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Articles relating to "Technology":

Man who created ‘PA$$Word’ guidelines was wrong (8/10/2017)
It sounded good: Create passwords with random symbols and capital letters. But it hasn’t cut down on cybercrime, so its creator now has updated password advice.

Amazon’s Alexa adds more real estate skills (8/4/2017)
A survey found that 72% of Americans in smart homes want voice control, so Coldwell Banker rolled out a service that offers company news and real estate trends.

Builder uses virtual reality to show not-yet-built kitchens (8/2/2017)
Will a light granite countertop look good with a dark-blue backsplash? Toll Brothers VR service allows buyers to “see” the new kitchen before construction starts.

Digital tricks for everyday situations (8/1/2017)
Did a scammer steal your listing? Are other agents using it legally? With Google image search, you can upload a photo and view all websites that feature it.

Best social media for marketing? Twitter stumbles in 2Q (7/28/2017)
Twitter use dropped by 2 million in the second quarter as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat aggressively fight for users’ time and attention.

Study: Consumers uneasy about paperless transactions (7/21/2017)
Buyers can secure a mortgage using only electronic documents, but 70% aren’t comfy doing everything through a smartphone even if they like the convenience.

NAR balks at FCC proposal, says industry needs open internet (7/18/2017)
The FCC wants to allow internet providers to charge website owners for faster loading, but NAR says that would limit consumers’ access to real estate listings.

Predictive analytics predicts future by looking at past (7/12/2017)
An algorithm that crunches historical data can answer questions such as: “Which homeowners in my farm area are most likely to sell within the next two years?”

YouTube’s latest 3-D option may be good for listings (6/28/2017)
So far, 3-D meant viewers could turn and see what’s behind them, but the latest incarnation is an extra-wide photo rather than a completely virtual home.

How to remain hands-free in a car (6/28/2017)
Realtors conduct a lot of business while driving. Here are ways to keep your eyes on the road as you do it, along with a few random cellphone tips.

Fed court upholds photo copyright charge against Zillow (6/26/2017)
Using photos that you found on the Internet? Don’t. A second court upheld a copyright charge last week against Zillow, though it lowered damages to $4M.

The top way to boost your search traffic (6/9/2017)
Surveys say blogging generates more online search traffic for your business, though most small businesses have it near the bottom of their to-do list.

How to keep hackers out of your email (6/8/2017)
FBI: Email phishing accounts for 95% of cybersecurity threats. To help combat the problem, experts say real estate pros should educate clients about the issue.

5 tech tools, apps that are reshaping the real estate industry (6/7/2017)
According to Forbes Real Estate Council members, RealTelligence and Point are among several new tech tools and apps out that could change the industry.

What to expect next when Apple upgrades iPhones (6/6/2017)
In the next iPhone software upgrade, users will get a “do not disturb” option when driving, a better camera, augmented reality and enhanced photo options.

Hey Siri! Find me a house (5/25/2017)
IDX property info could soon be delivered to consumers by Alexa, the voice of Amazon Echo, or Siri, the voice of Apple’s products.

Hackers breach DocuSign emails (5/18/2017)
The e-signature company says about 100 million emails were stolen, but not names, addresses, passwords, etc. Criminals could use the emails for phishing scams.

NAR’s Upstream project simplifies its goals (5/17/2017)
As originally designed, brokers would have uploaded listing data one time only into Upstream, but the goal pivoted; brokers will now have other entry options.

Ransom virus infecting PCs worldwide (5/15/2017)
Updated your virus protection lately? Do it now. A globally spreading program locks computers and demands payment if you ever want to see your data again.

You text all the time. Now do it faster (4/25/2017)
Any agent selling a “3BR HORSE” knows the perils of iOS autocorrect, but there are ways to train a phone and even auto-fill commonly used phrases.

Coming soon: ‘Wow’ tech to help the industry (4/21/2017)
NAR’s tech incubator picked seven products to invest in, such as an app that transfers home organization from seller to buyer, and mobile electronic notarization.

Is your phone or iPad ill? 4 signs of a virus (4/19/2017)
It’s not just computers: Hackers can also infect phones with viruses and iPhones are vulnerable too. These four symptoms suggest that you could have a problem.

4 ways to make your phone battery last longer (4/12/2017)
A battery should do heavy lifting when an iPhone is in use and relax the rest of the time. But some settings hyper-focus the phone on tasks you don’t care about.

You don’t need an app if your website is ‘progressive’ (4/10/2017)
A progressive web app makes a traditional website look like an app when users pull it up on a mobile phone – without going to an online store and downloading it.

Realtor safety: Google Maps adds location-sharing feature (3/29/2017)
Google Maps added real-time location sharing, so co-workers or family can know when you have appointments and can keep tabs on your whereabouts.

Talking to smart homes may fade as we text our toaster (3/14/2017)
From Amazon Echo to Google Home, voice control is hot in smart homes – but, by definition, it’s noisy, and some experts think text commands will soon take over.

Only 1 in 10 homes have smart home gadgets (3/13/2017)
Many buyers seeking a “smart home” see it as an upgrade rather than something they already have since “connected homes” are still in the early-adopter phase.

Smart homes may be smart enough to spy on homeowners (3/8/2017)
The latest WikiLeaks release suggests that the CIA has the ability to break into everyday consumer electronics and spy on homeowners.