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Articles relating to "Technology":

Drones eclipse piloted planes (2/9/2016)
More unmanned drones fly in U.S. airspace than manned planes. The FAA now has over 325,000 drone operators registered and “won’t hesitate to take strong enforcement actions.”

Apple users alert: Bug strikes iPhones, iPads (1/29/2016)
Apple is warning users that a website link is quickly spreading across social media and text messages that can cause iOS devices to crash.

Recognize these passwords? Stop using them (1/26/2016)
Realtors don’t just protect business data, they’re also responsible for sometimes-very-personal client info. These passwords make that data easy to steal.

The self-running home? It’s here (1/20/2016)
Amazon announced a “replenishment” service yesterday that will allow washers, printers and glucose monitors to automatically order supplies when they run low.

Drone suit considers issues of trespassing, privacy (1/19/2016)
In Kentucky, a homeowner shot down a drone and the drone owner sued. Courts must now consider drone use rights and responsibilities for the first time.

Realtors could have drone-use rules by spring (1/18/2016)
FAA rules remain secret, but rumors suggest commercial users may only need to take an every-two-year test to get an “unmanned aircraft operator certificate.”

Self-driving cars may be here faster than you think (1/13/2016)
A tech story has real estate implications: If commuters can use travel time for work-related chores, will it change demand for homes farther from city centers?

The new USB-C – not just ‘any port in a storm’ (1/11/2016)
Your USB port is getting a makeover. Techies say the USB-C will become the new standard for electronic devices because it’s smaller, faster and more versatile.

‘Internet of things’ changing real estate industry (1/10/2016)
Tech advances – such as 3D printing, virtual decorating and enhanced security – are redefining the way buyers search for and rent property.

Don’t look stupid when selling a smart home (1/8/2016)
Agents today often find they must explain listings’ high-tech features, such as how to control lights, thermostats or appliances from a smartphone or tablet. agreement boosts rental market share (1/5/2016)
An agreement between’s oversight company and Cozy will add new rental listings content and simplify the rental process for property managers.

Zillow tool allows owners to create own ‘estimate’ (12/15/2015)
With a “Zestimate,” Zillow estimates a home’s worth for website visitors. With “Price This Home,” owners can pick comps, add info and create a personal value.

What’s the best time to add social media posts? (11/18/2015)
Experts say certain times of day work best for engaging customers on various platforms. For example, Facebook user activity is highest between 1-3 p.m.

360-degree cameras: Listing photo game changer? (11/13/2015)
A bevy of new cameras make it easy to take 360-degree photos. At first they’ll be novel – used by early-tech adopters – but could become an industry standard.

NAR-RPR ‘game changing’ pact simplifies data entry (11/6/2015)
Upstream – a broker-driven plan to create a master database that feeds MLSs and websites – could begin beta tests in early 2016 under an agreement announced yesterday.

A safe way to talk in cars? Study says no such thing (11/4/2015)
For many Realtors, a car doubles as an office. However, a study suggests voice-activated calling isn’t 100% safe because it takes cognitive focus off the road.

Real estate technology’s two-edged boom (10/28/2015)
Investors could make a lot of money if their real estate tech tool takes off – and money is flowing – but they still can’t create a product that holds a buyer’s hand.

With security, smart homes aren’t so smart (10/22/2015)
An Internet-connected home makes the owner’s life easier, but it also has a dark side: Each connected device gives hackers another chance to take over.

Listing data theft is very common and hard to stop (10/8/2015)
Scrapers often steal listing data from IDX and VOW feeds, and existing protocols to stop them are outdated and ineffective, a recent study claims.

Cut the cord: Self-charging cellphones are here (10/7/2015)
The self-charging tech should go mainstream next year, but the charging methods – a pad, built-in chip or beamed power – could vary for a while.

5 ways big data makes real estate better (10/5/2015)
While 24/7 phone access created new real estate pressures, big data has made many tasks easier. Public records, for example, are now just a click away.

Move Inc. acquires Reesio transaction management (10/1/2015)
Move, the oversight firm for, says it can soon offer users a full transaction management tool that will also integrate with Top Producer.

Agents can no longer ignore ‘smart home’ listings (9/24/2015)
It’s a numbers game: As more listings claim to be “smart homes,” agents must be prepared to explain what that upgrade would mean for their buyers.

Tech Helpline backs 1 in 3 U.S. Realtors (9/23/2015)
Florida Realtors Tech Helpline, a free benefit with association membership, now serves one-third of all Realtors in the U.S. – almost 400,000 people.

More buyers turning to Realtors for home advice (9/17/2015)
NAR study found that buyers increasingly rely on the web for home search info, but more also eventually turn to a Realtor – 83% did in 2010; 88% in 2014.

Buyers using virtual reality to buy luxury homes (9/14/2015)
Some upscale buyers can now virtually tour properties online. However, the tours can cost $300 to $700 and may go mainstream in a few years – but maybe not.

NAR to Congress: Legalize the safe use of drones (9/11/2015)
Realtor President Polychron asked a House subcommittee to protect Americans’ privacy and safety, but also allow drone use by the real estate industry.

Instagram moves beyond square photos (9/8/2015)
Marketing on Instagram? The social network’s square-photos-only restriction once limited views, but the change now offers flexibility when sharing listing photos.

What is proper etiquette for mobile phone use? (9/1/2015)
Is it worth offending a potential buyer by taking a call from a seller? A survey finds only 5% believe it’s OK at a meeting and 38% at a restaurant.