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Articles relating to "Seller services":

Is a $399K list price really better than $400K? (6/19/2017)
Your brain takes a relatively small amount of info and makes up the rest based on previous experience – a process that also makes 99¢ seem a lot cheaper than $1.

What paint color nets sellers $3,496 more at closing? (6/16/2017)
An analysis of 32,000 U.S. home listing photos found that soft blues and grays positively influence buyers, and “greige” (beige/gray) exteriors sell for more.

Your first smart home listing? How to sell it (5/18/2017)
Most buyers consider a smart home safer, cheaper to operate, easy to use and less stressful. Smartness also adds about $15,000 to the value of a $300,000 home.

Top return on investment? Smaller remodeling projects (4/20/2017)
Appraisal Institute research finds that homeowners who want a remodeling project to return as much money as possible at closing should opt for smaller projects. A limited kitchen redo, for example, returns a higher percentage of the cost.

Common real estate slip-ups retirees make (4/17/2017)
People on the cusp of retirement often make decisions based on lifestyle and need. Many fail to consider finances and appealing choices could also be expensive.

Love the kitchen – hate the bedrooms (4/3/2017)
While most buyers focus on kitchens first, the bedrooms can kill a deal if buyers can’t look past the bright paint, cluttered shelves and thick curtains.

5 smart reminders for your home sellers (3/23/2017)
Sellers may overlook some steps that can ease their stress. suggests that sellers should remember to clean everything and to test the doorbell.

Home improvements: Which ones recoup the most money? (1/19/2017)
If a home improvement project costs $1,000, how much money will the homeowner get back if he sells the home? In 2017, only attic insulation recoups more than its cost, though a new steel entry door returns 90.7% when the house sells.

On-demand showings help buyers but frustrate sellers (1/10/2017)
How do agents achieve a balance between buyers’ desire to see homes on demand and sellers’ need to know who’s showing the house and when they’ll arrive?