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Articles relating to "Research":

What does a ‘typical’ Fla. buyer, seller look like? (1/15/2015)
The latest Fla. buyer-seller profile finds buyers married (67%) and 54-years old. Sellers lived in a home 10 years, and 50% lowered an asking price at least once.

Student debt, car payments block Fla. home sales (11/4/2014)
RealtyTrac: In all Fla. counties analyzed, first-timers without debt can buy a median-price home with 3% down; but add debt, and they can’t in many counties.

NAR: First-time buyers hit 30-year low (11/4/2014)
Annual NAR buyer-seller survey finds many first-time buyer challenges: Rising rents, student loans, low inventory, investor competition, tight credit and more.

Median age of a Fla. homebuyer: 55 years old (9/29/2014)
NAR: The median age of a first-time Fla. homebuyer (34 years) hasn’t change much over 10 years, but repeat buyers (60 years) grew 20 years older over the decade.

Realtors remain confident in market’s future (9/29/2014)
Fla. is one of three states where Realtors expect a home price increase of 5%-6%, though overall U.S. confidence about the market remained mostly flat in Aug.

Use Florida Realtors Residential Price Index to help home sellers (10/16/2012)
Florida Realtors Residential Price Index helps sellers understand local price trends and its impact on current value.