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Articles relating to "Seller services":

Seven real estate pitfalls that may cost you a sale (10/12/2016)
Homeowners know that a property sale is a big deal, and they don’t want to make mistakes that cost them money – but a few make those mistakes anyway.

Can a home be too ugly to sell? (10/5/2016)
Often, a seller is unrealistic about the value of their home, or there are severe deficiencies that make it unrealistic to sell it at the price the seller wants.

How to deal with buyers’ lowball offers (10/4/2016)
It’s not a buyer’s market, and real estate agents should be ready to deal with buyers who think they can successfully submit lowball offers for a house.

Neighborhood features that drag down home prices (8/16/2016)
Home prices are largely based on size and features, but neighborhood attributes have a big impact too. A low-rated school, for example, can drop local values 22%.

Which listing price is better – $200K or $199K? (8/10/2016)
FAU: In a study of actual sales, the $199K prices nets sellers more money overall, even though $200K sellers tend to get an offer that’s closer to asking price.

Why do sellers sell? And what’s holding them back? (8/3/2016)
The biggest reason sellers sell (40% of those surveyed) is to move to a nicer home, but a fear that they won’t find an ideal property dissuades 30% of them from trying.

3 ways to attack client clutter with compassion (6/20/2016)
To help prepare a home for sale, frame the conversation in the context of obtaining the best value for the home and avoid addressing the belongings themselves.

The top 6 questions buyers ask sellers (6/15/2016)
These topics come up. Sellers who provide the answer first not only save time, they also appear honest and helpful in a potential buyer’s eyes.

Pop-up staging furniture gets modern twist (6/2/2016)
Fake furniture allows buyers to visualize life inside a home, and the latest faux products look better than ever. With some furniture, buyers can even sit down.

Why do sellers sell? Top 5 reasons (5/19/2016)
40% of sellers – the top share – list their home simply because they want to live in a different neighborhood. But 1 in 4 want a home with “different features.”

How to make cramped space feel more open (5/10/2016)
Small rooms feel larger if they’re staged correctly. The key is a minimum amount of clutter and furniture, light colored walls and, if possible, large mirrors.