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Articles relating to "Technology":

What is proper etiquette for mobile phone use? (9/1/2015)
Is it worth offending a potential buyer by taking a call from a seller? A survey finds only 5% believe it’s OK at a meeting and 38% at a restaurant.

How to get the first 10K visitors to your website (8/28/2015)
To boost traffic to your real estate website, increase your social media presence daily with planned posts to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, for example.

Who needs .com? Domains like .pr, .nyc are trending (8/24/2015)
When domain names like “.realtor” came out, many people worried that anything other than “.com” would stumble – but consumers don’t seem to care.

U.S. could take action against illegal drone use (8/21/2015)
Recent illegal drone use has led a U.S. senator to file a bill that clips some wings: It would create a “geo-fence” near no-fly zones that drones can’t cross.

More buyers consider ‘smart homes’ a must-have (8/13/2015)
Five years ago, a home’s high-tech connection was a marketing sales perk. But as more owners adopt smart-home technology, more buyers will start to demand it.

The brave new world of wireless: Landscape shifts (8/12/2015)
To many Realtors, cellphones are the lifeblood of their business. But carrier payment plans are undergoing a dramatic shift that could raise costs – or not.

Google+ disconnects from YouTube (7/29/2015)
Realtors who upload listings and other videos to YouTube will soon no longer need a Google+ account to share media or make comments on YouTube.

3 ways technology could disrupt real estate (7/27/2015)
Pundits once said technology would replace Realtors. They’re wrong so far, but new tech tools continue to redefine a traditional real estate agent’s role.

Are scented messages coming to your smartphone? (7/14/2015)
Virtual home tours are pretty sterile affairs without the smell of bread baking inside or the whiff of orange blossoms in a backyard. But that could change.

New buyer tool rates level of neighborhood noise (7/2/2015)
It’s not in Fla. yet, but a beta test of HowLoud in Los Angeles allows buyers to discover a neighborhood’s relative noise level before buying a home.

Data storage safety: Your security role (6/11/2015)
The number of news stories about a major data breach continues to climb. In real estate, brokers oversee data security, but Realtors and staff must do their part.

A glimpse of the future: The ‘24/7 open house’ (6/9/2015)
A Phoenix firm allows buyers to tour listings anytime they want. Using a smartphone app, buyers request admission and wait for a text with a lockbox access code.

Realtors await A-OK to fly drones (5/18/2015)
There will be a time when Realtors can legally fly a drone to capture images for marketing listings – but that time has not yet arrived, at least not completely.

Scott signs Fla. bill on drone use (5/15/2015)
The FAA has not yet authorized drone use, but a bill signed by the governor yesterday creates some new Fla. privacy rules once drones get the go-ahead.

Beware of new WordPress vulnerability (4/28/2015)
Realtors who use WordPress and allow comments are vulnerable. If a comment includes malicious code, hackers can steal users’ names and passwords.

Effective now: Google shakes up Internet searches (4/21/2015)
It’s “mobilegeddon.” A website’s Google search rank drops on mobile devices if the technology doesn’t recognize smaller screens and adapt its content.

Could hyperlocal social network be Yelp 2.0? (4/6/2015)
One out of three U.S. neighborhoods has its own Nextdoor website that focuses solely on local events and services, including reviews of local businesses.

Google change will upend website searches (4/1/2015)
Websites that appear on the first page of a Google search could fall from grace after April 21 as the search engine starts to give more weight to mobile views.

U.S. streamlines rules to speed up drone permits (3/25/2015)
Operators still need FAA’s “Section 333” exemption, but they can get it quicker and, once issued, fly anywhere in the U.S. under specific standard restrictions.

Posting drone videos online? Be careful (3/16/2015)
The FAA sent a cease and desist letter to a YouTube provider who regularly posted drone videos, saying the site’s online ads nix his amateur photographer status.

ListHub and Trulia agree: List sharing ends April 7 (3/13/2015)
Move Inc. subsidiary ListHub will stop sending listings to Trulia the same day it stops sending them to Zillow under an agreement announced yesterday.

Survey: Buyers increasingly want smart home features (3/11/2015)
While not all buyers want the bells and whistles of a fully smart home, they increasingly want at least a few smart home features, such as security controls.

Online home sales becoming a reality (3/9/2015)
Over time, more buyers and sellers will be willing to conduct their entire transaction online – a growing niche. The question: Where does that leave Realtors?