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Articles relating to "Seller services":

Leased solar panels could impede a home sale (3/23/2015)
Solar panels save money on utility bills, but if a seller leases panels, a buyer must sign a new contract with the utility company and face some added risk.

Realtors should serve younger clients differently (3/18/2015)
Survey: Older clients tend to rely on an agent’s real estate advice, but younger buyers prefer to get the info directly from a data source such as websites.

NAR Survey: Younger buyers are taking over (3/12/2015)
The just-released 2015 generational trends study found, for the second year in a row, that one in three 2014 buyers (32%) was a millennial, age 34 or younger.

Consumer Reports: Sellers can increase value by 12% (2/4/2015)
The magazine’s latest issue tells potential sellers that they can boost their home’s value by making five pre-listing repairs that cost little or nothing.

Does home staging help? Most Realtors say ‘yes’ (1/28/2015)
NAR’s Realtor survey found that 81% think it helps buyers visualize living in a home, 46% say it encourages live visits, and 45% believe it can increase value.

Small exterior upgrades best return on investment (1/14/2015)
Cost vs. Value Report finds that only a new steel entry door returns more at time of sale than it costs to install. New siding and garage doors also ranked high.

Staging and selling tips for the holiday season (12/8/2014)
Holiday homebuyers tend to be committed even with fewer properties to consider, and decorations can enhance a home’s features, providing they’re not overdone.

5 factors that impact successful negotiations (12/4/2014)
Two negotiators can reach agreement if they trust each other, avoid mid-negotiation surprises, make logical, fact-based requests, and park egos at the door.

Treatment centers can impact home prices (10/20/2014)
More facilities that treat substance abuse are being located in residential communities. An MLS data study finds they cause an 8% reduction in nearby home values.

Hoarding is a selling agent’s nemesis (10/16/2014)
An estimated 2-5% of Americans hoard newspapers, collectibles, clothes, etc. It’s considered a mental disorder and can hit a crisis point when a home sells.

Study: Landscaping boosts home values up to 12% (10/15/2014)
Researchers at Virginia Tech say a $150,000 home without landscaping could be worth $8,300 to $19,000 more once surrounded by plants that vary in color and size.