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Articles relating to "Real estate investing":

Best Fla. home investments found in smaller cities (2/26/2015)
Investment-advisor NerdWallet looked at market health, prices, population and property taxes to identify the top 10 Fla. cities for investment. At the top: Doral.

Institutional investors: 78K Fla. homes in 4 years (2/20/2015)
RealtyTrac: Fla. continues to lead nation in single-family buyers who purchase at least 10 properties per year. It’s also home to four top cities for cash sales.

New investors rush into student housing (2/10/2015)
The influx includes private equity funds and institutional investors; and they’re driving prices and the volume of deals up, and capitalization rates down.

Smaller Fla. counties tops for residential investors (1/29/2015)
RealtyTrac identified top counties for residential rental investments, and Fla.’s smaller ones appear to offer a higher potential return than larger metro areas.

90-day no-flip rule for FHA loans is coming back (10/21/2014)
Before 2010, FHA banned home resales in less than 90 days if the owner used FHA money, but a waiver of that rule to help the slowdown will probably end soon.

Many high-end buyers prefer fractional ownership (9/3/2014)
Unlike timeshares, fractional ownership divides a deed among a smaller number of people, allowing each to retain more control and stay for longer periods of time.

6 signs that clients are ready to invest (9/2/2014)
Many Realtors seek small investors who own a few rental properties, but it’s best to get in on the ground floor – when they’re ready to make that first purchase.