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Articles relating to "Seller services":

What do the neighbors know? A lot (8/22/2014)
Homebuyers, sellers and real estate agents sometimes overlook a valuable information resource for both sides of the transaction: the neighbors.

Older adult transactions part broker, part therapist (8/7/2014)
Beyond taking care of transaction details, adults moving out of a long-term family home often rely on a Realtor for emotional support for the big transition.

Selling a challenge for some solar panel homes (6/25/2014)
Leased solar panels could scare away some buyers. If the owner didn’t buy the panels, they’re considered personal property and may not transfer easily in a sale.

Should you have an open house? (6/16/2014)
With mobile apps, buyers can tour a home from the car, but the open house isn’t dead. They still benefit some buyers – and often the Realtor who listed the home.

3 tips for selling a small kitchen (6/5/2014)
While sellers can’t easily change the size of a kitchen, a few changes can make it appear bigger, such as removing all clutter on the countertops.

Maybe staging isn’t that important (5/29/2014)
Nice or ugly paint, staged or not staged, a photo study found buyers would pay the same price. But in the real world, staging implies competition for the listing.

Prescription drug users prey on open houses (3/12/2014)
The problem is so bad in one Calif. city that the Realtor association is distributing plastic bags that agents can use to collect sellers’ medicine cabinet drugs.

Inside a listing, ‘No nudes is good nudes’ (3/11/2014)
Humans react emotionally to art, and some paintings offend buyers. To be safe, avoid risqué pictures that turn a focus to the owners rather than the home.