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Articles relating to "Technology":

DOT and FAA finalize drone rules (7/19/2016)
The rule, which takes effect in late August, says a drone operator must be at least 16 and keep an unmanned aircraft within visual line of sight. It also specifies height and speed restrictions and other operational limits.

Take better videos from your phone (7/14/2016)
When you need to capture a quick video of a listing or area for a client, a phone may be all you have – but you can still take quality videos to share on the go.

Hackers access at least 10M Android devices (7/7/2016)
A cybersecurity firm says HummingBad allows hackers to make $300K per month buying apps, faking ad clicks and selling Android users’ phone info to others.

Technology: Realtors’ top five complaints (6/15/2016)
What tech issues stress agents the most? Florida Realtors Tech Helpline put together the top five. Leading the list? A computer that’s too slow followed by viruses, malware and adware.

Realtors don’t need to worry about Snapchat yet (6/8/2016)
While social networking has become a must-do task for most agents, experts at the recent NAR convention agreed Snapchat, for now, isn’t one of the top formats.

Fla. builder makes solar panels a standard feature (6/1/2016)
Stellar Homes Group says that PV solar systems will be a standard feature in all new homes. They’ll install it at cost and buyers can keep the tax credit.

Size matters: Technology has to fit the business (5/31/2016)
“Really cool” tech is many times “hard to use.” Rather than being awed by how much a product does, agents should first decide what they want to do with it.

Twitter marketing will get easier (5/18/2016)
Twitter says that messages will still be limited to 140 characters but photos and links won’t count. That will allow longer messages to accompany listing photos.

Can technology help buyers find the perfect home? (5/11/2016)
Google’s algorithm analyzes search words to provide answers, and a company says its algorithm works the same way to link buyers’ desires with available listings.

What makes a smart home smart? (5/10/2016)
It’s no longer enough to call a listing a smart home. Because tech can range from a single thermostat to a whole-house system, consumers often want more details.

Design trends that boost websites (4/27/2016)
Realtors have websites to grow leads, and effective ones attract and keep visitors. In addition to good, useful content, some emerging design trends can help.

The best time to charge your phone (3/24/2016)
A new study suggests that, in general, if you want your phone to charge faster, let the battery dip super low before you plug it in.

Tech changes make Realtors’ jobs easier – and harder (3/17/2016)
RealtyTrac added “nearby criminal offender risk” to a report any homebuyer can access – the latest step toward instant and free neighborhood evaluations.

Is voicemail dead? If not, an app could kill it (3/14/2016)
Some clients, notably younger ones, find phone calls annoying, and new apps allow them to avoid it altogether. Instead of voicemail, calls just ring and ring.

Why don’t search engines like me as much? (3/7/2016)
A good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy should place your website near the top of a Google search, but sometimes it drops. Here’s what you should do.

Florida Realtors Tech Helpline: 89K users in 50 days (3/2/2016)
The Florida Realtors-owned Tech Helpline – a member benefit that offers free technology advice – is now used by almost half of all Realtors in the U.S.

Using a public Wi-Fi? Don’t email confidential data (2/26/2016)
A reporter flying on American Airlines discovered that someone had easily accessed his files – and every other passenger’s files – simply by hacking into the plane’s public Wi-Fi server.

Google to end its mortgage tool in March (2/25/2016)
The Compare service offered to help consumers track down a mortgage, but Google said it wasn’t as successful as hoped – or as profitable.

The other side of smart home tech: Spying (2/16/2016)
If a “smart” TV, appliance or security system connects to the Internet, usage data resides elsewhere, making it easier for governments and scammers to get to it.

Virtual reality: A new dimension in home buying (2/16/2016)
Headsets allow potential buyers to see virtual 3-D listings, including balcony views from buildings not yet built. But the tech tool is still in its infancy.