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Articles relating to "Technology":

Drone operator ends FAA case after $1,100 settlement (1/23/2015)
A private drone user challenged the FAA ban on personal use. A judge initially backed the claim but was overruled because the FAA controls national airspace.

Realtors laud, laugh at FAA drone exemption (1/15/2015)
The FAA approved a Realtor’s use of drones last week, but some think they set the bar too high. Flights, for example, cannot last longer than seven minutes.

Thank your smartphone for your ‘smart home’ (1/14/2015)
Since the 1960s, the concept of an autonomous, connected home has floundered in a sea of technological impossibility and logistical chaos. But no more.

FAA grants first drone permit for real estate use (1/7/2015)
A broker in Tucson, Ariz., is the nation’s first Realtor legally allowed to fly a drone for real estate business use. He received his FAA permit yesterday.

Search keywords with the new Facebook tool (12/19/2014)
An update to Facebook’s Graph Search feature allows you to search your posts, photos, articles and videos using a keyword, such as “real estate.”

FAA drone rules delayed to 2017 (12/15/2014)
Realtors hoping to use drones soon must be patient – very patient. The FAA extended its deadline for issuing rules on the use of small drones from 2015 to 2017.

Technology snafus that can sink your business (12/8/2014)
Some technology failures – lost emails, calendars that disappear or data lost to hackers – can create a big headache for real estate agents.

89% of buyers say technology makes them smarter (11/18/2014)
Survey: For 83%, however, technology doesn’t replace the need for a Realtor. Instead, they consider it an added component in a buyer-Realtor relationship.

So what’s new? Realtors get tech demonstration (11/13/2014)
Technology is transforming every stage of the transaction, from listing to financing and post-closing. Agents and brokers must keep pace as consumers evolve.

FAA: Drone sightings up dramatically (11/12/2014)
The FAA says drone complaints come in almost daily. Many claim they’re flying too close to airports, including ones in Orlando and Tallahassee.

Expect ‘big data’ to impact real estate’s future (11/12/2014)
Successful Realtors anticipate change and adapt. Imagine, for example, an app that searches all real estate websites and compiles results in a single location.

Simple rules to follow when texting clients (10/9/2014)
Many clients now prefer a text to a phone call, but lax grammar rules for texting don’t extend to business relationships. Example: “L8TR” isn’t a good sign-off.

Should your listings be in 3-D? (10/8/2014)
A 3-D listing allows a buyer to tour a home naturally, stopping and focusing on specific elements. It can also be a marketing incentive to attract potential sellers.

New service will rank homes by ‘livability’ score (9/17/2014)
Revaluate, currently being beta tested in New York, will provide a home or condo’s “livability score” based on its safety, environment, costs and quality of life.

Realtors get a seat at the drone regulation table (9/16/2014)
The FAA asked NAR to join a group that’s studying drone regulations. NAR will offer insight on the ways Realtors use drones to market listings.

Innovative new technology companies (8/27/2014)
New technology can make Realtors’ jobs simpler – and it might also impress buyers and sellers. Here are 15 products introduced recently.

‘Ransomware’ threatens Android users (8/27/2014)
If the FBI or a cyber security firm calls your Android, be wary. Scammers threaten to lock your phone, citing some kind of risk and demanding money.

Is a smart home vulnerable to cyber attack? (8/20/2014)
Researchers are asking what-if questions: If a smart fridge doesn’t order groceries for four weeks, for example, could a hacker assume the owner is out of town?

NAR to launch .realtor top-level domain name in Oct. (8/19/2014)
Realtors have a first-come/first-served option to create a website using the .realtor address rather than .com or .org. The address is only offered to members.

Facebook debuts ‘save’ feature for news feeds (8/15/2014)
The feature allows Facebook users to save links, news stories or video clips and re-read them later. Items will be private, but users can still “share” them.

Home tweet home (8/4/2014)
Agents and brokers with a Twitter account end up with about 321 followers, but they miss out on that free marketing by only tweeting once every two days.

Facebook: Get new app if you want to email on the go (7/31/2014)
You can’t email clients through Facebook’s mobile app anymore. The social network says its new messenger app does more and works faster than the older system.