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Articles relating to "Taxes":

U.S. tax proposals anger Realtors, charities, builders (8/17/2017)
Current proposals would negate tax write-offs for many Americans, and that would make homeownership less valuable if the mortgage-interest deduction becomes moot.

Fla.’s back-to-school sales tax holiday starts Friday (7/28/2017)
For 3 days, Aug. 4-6, Floridians won’t have to pay state sales tax on certain clothes ($60 max), school supplies, personal computers ($750 max) or other items.

IRS: More companies hit by ID scams (7/26/2017)
Remember the IRS scam where criminals stole Social Security numbers and hijacked tax return money by filing a false claim? Businesses are the new target.

Tax overhaul: Good or bad for homeowners? (5/22/2017)
NAR says the president’s proposed tax overhaul plan would hurt homeowners, but it’s being hotly debated in real estate circles – and not everyone agrees.

Study: Tax reform would hurt middle-class homeowners (5/19/2017)
A study done by PricewaterhouseCoopers for NAR found that current tax-reform proposals would help some people, but not homeowners with adjusted gross incomes between $50K and $200K. Their taxes would rise an average $815.

NAR: Trump tax plan ‘well-intentioned’ but ‘non-starter’ (4/27/2017)
While backing major tax reforms, NAR fears that a proposal to double the current standard deduction would “effectively nullify the current tax benefits of owning a home” if most owners stop filling out the IRS long form.

Property tax cap heads to 2018 ballot (4/26/2017)
A Florida Realtors’ top legislative priority passed the Florida Legislature: In 2018, voters will have the power to make the 10% non-homestead property permanent.

Residents of 39 U.S. states pay more taxes (3/14/2017)
A WalletHub study finds Fla. 10th best for total state and local taxes paid, 25th for real estate taxes, and eighth best for the cost of sales and excise taxes.

Study: Fla. property taxes average compared to other states (3/1/2017)
Fla. has no state income tax, but that doesn’t translate into higher-than-usual property taxes, according to a study that found Fla. 27th in a 50-state ranking.