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Articles relating to "Seller services":

Why do sellers sell? Top 5 reasons (5/19/2016)
40% of sellers – the top share – list their home simply because they want to live in a different neighborhood. But 1 in 4 want a home with “different features.”

How to make cramped space feel more open (5/10/2016)
Small rooms feel larger if they’re staged correctly. The key is a minimum amount of clutter and furniture, light colored walls and, if possible, large mirrors.

The hottest buzzwords in listing ads (4/19/2016)
A study compared listing prices to selling prices and attempted to see which words within listing descriptions tended to attract higher-than-expected offers.

Kitchen remodeling projects that pay off (4/11/2016)
Which projects offer the best return on investment for owners considering a home sale? Amped up appliances help, as do new countertops and a cabinet face-lift.

Home staging tips for do-it-yourselfers (3/2/2016)
Lower-end homes usually don’t have a budget for home staging, but four basic concepts can make them look almost as good as homes decorated by professionals.

A guide to home seller etiquette (1/27/2016)
Buyers touring homes aren’t adversaries, they’re guests. Sellers should act properly because it’s polite and establishes the proper tone for future negotiations.

Home staging evolves (1/26/2016)
Thanks to HGTV and other shows, buyers’ tastes have changed. It’s now OK, for example, to show a sense of style and even display certain family photos.

Study: A ‘bargain’ isn’t always a bargain (1/14/2016)
In 45% of markets studied, a listing that says the home is a “bargain,” “deal” or “value” often has an asking price on par with other nearby homes.

5 things sellers should never say to buyers (1/14/2016)
A seller’s goal is to sell, but sometimes an owner says things that short circuit the process. The following are top comments sellers should keep to themselves.

Some renovation blunders can hamper value (1/10/2016)
Example: A luxury master suite can add to a home’s value, but not if owners combined two bedrooms to create it since “number of bedrooms” is a search variable.

When to have ‘the talk’ with sellers (1/10/2016)
There are a number of reasons why a listing can sit on the market, though “overpriced” ranks high. At some point along the way, it’s time to talk to the sellers.

NAR report: Remodeling helps even if not selling (12/9/2015)
The 2015 Remodeling Impact Report finds that home improvement projects can net more money when a home sells – but they also benefit owners who choose to stay.

Doing it alone: FSBO sellers’ costly mistake (12/8/2015)
The number of sellers opting to go it alone dropped to a record low last year – and those who did found that it took more work and made less money than expected.