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Articles relating to "Seller services":

On-demand showings help buyers but frustrate sellers (1/10/2017)
How do agents achieve a balance between buyers’ desire to see homes on demand and sellers’ need to know who’s showing the house and when they’ll arrive?

Why are the holidays a good time to sell a home? (11/14/2016)
While home shopping could interfere with holiday parties, buyers benefit for a number of reasons, including more time off work and end-of-the-year income taxes.

Survey: Rising prices entice likely sellers to wait (11/2/2016)
Home seller conundrum: Move-up buyers want to jump into the market now before prices go up, but they also want to wait and get top dollar for their current home.

Seven real estate pitfalls that may cost you a sale (10/12/2016)
Homeowners know that a property sale is a big deal, and they don’t want to make mistakes that cost them money – but a few make those mistakes anyway.

Can a home be too ugly to sell? (10/5/2016)
Often, a seller is unrealistic about the value of their home, or there are severe deficiencies that make it unrealistic to sell it at the price the seller wants.

How to deal with buyers’ lowball offers (10/4/2016)
It’s not a buyer’s market, and real estate agents should be ready to deal with buyers who think they can successfully submit lowball offers for a house.

Neighborhood features that drag down home prices (8/16/2016)
Home prices are largely based on size and features, but neighborhood attributes have a big impact too. A low-rated school, for example, can drop local values 22%.

Which listing price is better – $200K or $199K? (8/10/2016)
FAU: In a study of actual sales, the $199K prices nets sellers more money overall, even though $200K sellers tend to get an offer that’s closer to asking price.

Why do sellers sell? And what’s holding them back? (8/3/2016)
The biggest reason sellers sell (40% of those surveyed) is to move to a nicer home, but a fear that they won’t find an ideal property dissuades 30% of them from trying.