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Articles relating to "Seller services":

A great time for sellers: 3 reasons why (8/19/2015)
Rising home prices, homebuyer demand and less competition are making 2015 a stellar year to sell for many homeowners across the U.S.

Seven places sellers forget to clean (8/7/2015)
Buyers look everywhere, but most homeowners have learned to ignore dirt in several locations – such as silverware drawers and bed dust ruffles.

Trying to list a FSBO? Mention online security (7/31/2015)
Owners selling their home without a Realtor have to put a lot of personal info online, including their address and phone number – it’s a safety concern.

Do-it-yourself projects that make money at closing (6/29/2015)
Some home improvement projects return more money at closing than their cost if the owner does the work – most cost-versus-return charts include labor costs.

Seller tips for filming a 3-D home tour (6/15/2015)
Some tips apply to all home photos, such as nixing clutter. But 3-D shots can’t be angled to cut out less-desirable attributes and may require more preparation.

60% of contracts have issues, but most close on time (6/10/2015)
NAR study: 12% cited some kind of financing problem, 8% home inspections, and 7% appraisals. Overall, 10% of Realtors had a contract that failed to close.

Fla. Ag commissioner issues moving company advice (5/5/2015)
Adam Putnam advised people relocating to do their research before signing any moving company contract – and make sure the firm is registered with the state.

America’s favorite second home? A self-storage unit (5/5/2015)
The lowly self-storage unit is usually ignored alongside well-traveled roads, but the U.S. has a lot of them: triple the number of McDonald’s restaurants.

Study: Owners still overestimate their home’s value (4/14/2015)
Quicken: Overall, appraisers value homes 0.4% less than owners on average, but appraisals are higher in 17 of 27 metros, including Tampa for the first time.

For sellers: Cleaning tips to keep listings sharp (4/13/2015)
It’s hard to keep a family home clean 24 hours a day, but some tips and tricks – such as keeping the humidity level mid-range – can make the chore easier.

Tips for increasing a home’s property value (4/2/2015)
Homeowners who might list their home in the next few years should focus on improvements that could also appeal to potential buyers.

Leased solar panels could impede a home sale (3/23/2015)
Solar panels save money on utility bills, but if a seller leases panels, a buyer must sign a new contract with the utility company and face some added risk.

Realtors should serve younger clients differently (3/18/2015)
Survey: Older clients tend to rely on an agent’s real estate advice, but younger buyers prefer to get the info directly from a data source such as websites.

NAR Survey: Younger buyers are taking over (3/12/2015)
The just-released 2015 generational trends study found, for the second year in a row, that one in three 2014 buyers (32%) was a millennial, age 34 or younger.