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Study: Immigrants key to homeownership growth (4/13/2017)
Immigration remains a hot topic, but a ULI Terwilliger Center study finds that U.S. real estate industry stability relies on a constant influx of immigrant buyers.

Homeownership hits 50-year record low (3/27/2017)
Over the past ten years, homeownership rates stumbled, wiping out more than three decades of increases, and dropping from a peak of 69% in 2004 to 63.4% in 2016.

FAU study: Good time to buy in most U.S. cities (3/17/2017)
Study authors say three non-Fla. cities worry them, but the overall the market status is “great news for homeownership and for financial returns to ownership.”

NAR: Gen X recovering, millennials still live with mom (3/7/2017)
The 2017 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends study finds that younger adults are more likely to use a real estate agent than older generations – but student debt continues to slow their move to homeownership.

Buying, selling or renovating? Pets’ opinions count (2/13/2017)
NAR study found that 81% of Americans consider their pets’ needs before agreeing to any kind of home renovation, and 99% consider their pet part of the family.

2016 Fla. international investment down $4.3B (12/16/2016)
A Florida Realtors report finds that international sales hit $19.4B this year, though that’s less than the $23.7B spent in 2015. As a percentage of total dollar volume, international sales made up 19% of Fla.’s 2016 market; in 2015, it was 24%.

First-time buyers, single women get traction in 2016 (10/31/2016)
NAR’s 2016 buyer-seller survey found that FSBO transactions hit at an all-time low, almost 90% of buyers and sellers worked with a real estate agent, and the share of first-time buyers ticked up to 35%.

Use Florida Realtors Residential Price Index to help home sellers (10/16/2012)
Florida Realtors Residential Price Index helps sellers understand local price trends and its impact on current value.