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Articles relating to "Taxes":

Fla. real estate taxes predicted to be a windfall (1/6/2015)
The state expects doc stamp taxes to generate about $2.3 billion in the 2015-16 budget year – an increase of about $200 million over 2014 collections.

IRS releases its standard mileage rates for 2015 (12/12/2014)
Even though gas prices have dropped, the Internal Revenue Service increased the amount businesses can deduct for mileage next year to 57.5 cents per mile.

Fla. ranked No. 5 for best ‘business tax climate’ (10/30/2014)
The Tax Foundation says 45 U.S. states are worse for business than Fla. in a comparison of tax climates, while only four states are considered more competitive.

Still no short sale tax forgiveness this year (10/15/2014)
No change so far: Loan money banks forgive in a short sale will be taxed as income for 2014. That could still change if Congress acts, but it’s not a sure thing.

Three days only: Tax-free holiday on some appliances (9/16/2014)
Floridians pay no sales tax Sept. 19-21 on the first $1,500 if buying a qualified energy-efficient product, such as a water heater, ceiling fan, washer, etc.

NAR to Congress: Extend short sale forgiveness (8/22/2014)
An IRS law that taxes money forgiven in a short sale or foreclosure harms the same people a $7B BofA settlement is supposed to help, says U.S. Attorney General.