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Articles relating to "Taxes":

Tax tips for the self-employed (2/26/2015)
You get to be your own boss – but also your own accountant. The author of an investor’s guide lists nine tax tips the self-employed should not overlook.

Homeowner tax breaks appear safe for now (2/20/2015)
A few years ago, it appeared the mortgage interest tax deduction and other homeowner breaks could go away, but that talk has died down a bit recently.

IRS service will be ‘crummy’ (2/17/2015)
Start taxes early if you expect problems. IRS’s unfavorable service prediction is based, in part, on applications “running since John F. Kennedy was president.”

IRS releases its standard mileage rates for 2015 (12/12/2014)
Even though gas prices have dropped, the Internal Revenue Service increased the amount businesses can deduct for mileage next year to 57.5 cents per mile.

Fla. ranked No. 5 for best ‘business tax climate’ (10/30/2014)
The Tax Foundation says 45 U.S. states are worse for business than Fla. in a comparison of tax climates, while only four states are considered more competitive.

Still no short sale tax forgiveness this year (10/15/2014)
No change so far: Loan money banks forgive in a short sale will be taxed as income for 2014. That could still change if Congress acts, but it’s not a sure thing.

Three days only: Tax-free holiday on some appliances (9/16/2014)
Floridians pay no sales tax Sept. 19-21 on the first $1,500 if buying a qualified energy-efficient product, such as a water heater, ceiling fan, washer, etc.