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Articles relating to "Taxes":

A lot riding on tax reform for small businesses (3/17/2017)
As an independent contractor, what will Trump administration tax reform do for you? It’s unclear but it will depend, in part, on your corporate tax structure.

Residents of 39 U.S. states pay more taxes (3/14/2017)
A WalletHub study finds Fla. 10th best for total state and local taxes paid, 25th for real estate taxes, and eighth best for the cost of sales and excise taxes.

Study: Fla. property taxes average compared to other states (3/1/2017)
Fla. has no state income tax, but that doesn’t translate into higher-than-usual property taxes, according to a study that found Fla. 27th in a 50-state ranking.

Mortgage interest deduction could be irrelevant (2/10/2017)
The U.S. House’s first tax reform draft would keep the MID but, as proposed, most owners wouldn’t use it, and nixing 1031 exchanges remains a consideration.

Work begins to extend Fla. property tax increase cap (11/29/2016)
A constitutional amendment passed in 2008 – one that caps non-homestead property owners’ tax increase at 10% per year – expires in 2019. However, Florida Realtors strongly backs an extension, and voters might reauthorize it in 2018.

Study: Fla. ranks fourth as business friendly state (9/29/2016)
Tax Foundation: A study of state tax codes that analyzes 100-plus variables in five categories finds that only three U.S. states tax businesses less.