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Articles relating to "Trends":

One builder thinks cheaper homes work (2/2/2016)
Most new homes are getting bigger to attract move-up buyers, but D.R. Horton says recent market-share gains come from its smaller-home “Express” brand.”

Millennials have the power to reshape RE market (2/2/2016)
Young adults will soon redefine the housing market – there are a lot of them out there. Pent-up demand is strong, but many aren’t quite ready to commit yet.

4 big real estate trends (2/1/2016)
What trends could impact real estate? The Urban Land Institute suggests mortgage rate uncertainties and Gen X’s transition into real estate leadership positions.

Luxury U.S. homes face sudden slowdown (2/1/2016)
Global turmoil hasn’t impacted the overall housing market, but it has cut demand for luxury property as international buyers cut back on their investments.

Walkable neighborhoods: Demand up but supply low (1/29/2016)
Just 14% of in-demand U.S. neighborhoods manage to be affordable, walkable and near decent schools; and that limited supply could cause sale prices to spike.

Fla. is the best state for retirement: 6 reasons (1/27/2016)
A new study from named Fla. the best state in the U.S. for retirement based on affordability, quality of life and healthcare.

Homeowners spending more on remodeling (1/25/2016)
NAHB projects that remodeling spending for owner-occupied single-family homes will increase 1.1% in 2016 year-to-year and another 1.9% in 2017.

New home sizes expand along with prices (1/25/2016)
NAHB: The average size of a new home rose to about 2,720 square feet in 2015 – 60 feet more than the 2,660-square-foot average the year before.

Trends: Big yards are out, playrooms are in (1/25/2016)
A playroom for kids is an increasingly important factor in young families’ buying decisions – even more than other traditional features, some professionals say.

More 55-plus homeowners choose to rent (1/19/2016)
In 2000, 52.5% of 55-plus homeowners who moved decided to rent rather than buy their next home. By 2013-14, that number rose 10.5 percentage points to 63%.

Homeownership not an option for some renters (1/18/2016)
It may be cheaper to own than rent, but many renters can’t make the leap as wages trail the recovery, rents eat up savings and credit scores still have dings.

Is rent-to-own a solution to the rental crisis? (1/17/2016)
Potential buyers struggling with weak credit scores or inadequate downpayments could find it easier to become a homeowner under a rent-to-own program.

One minority group is on a buying boom (1/8/2016)
The Asian American community has become the fastest-growing minority demographic in the country, and they have a widening stake in homeownership.

Don’t look stupid when selling a smart home (1/8/2016)
Agents today often find they must explain listings’ high-tech features, such as how to control lights, thermostats or appliances from a smartphone or tablet.

Fed interest rate hikes affect more than mortgages (1/6/2016)
Financial market changes affect many things in real estate, from demand to affordability. As a result, recent Fed interest rate hikes can be both good and bad.

It took longer to close a home loan in Nov. (1/5/2016)
VA loans closed in an average 50 days while conventional loans took 49 days. According to NAR, almost half of all Realtors are reporting longer closing times.

Florida tops list of most-desirable states (12/18/2015)
For the first time in 14 years, Florida is back on top in the “Where Americans Want to Live” survey conducted by The Harris Poll. Calif. and Hawaii followed.

Do neighborhood watch signs hurt sales? (12/16/2015)
To some buyers, a neighborhood watch sign says: “Everyone here cares about the neighbors.” To other buyers, it says: “This area has a crime problem.”

Study: Buying beats renting in most Fla. metros (12/11/2015)
FAU-FIU’s 3Q survey finds buying still preferable, but rising home prices continue to erode its advantage. Miami may be dicey and Texas cities may have a bubble.

Baby boomers blamed for clog in housing market (12/8/2015)
Some economists say boomers aren’t selling their homes and downsizing like previous generations did, creating a shortage of for-sale homes and higher prices.

What amenities do renters want most? (12/8/2015)
The top priority? High-speed Internet. But parking, walk-in closets, soundproof walls, private outdoor spaces and washer-dryers also make the list.

Those neighborhood websites can sink deals (12/2/2015)
Problem neighbors don’t factor into appraisals, but cautious buyers researching online could be put off reading resident complaints about associations or people.

More and more young adults refuse to leave the nest (12/1/2015)
Pundits predicted that young adults would become renters or owners post-recession, but the trend continues as an increasing percentage stay with Mom and Dad.

65% of good schools in unaffordable neighborhoods (11/19/2015)
A good local school can increase property values, according to a RealtyTrac analysis, making it a challenge for the average wage owner to buy property near one.

Rating the raters: The best agent-review websites (11/11/2015)
Penn. Realtors studied the top 10 websites where clients rate real estate agents and judged each on a 0-10 scale. RealSatisfied and topped the list.

4 reasons real estate agents as popular as ever (11/11/2015)
Contrary to predictions, the Internet didn’t destroy Realtors. In fact, the avalanche of often-confusing online info drives more clients into broker’s offices.

The housing recovery’s missing link (11/9/2015)
For a true recovery, the nation needs more first-time homebuyers, says NAR’s Lawrence Yun – but their numbers have declined for three years in a row.

Builders’ biggest problem? A shortage of good lots (11/4/2015)
Are all the good lots taken? Builders increasingly say new construction doesn’t match demand because they can’t find developable land in the areas buyers prefer.

A key element in edgy urban redevelopments? Food (11/3/2015)
Warehouses and offices are gaining new life as multifamily homes in urban turn-around areas – but a lot of buyer demand can be traced to the local restaurants.

One solution for income equality: more millennial homeowners (10/28/2015)
The decisions today’s young adults make about homebuying could have far-reaching effects on future generations, according to HUD and economists.

Homeownership rate near 30-year low (10/28/2015)
But many economists think today’s low level of homeownership may be the bottom of the trough, and it won’t go much lower.

Cash sales down – but some Fla. cities don’t notice (10/27/2015)
The percentage of U.S. cash sales (30.8%) has declined for 31 straight months – but it’s 44.7% in Fla., home to all the top U.S. metro areas for cash sales.

Pricey gas leads to lower home prices? (10/26/2015)
A Fla. study found that a $1 jump in gas prices leads to a $4,060 drop in home prices – but that drop rises to $6,600 if involves younger real estate agents.

Renting? Brace yourself. It’s going to cost more (10/23/2015)
Rents skyrocketed last year, and many pundits expected a slowdown in 2015 – but they were wrong. It now appears 5%-plus increases will continue into 2016.

Three trends that will impact real estate (10/21/2015)
Transportation changes impact real estate values, and self-driving cars – expected to be common in three years – could boost demand in farther-out developments.

Millennials vs. baby boomers in condo market? (10/20/2015)
Each day, about 5,000 boomers decide to downsize. In the competition for multifamily units, that pits their deep pockets against first-timers new to the market.

Rent burden higher in Fla. than in N.Y. or Calif. (10/19/2015)
Make Room study says Florida is the most “rent-burdened” state because 30% of its residents spend at least 50% of their monthly income on housing.

Bargains await those willing to commute (10/15/2015)
The housing rebound hit inner cities first and worked its way out. As a result, communities on the edge are still bargains compared to pre-recession highs.

Bad cell phone reception can kill a deal (10/14/2015)
29% of Americans “can’t imagine living without” their cell phone, and it’s not just a rural problem: Many city high-rises have inferior cell phone reception.

Report urges more women in leadership (10/13/2015)
ULI’s latest report calls for greater “gender balance” in real estate industry leadership positions, and it recommends strategies to help women advance.

Buying a home 48% more affordable than in 2006 (10/13/2015)
RealtyTrac: Homes today are more affordable thanks mainly to interest rates. Hamilton County, Fla. leads the list with 5.6% of monthly income paying the mortgage.

Baby boomers behind the multifamily surge? (9/24/2015)
From 2007 to 2013, young adults drove demand for multifamily housing. But no more. Currently, older adults age 50 to 59 are taking over.

Competition for listings may be due to buyers’ age (9/24/2015)
Underwater mortgages, foreclosures and more have been blamed for a tight listing market, but a big reason could simply be changing U.S. demographics.

Survey: Hispanic women key homebuyers (9/23/2015)
1 in 10 Hispanic women believe homeownership is the best financial investment, and 2 in 3 think they’ll be the primary driver when it’s time to buy.

Surging rental income likely to slow (9/22/2015)
It’s a good time to be a rental property investor: Total income from tenants more than doubled in eight years – but those rapid rent increases should soon slow.

The difference between a ‘bubble’ and ‘overvalued’ (9/21/2015)
The short version: A bubble can pop, which means it’s dangerous. An overvalued market is finding its center, but without a fear that the bottom could drop out.

Study: Right now it’s better to buy a home than rent (9/18/2015)
A housing market index produced by FAU and FIU finds buyers in most metros accumulate wealth faster than renters – but there’s no longer a big difference.

Will stock market flop hit luxury home sales? (9/14/2015)
If it’s not a temporary stock correction, some investors could decide to sit on their real estate, neither buying nor selling. But some might invest even more.

NAR study: New home construction trails job growth (9/9/2015)
New home sales aren’t robust enough in most metro areas, finds NAR. It’s a contributing factor to today’s current listing shortages and unhealthy price growth.

Will millennials buy homes online? They do in China (9/3/2015)
Each new tech tool, such as a 3D home tour, makes it easier to do a complete real estate transaction online. Some experts think that’s the future of real estate.

Clients value walkable neighborhoods (8/31/2015)
A location close to entertainment, job centers and public transit without needing a car is a big draw for potential homebuyers; it can boost home values too.

Buyers who want new construction need patience (8/24/2015)
Census Bureau: Buyers who want a new home have to wait about seven months after they sign a contract – one month longer than they did two years ago.

All-cash sales hit 2009 levels – but not in Fla. (8/20/2015)
While 22% of U.S. sales were all-cash in June, it jumps to 47.8% in Fla. Of the top five metros for cash sales, four are in Fla., with Miami heading the list.

Fed change could boost manufactured home sales (8/18/2015)
A federal move called “duty to serve” would force Fannie and Freddie to treat mobile home loans the same way they do site-built. And that could increase demand.

Home prices are up in nearly every U.S. metro (8/13/2015)
The supply of for-sale homes isn’t keeping up with demand, says NAR’s chief economist. It helps current owners but creates a challenge for buyers.

52% of Americans plan home purchase within 5 years (8/12/2015)
BMO Survey: 16% of recent buyers spent less on their home than they expected, while 13% went over budget. One in three (27%) searched for more than six months.

Seller, buyer confidence dips slightly (8/11/2015)
Fannie Mae’s latest survey finds more frustration among buyers and sellers. The dip could be tied to consumer confidence, which has also taken a recent hit.

Big data is changing commercial real estate (8/10/2015)
Reams of statistics organized by complex software is streamlining the financial process, boosting buyer analyses and improving property management.