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Articles relating to "Real estate investing":

Renting your old home instead of selling? Some tips (7/31/2014)
From 2007-2011, more than 3 million owner-occupied homes became rentals, but many of these new landlords stumbled over the details. Here are the basics.

Corporations scoop up rental homes (7/31/2014)
Individuals with just one property own about 50% of the nation’s 14M rental homes, but corporate investors (those with 10 or more homes) now own about 2M.

Q&A with EarlyShares CEO on future of crowdfunding (7/21/2014)
Five years ago, small real estate investors had only REITs, but crowdfunding connects single-project developers directly with investors. Here’s how it works.

Billionaire: Homeownership still best investment (7/21/2014)
Put 10% down with a 4.5% mortgage rate, and you double your money if the home’s value rises only 5%, says John Paulson – and it’s cheaper than renting.

Homebuyers avoiding chores fuel condo-hotel revival (7/10/2014)
Nationwide, developers are bringing back a concept that folded with the 2008 real estate bust: combination condominium-hotel projects.

Developers seek out crowdfunding platforms (7/9/2014)
Increasing, crowdfunders known as “accredited investors” are turning to a tried-and-true investment class they can see, feel and understand: real estate.

Building giant considers move to home-rental market (7/8/2014)
Lennar Corp. is “considering” a move to build homes earmarked for renters if first-time homebuyers continue to be reluctant.

Study cites best areas for boomer, millennial rents (7/3/2014)
RealtyTrac: Four Fla. counties ranked as top U.S. areas for renting to millennials, but Fla. dominated boomer rentals: 16 out of 25 slots and all of the top 10.

Some bulk investment homebuyers starting to sell (7/2/2014)
A few years ago, institutional buyers bought homes in bulk to rent for a few years and sell when prices bounced back. A few seem to think that time has come.

‘Regular investment buyers’ stake their claim (6/25/2014)
Investors pay cash, so as their numbers drop, more sales should involve a mortgage – but they don’t. Who, exactly, are these new cash buyers?

Flippers make biggest profits in surprising places (6/4/2014)
No Fla. county made RealtyTrac’s top 10 list of areas most profitable for property flippers, but two counties ranked high in sheer number of home flips.

Poll: Americans prefer real estate to stocks, gold (4/22/2014)
The value of homeownership took a hit during the recession, but it’s back: More U.S. citizens now consider real estate the best investment option.

Big investors slow their buying spree (3/21/2014)
CoStar Group: Institutional investors are buying fewer single-family homes in bulk and narrowing their focus to a few markets, though a number are in Fla.

Big investors bought less real estate in Jan. (2/27/2014)
RealtyTrac: Fla. cities had fewer big investors that buy 10-plus homes per year. Top of the list: Cape Coral (down 70%), Tampa (49%) and Jacksonville (21%).

Investors get back into the real estate game (2/19/2014)
Investment tactics have changed, however, with foreclosures no longer the primary target. In Nov., investors bought 13.2% of nation’s non-distressed sales.