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Articles relating to "Seller services":

Closing with cash? Not always a good idea (1/29/2016)
Most consumers (53%) stash cash in secret locations, according to an American Express survey, but cash can raise a red flag at closing and possibly cause delays.

A guide to home seller etiquette (1/27/2016)
Buyers touring homes aren’t adversaries, they’re guests. Sellers should act properly because it’s polite and establishes the proper tone for future negotiations.

Home staging evolves (1/26/2016)
Thanks to HGTV and other shows, buyers’ tastes have changed. It’s now OK, for example, to show a sense of style and even display certain family photos.

1 in 3 closings delayed or cancelled (1/22/2016)
A closing delay is fairly common, according to a recent NAR survey. Financing issues top the list of reasons, followed by appraisals and inspection problems.

5 things sellers should never say to buyers (1/14/2016)
A seller’s goal is to sell, but sometimes an owner says things that short circuit the process. The following are top comments sellers should keep to themselves.

Study: A ‘bargain’ isn’t always a bargain (1/14/2016)
In 45% of markets studied, a listing that says the home is a “bargain,” “deal” or “value” often has an asking price on par with other nearby homes.

When to have ‘the talk’ with sellers (1/10/2016)
There are a number of reasons why a listing can sit on the market, though “overpriced” ranks high. At some point along the way, it’s time to talk to the sellers.

Some renovation blunders can hamper value (1/10/2016)
Example: A luxury master suite can add to a home’s value, but not if owners combined two bedrooms to create it since “number of bedrooms” is a search variable.

NAR report: Remodeling helps even if not selling (12/9/2015)
The 2015 Remodeling Impact Report finds that home improvement projects can net more money when a home sells – but they also benefit owners who choose to stay.

Doing it alone: FSBO sellers’ costly mistake (12/8/2015)
The number of sellers opting to go it alone dropped to a record low last year – and those who did found that it took more work and made less money than expected.

Owners who bought 8-10 years ago have little equity (11/19/2015)
The average home seller has 23% equity, but that drops to 1% for those who bought between 2005 and 2007 – the worst purchase timeframe for sellers today.

Study: Solar panels raise home values (11/18/2015)
Research across six states found that location, age, size and efficiency affect the value of a home’s solar photovoltaic system, along with local cost of electricity.

Fresh paint helps sell listings – unless it doesn’t (11/5/2015)
A fresh coat of paint makes a house appear new, but buyers – and guests – can just as easily be turned off by bad color choices.

Real estate ‘pocket listings’ go mainstream (9/29/2015)
Pocket listings – unadvertised homes marketed primarily by word of mouth among agents – are gaining popularity at all price points as inventory remains tight.

What’s in your car? 11 must-have tools (9/29/2015)
Be prepared. Realtors quickly learn to make sure the phone is fully charged, but a few additional tools should cover 99% of your other open-house emergencies.

Smelly cat? Pets need not complicate home sales (9/8/2015)
Pet odors can make a new house seem old, and inside pets can make showings less effective by shifting buyers’ focus from the home – plus some people hate them.

A great time for sellers: 3 reasons why (8/19/2015)
Rising home prices, homebuyer demand and less competition are making 2015 a stellar year to sell for many homeowners across the U.S.