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Articles relating to "Technology":

Brokers want a tech tool that rules them all (4/16/2014)
Survey: Brokers have automated tools to manage their customers, transactions, e-signatures and more. Now they want a tool to integrate them.

iPad marketing tools: An all-in-one video solution (4/14/2014)
With the help of a few apps, agents can film and edit high-quality videos – both listings and general advice – and quickly upload them to a website.

Heartbleed bug causes major security headache (4/10/2014)
Web pages with “https” and lock icons aren’t secure after all, so enter personal or client data cautiously. Some larger sites have fixed the bug; many have not.

New buyer question: Is my data secure? (4/7/2014)
Could a hacker tap into clients’ financial data? Americans worry more now thanks to the recent Target data breach, and agents should have an answer prepared.

Move Inc. and PCM announce an iPad just for Realtors (3/31/2014)
Move Inc. says its iPad will come with and other pre-loaded productivity apps favored by real estate pros. Sales begin in a few months.

Have an iPad? It can now do more (3/28/2014)
Microsoft announced yesterday that a version of its Office Suite – Word, Excel and PowerPoint – has been released for iPads.

High-tech sales centers turn imagination into reality (3/25/2014)
Forget brochures, floor plans, paint chips and cabinet designs. Today, 3-D films, fake windows with 30th-floor views, etc., feel more like Epcot exhibits.

Fla. offers consumer alert about bitcoin (3/19/2014)
Virtual currency can be used to purchase homes or anything else, but a warning from Fla. OFR says it’s risky – especially in light of recent bitcoin problems.

Agents have love-hate relationship with Internet (2/24/2014)
Just 7% of Realtors consider the Internet a major source of business, despite the fact that 98% of buyers use the Internet to find homes.

Florida Realtors rolls out new MLSAdvantage upgrade (2/18/2014)
Members with access to MLSAdvantage can now experience the newest version’s “dramatically redesigned” user-friendly layout, fast data entry and more.

Company says it owns disclosure technology and sues (2/11/2014)
Property Disclosure Technologies owns a patent on a “real estate disclosure method.” Claiming copyright infringement, it’s suing 13 real estate companies.

Digital devices can cause eye strain (2/3/2014)
Work a lot on a computer or smartphone? “Computer vision syndrome” can cause irritated eyes, fatigue, eye strain, blurry vision, headaches and shoulder pain.

The 25 worst, easy-to-guess passwords (1/24/2014)
Is your password “password” because it’s easy to remember? At No. 2 on the most-common list, it’s also easy for thieves to guess, second only to “123456.”

Study: 60 percent of your web visitors are ‘bots’ (12/20/2013)
About 30 percent of website traffic is from “good bots” – search engines and cookies. About 38.5 percent of visitors are human. The rest are “bad bots” that scrape data, etc.

Technology pushes real estate marketing boundaries (12/10/2013)
Buyers got a new way to view properties when web videos came out, and 3-D technologies could again revise the way buyers shop for homes.

HUD tool estimates a home’s transportation costs (11/13/2013)
One online tool calculates a homeowner’s transportation costs based on data and addresses they input; a second tool provides a community overview.

Predictive analytics to boost real estate business (11/11/2013)
NAR: Data generally shows what already occurred, but researchers are now trying to use that data and other variables to predict what will happen next.

NAR opens priority registration list for ‘.realtor’ (11/8/2013)
Want a website that confirms your Realtor status, such as NAR is taking first-come, first-served requests until Dec. 31.

Real Halloween scare: Computer virus kills files (10/25/2013)
In a new twist on blackmail, a virus encrypts your computer files so they can’t be opened, and then threatens to delete everything unless you pay a “ransom.” enhances mobile rentals app (10/22/2013)
Users can get notifications if close to rental property they previously visited or saved as a favorite. It also adds new Apple software features, such as AirDrop.