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Articles relating to "Technology":

FAA could bust drone users by tracking radio waves (10/8/2015)
The FAA is testing drone-tracking technology. If successful, it will allow the agency to identify and fine anyone who flies a drone within five miles of an airport.

Listing data theft is very common and hard to stop (10/8/2015)
Scrapers often steal listing data from IDX and VOW feeds, and existing protocols to stop them are outdated and ineffective, a recent study claims.

Cut the cord: Self-charging cellphones are here (10/7/2015)
The self-charging tech should go mainstream next year, but the charging methods – a pad, built-in chip or beamed power – could vary for a while.

FAA proposes nearly $2M fine against drone operator (10/6/2015)
A Chicago area video firm that has done commercial work in Fla. may have to pay $1.9M for 65 unauthorized flights completed by ill-equipped drones.

Fla. leads U.S. for FAA real estate drone approval (10/5/2015)
State drone pilots have received 97 exemptions in the Federal Aviation Administration’s first year granting them, making the state second only to Calif.

5 ways big data makes real estate better (10/5/2015)
While 24/7 phone access created new real estate pressures, big data has made many tasks easier. Public records, for example, are now just a click away.

Move Inc. acquires Reesio transaction management (10/1/2015)
Move, the oversight firm for, says it can soon offer users a full transaction management tool that will also integrate with Top Producer.

Agents can no longer ignore ‘smart home’ listings (9/24/2015)
It’s a numbers game: As more listings claim to be “smart homes,” agents must be prepared to explain what that upgrade would mean for their buyers.

Tech Helpline backs 1 in 3 U.S. Realtors (9/23/2015)
Florida Realtors Tech Helpline, a free benefit with association membership, now serves one-third of all Realtors in the U.S. – almost 400,000 people.

More buyers turning to Realtors for home advice (9/17/2015)
NAR study found that buyers increasingly rely on the web for home search info, but more also eventually turn to a Realtor – 83% did in 2010; 88% in 2014.

Drone ‘close call’ reports under scrutiny (9/15/2015)
Realtors want drones for home-listing photos, but official FAA approval hinges on airline safety. FAA’s last report, however, may have overstated the problem.

Buyers using virtual reality to buy luxury homes (9/14/2015)
Some upscale buyers can now virtually tour properties online. However, the tours can cost $300 to $700 and may go mainstream in a few years – but maybe not.

NAR to Congress: Legalize the safe use of drones (9/11/2015)
Realtor President Polychron asked a House subcommittee to protect Americans’ privacy and safety, but also allow drone use by the real estate industry.

Instagram moves beyond square photos (9/8/2015)
Marketing on Instagram? The social network’s square-photos-only restriction once limited views, but the change now offers flexibility when sharing listing photos.

What is proper etiquette for mobile phone use? (9/1/2015)
Is it worth offending a potential buyer by taking a call from a seller? A survey finds only 5% believe it’s OK at a meeting and 38% at a restaurant.

Google+ disconnects from YouTube (7/29/2015)
Realtors who upload listings and other videos to YouTube will soon no longer need a Google+ account to share media or make comments on YouTube.

3 ways technology could disrupt real estate (7/27/2015)
Pundits once said technology would replace Realtors. They’re wrong so far, but new tech tools continue to redefine a traditional real estate agent’s role.

Are scented messages coming to your smartphone? (7/14/2015)
Virtual home tours are pretty sterile affairs without the smell of bread baking inside or the whiff of orange blossoms in a backyard. But that could change.

New buyer tool rates level of neighborhood noise (7/2/2015)
It’s not in Fla. yet, but a beta test of HowLoud in Los Angeles allows buyers to discover a neighborhood’s relative noise level before buying a home.

Data storage safety: Your security role (6/11/2015)
The number of news stories about a major data breach continues to climb. In real estate, brokers oversee data security, but Realtors and staff must do their part.

A glimpse of the future: The ‘24/7 open house’ (6/9/2015)
A Phoenix firm allows buyers to tour listings anytime they want. Using a smartphone app, buyers request admission and wait for a text with a lockbox access code.

Realtors await A-OK to fly drones (5/18/2015)
There will be a time when Realtors can legally fly a drone to capture images for marketing listings – but that time has not yet arrived, at least not completely.

Scott signs Fla. bill on drone use (5/15/2015)
The FAA has not yet authorized drone use, but a bill signed by the governor yesterday creates some new Fla. privacy rules once drones get the go-ahead.

Beware of new WordPress vulnerability (4/28/2015)
Realtors who use WordPress and allow comments are vulnerable. If a comment includes malicious code, hackers can steal users’ names and passwords.

Effective now: Google shakes up Internet searches (4/21/2015)
It’s “mobilegeddon.” A website’s Google search rank drops on mobile devices if the technology doesn’t recognize smaller screens and adapt its content.