gains (7/10/2015)
Large corporations bought thousands of homes in the downturn, but they’re not selling yet – most think holding-and-renting still offers more profit potential.

Q&A with Ezra Katz on deals, cycles and philanthropy (5/5/2015)
A top Miami real estate investor talks about his tactics. An “opportunistic investor from day one,” he says he formulates an exit strategy before he closes a deal.

Big investors make ‘buy’ decisions in 8 minutes (4/14/2015)
Thanks to computers and quantitative data analysis, big home investors can decide to submit a bid on a listing in the time it takes to park and open a lockbox.

Owning cheaper than renting in 76% of U.S. metros (4/9/2015)
RealtyTrac: In most of the U.S., it’s cheaper to buy a home than rent. Other findings: S. Fla. rent is expensive and Pasco County offers good investment returns.

7 Fla. cities best in for real estate investment (4/1/2015)
JWB Group analysis of the top 25 U.S. cities for real estate investment found seven of them in Fla., with Jacksonville at the top of the list.

Investors turn to crowdfunding for flips (3/30/2015)
As home prices rise, investors looking to cash in are back to flipping properties – but more are now using online crowdfunding sites to fund their flips.

Best Fla. home investments found in smaller cities (2/26/2015)
Investment-advisor NerdWallet looked at market health, prices, population and property taxes to identify the top 10 Fla. cities for investment. At the top: Doral.

Institutional investors: 78K Fla. homes in 4 years (2/20/2015)
RealtyTrac: Fla. continues to lead nation in single-family buyers who purchase at least 10 properties per year. It’s also home to four top cities for cash sales.