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Articles relating to "Technology":

You text all the time. Now do it faster (4/25/2017)
Any agent selling a “3BR HORSE” knows the perils of iOS autocorrect, but there are ways to train a phone and even auto-fill commonly used phrases.

Coming soon: ‘Wow’ tech to help the industry (4/21/2017)
NAR’s tech incubator picked seven products to invest in, such as an app that transfers home organization from seller to buyer, and mobile electronic notarization.

Facebook could allow buyers to virtually stage listing (4/19/2017)
An augmented reality project could one day allow buyers to see a listing virtually furnished the way they want by holding up a phone as they walk through rooms.

Is your phone or iPad ill? 4 signs of a virus (4/19/2017)
It’s not just computers: Hackers can also infect phones with viruses and iPhones are vulnerable too. These four symptoms suggest that you could have a problem.

Turn your phone into a movie camera (4/17/2017)
Videos jiggle when recorded on a phone, making most virtual tours look like amateur productions. But tools can steady shots and turn phones into movie cameras.

4 ways to make your phone battery last longer (4/12/2017)
A battery should do heavy lifting when an iPhone is in use and relax the rest of the time. But some settings hyper-focus the phone on tasks you don’t care about.

You don’t need an app if your website is ‘progressive’ (4/10/2017)
A progressive web app makes a traditional website look like an app when users pull it up on a mobile phone – without going to an online store and downloading it.

Big data can predict the future based on current trends (3/31/2017)
Some cities are buying land for fire stations they won’t need for 10 years because massive amounts of current data, once analyzed, can predict future trends.

Realtor safety: Google Maps adds location-sharing feature (3/29/2017)
Google Maps added real-time location sharing, so co-workers or family can know when you have appointments and can keep tabs on your whereabouts.

Talking to smart homes may fade as we text our toaster (3/14/2017)
From Amazon Echo to Google Home, voice control is hot in smart homes – but, by definition, it’s noisy, and some experts think text commands will soon take over.

Only 1 in 10 homes have smart home gadgets (3/13/2017)
Many buyers seeking a “smart home” see it as an upgrade rather than something they already have since “connected homes” are still in the early-adopter phase.

Smart homes may be smart enough to spy on homeowners (3/8/2017)
The latest WikiLeaks release suggests that the CIA has the ability to break into everyday consumer electronics and spy on homeowners.

Coming soon: Software that appeals property taxes (2/23/2017)
Software available in Miami and coming soon to other cities makes it easier for a homeowner to appeal the home’s value that’s used to calculate property taxes.

NAR’s Tech Edge event will travel to Tampa (2/14/2017)
NAR continues its one-day technology conference series, NAR Tech Edge, with a July stop in Tampa. Topics including mobile marketing, reputation management, more.

5 signs your website is out of date (1/31/2017)
Tech changes quickly and websites grow old. Savvy clients think a site is from the dark ages if it’s not mobile friendly, slow to load or too complex to navigate.

Email attachments? Many won’t make it through (1/30/2017)
Hackers often use email attachments as a doorway into your computer. As a result, many providers ban certain types, and Gmail will nix even more starting Feb. 13.

Protect your smartphone from virtual burglars (1/18/2017)
Beware of malicious software (malware). Year-to-year, malware on Android devices rose 21% last year. On iPhones and other Apple devices, it rose 31%.

Why do buyers want smart homes? Safety and comfort (1/10/2017)
A survey found that few homeowners added technology to “keep up with the Joneses.” Most wanted safety and comfort, though 68% also hoped to save money.

New technology could limit drones’ flight paths (1/5/2017)
Is a listing within five miles of an airport? If so, drones might eventually have geofence software that makes it impossible to operate them within a no-fly zone.

Fake email notices deliver malware, misery (12/12/2016)
Don’t fall for scammers’ latest trick: an email that says a package can’t be delivered. Clicking can allow them to steal credit card info or infect your computer.

Apple admits to iPhone battery problem (12/12/2016)
Does your iPhone mysteriously shut down when power drops to 30%? Apple says some 6s models need a fix, though others think some other models do too.

Realtors need to understand smart home technology (12/1/2016)
According to NAR’s first-ever smart-home report, 15% of Realtors say buyers are already asking specific questions about smart-home home technology.

Keeping up with tech: 3 online trends in 2017 (11/16/2016)
From augmented reality to live video streaming, real estate agents will find fresh ways to reach customers with new high-tech marketing tools.

With websites, milliseconds matter to business (11/15/2016)
Video viewing drops 39% if it takes time to buffer, and Amazon found that each additional 100 milliseconds it takes a webpage to load creates a 1% loss of sales.

4 common tech habits put your business at risk (11/11/2016)
Free Wi-Fi is great until it allows hackers to access your data – which it could. Many times, the tradeoff between convenience and security leads to bad decisions.

Phone app aims to cut agents out of the sale process (11/8/2016)
Reali, an app that’s in only one city so far, will “cut out the middleman” (a.k.a. real estate agents) by allowing clients to complete all real estate tasks online.

Mobile devices officially overtake computers (11/4/2016)
Most global citizens (51.3%) now access the Internet from phones and pads, though mobile use in the U.S. (42%) has not yet passed that midway point yet.

Why do tech-savvy millennials still use a Realtor? (11/1/2016)
Contrary to predictions, a Realtor’s role hasn’t faded as it did in businesses such as travel. The reason? Young adults seek wisdom to offset a lack of experience.