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Articles relating to "Technology":

An Apple smart home? It may be the next trend (10/24/2016)
As iPhone sales slow, Apple is inching its way into the smart home market by teaming up with builders and connecting newly constructed houses to the Internet.

Walking on sunshine: The debut of solar sidewalks (10/18/2016)
Those cutting-edge solar panels gracing more and more Fla. homes could soon be old school if a sidewalk-road solar panel company’s tests prove successful.

Ditch your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (10/11/2016)
Even if not in use, Galaxy 7 phones can catch on fire. Major carriers have dropped them, but disappointed users have reasonable replacement phones to consider.

You may be able to ditch that unlimited phone plan (10/10/2016)
A cell plan expert advised clients last year to keep their grandfathered unlimited data plans, but things change. This year he says it might be time to switch.

Smaller, cheaper, high quality drones coming soon (9/30/2016)
Review: A new roster of drones priced from $999 to $599 is coming onto the market as prices start to decline and camera quality increases.

Facebook at Work geared to businesses (9/29/2016)
A new Facebook product could make it easier for brokers and Realtors to stay in touch. It works like Facebook but operates like a single-company Intranet site.

Snapchat unveils new name, video glasses (9/27/2016)
Snapchat has a new name, Snap Inc., and new glasses called Spectacles that take videos and upload them to Snapchat “hands-free with the simple tap of a button.”

Smart homes could soon read visitors’ emotions (9/22/2016)
Do potential buyers like your home? Ask the house. A new device from MIT uses wireless signals to read bodies and, based on the data, determine moods.

You’re always the expert if you know how to Google (8/30/2016)
Agents who can expertly search Google – who know search secrets for getting fast-and-correct answers – look like tech geniuses and real estate experts.

RPR listing data accessible using SentriLock app (8/16/2016)
A new partnership between SentriLock and Realtors Property Resource gives Realtors direct access to RPR property data through SentriLock’s SentriSmart app.

Emerging tech trends could ‘wow’ buyers (8/8/2016)
Early tech-adopter agents often gain an edge by offering tools that are not yet commonplace, such as virtual reality home showings and live streaming.

DOT and FAA finalize drone rules (7/19/2016)
The rule, which takes effect in late August, says a drone operator must be at least 16 and keep an unmanned aircraft within visual line of sight. It also specifies height and speed restrictions and other operational limits.

Technology: Realtors’ top five complaints (6/15/2016)
What tech issues stress agents the most? Florida Realtors Tech Helpline put together the top five. Leading the list? A computer that’s too slow followed by viruses, malware and adware.

Realtors don’t need to worry about Snapchat yet (6/8/2016)
While social networking has become a must-do task for most agents, experts at the recent NAR convention agreed Snapchat, for now, isn’t one of the top formats.

Fla. builder makes solar panels a standard feature (6/1/2016)
Stellar Homes Group says that PV solar systems will be a standard feature in all new homes. They’ll install it at cost and buyers can keep the tax credit.

Size matters: Technology has to fit the business (5/31/2016)
“Really cool” tech is many times “hard to use.” Rather than being awed by how much a product does, agents should first decide what they want to do with it.

Twitter marketing will get easier (5/18/2016)
Twitter says that messages will still be limited to 140 characters but photos and links won’t count. That will allow longer messages to accompany listing photos.

Can technology help buyers find the perfect home? (5/11/2016)
Google’s algorithm analyzes search words to provide answers, and a company says its algorithm works the same way to link buyers’ desires with available listings.

What makes a smart home smart? (5/10/2016)
It’s no longer enough to call a listing a smart home. Because tech can range from a single thermostat to a whole-house system, consumers often want more details.

Design trends that boost websites (4/27/2016)
Realtors have websites to grow leads, and effective ones attract and keep visitors. In addition to good, useful content, some emerging design trends can help.