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Articles relating to "Technology":

New service will rank homes by ‘livability’ score (9/17/2014)
Revaluate, currently being beta tested in New York, will provide a home or condo’s “livability score” based on its safety, environment, costs and quality of life.

Realtors get a seat at the drone regulation table (9/16/2014)
The FAA asked NAR to join a group that’s studying drone regulations. NAR will offer insight on the ways Realtors use drones to market listings.

Data security for real estate professionals (9/12/2014)
Many Realtors worry about their personal data since Target and Home Depot got hacked. But how secure is your brokerage system and clients’ financial info?

Data security for real estate professionals (9/12/2014)
Many Realtors worry about their personal data since Target and Home Depot got hacked. But how secure is your brokerage system and clients’ financial info?

Apple rolls out new products (9/10/2014)
A new 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus bridges the gap between iPads and today’s iPhones, and Apple Watch will make it easy to respond quickly to client emails and texts.

Facebook users will get a privacy checkup (9/5/2014)
Over the next week or two, Facebook users will have a “privacy checkup” pop up on computers, though mobile device users won’t be affected right away.

New building materials nudge homes into the future (9/5/2014)
Noteworthy changes include wallpaper that recharges a phone, invisible solar panels and paint that will notify an owner if a structural fissure develops.

What you should do to avoid being hacked (8/29/2014)
Expert advice: After five banks lost data to hackers, everyone should assume their accounts could be compromised and take preemptive action now.

Innovative new technology companies (8/27/2014)
New technology can make Realtors’ jobs simpler – and it might also impress buyers and sellers. Here are 15 products introduced recently.

‘Ransomware’ threatens Android users (8/27/2014)
If the FBI or a cyber security firm calls your Android, be wary. Scammers threaten to lock your phone, citing some kind of risk and demanding money.

Lawsuits challenge U.S. drone, model aircraft rules (8/25/2014)
Three lawsuits ask a U.S. Court of Appeals to determine whether the FAA has the right to issue tough new rules about using drones for commercial applications.

Ease pain, strain of buying home appliance (8/20/2014)
Brand loyalty is no longer important thanks to changes in the appliance industry. And buy locally for good service but don’t be afraid to save money online.

Is a smart home vulnerable to cyber attack? (8/20/2014)
Researchers are asking what-if questions: If a smart fridge doesn’t order groceries for four weeks, for example, could a hacker assume the owner is out of town?

NAR to launch .realtor top-level domain name in Oct. (8/19/2014)
Realtors have a first-come/first-served option to create a website using the .realtor address rather than .com or .org. The address is only offered to members.

Facebook debuts ‘save’ feature for news feeds (8/15/2014)
The feature allows Facebook users to save links, news stories or video clips and re-read them later. Items will be private, but users can still “share” them.

Home tweet home (8/4/2014)
Agents and brokers with a Twitter account end up with about 321 followers, but they miss out on that free marketing by only tweeting once every two days.

Facebook: Get new app if you want to email on the go (7/31/2014)
You can’t email clients through Facebook’s mobile app anymore. The social network says its new messenger app does more and works faster than the older system.

Your park bench may be connected (7/22/2014)
What do tech savvy buyers want in a home and city? Experts say that Internet-connected “dumb” objects, such as doors and appliances, will soon go mainstream.

Keeping private information private (7/16/2014)
So far, consumers seem comfy with personal data on the web, but expect more concern down the road as even refrigerators get their own Internet connection.

Brokerage giant warns agents against drones (7/15/2014)
NRT, which includes Coldwell Banker, advised its members to stop flying drones to capture listings or even hire a photographer after the FAA’s latest ruling.

Apps creating ‘on demand’ real estate services (7/3/2014)
Traditional “floor time” at brokerages is going high tech. A buyer can now tap an app to say, “I want to see this house.” Minutes later, a Realtor shows up.

FAA subpoenas real estate firms that use drones (7/2/2014)
Brokers and agents cannot operate drones for listing photos without a commercial license, the FAA says, and it recently took steps to enforce that position.

Realtors investing more in mobile technologies (6/26/2014)
NAR tech survey finds that brokers spent $1,410 on technology, up from $1,122 a year earlier; agents spent $848, up slightly from $822 in 2012. and Bankrate launch mobile mortgage app (6/24/2014)
App users can view a listing and see if what type of mortgage makes ownership possible; or they can select a mortgage and search only the listings that qualify. still under attack and slow (6/20/2014)
Move Inc., which oversees the website for owner NAR, says it received a ransom note before the attack. Law enforcement and tech specialists are involved.

RealtyTrac: Take a photo, read the home’s history (6/18/2014)
The new app allows buyers to get free info, including its foreclosure status, by taking the home’s picture. For an additional fee, it includes auction dates, etc. mobile adds new-home tools to app (5/29/2014)
Android and iOS users can access about 60,000 new-home plans from 7,500 new-home communities through a joint Move Inc. and Builder Homesite Inc. venture.

Brokers want a tech tool that rules them all (4/16/2014)
Survey: Brokers have automated tools to manage their customers, transactions, e-signatures and more. Now they want a tool to integrate them.

iPad marketing tools: An all-in-one video solution (4/14/2014)
With the help of a few apps, agents can film and edit high-quality videos – both listings and general advice – and quickly upload them to a website.

New buyer question: Is my data secure? (4/7/2014)
Could a hacker tap into clients’ financial data? Americans worry more now thanks to the recent Target data breach, and agents should have an answer prepared.

Move Inc. and PCM announce an iPad just for Realtors (3/31/2014)
Move Inc. says its iPad will come with and other pre-loaded productivity apps favored by real estate pros. Sales begin in a few months.

Fla. offers consumer alert about bitcoin (3/19/2014)
Virtual currency can be used to purchase homes or anything else, but a warning from Fla. OFR says it’s risky – especially in light of recent bitcoin problems.