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Do presidential elections hurt home sales? (7/29/2016)
Nervousness about the presidential race and unease over negative economic reminders may have convinced some Americans to hold off buying or selling a home.

U.S.’s 62.9% homeownership rate at a 51-year low (7/28/2016)
Census: The share of homeowners now equals the rate in 1965, when data tracking began. The trend appears most pronounced among millennials, ages 18-34.

Remodeling spending nears 2006 peak (7/25/2016)
A dip in home remodeling during the recession led to an upswing as owners prepare to sell, buyers perform upgrades and current owners release pent-up demand.

Study: S. Fla. not so great for first-time buyers (7/25/2016)
WalletHub ranked 300 U.S. cities based on affordability for first-time buyers. Miami came in near the bottom – and most S. Fla. cities fared only a little better.

Pet-friendly homes a rare breed (7/25/2016)
A pet significantly narrows renters’ available inventory, but even some homebuyers have problems due to community regulations, such as height limits for fences.

Americans will pay more to live near transit (7/22/2016)
HNTB survey: A home near mass transit is worth more than an identical home farther out; 55% of those surveyed said they’d pay more for transportation access.

Fla.’s zombie communities show glimmer of life (7/22/2016)
Some Fla. communities that shut down development during the real estate meltdown – some with only a few homes, some with only sewer hookups – are coming back as builders reassess costs and buyer demand.

Could that tiny home be illegal? (7/22/2016)
Tiny homes are trendy, but it’s hard for owners to find a place for them. Few cities allow stand-alone tiny houses, which are usually 500 square feet or under.

The cost of home renting vs. owning in Fla. (7/19/2016)
A state-by-state GOBankingRates study found that owning a home costs an average $398 per month less than renting in Fla., one of its “a lot more to rent” states.

Where the working-age population is declining (7/18/2016)
Losing a lot of residents in their prime working ages could result in a smaller workforce talent pool or a greater demand for public services for older residents.

More homebuyers say: Give me an ‘agrihood’ (7/18/2016)
Developments where homes and working farms co-exist are gaining in popularity, as buyers are drawn to the open spaces and ability to purchase locally grown food.

Lot sizes for new homes are the smallest on record (7/13/2016)
The area that includes Fla. is 0.20 acres, but the nation’s Pacific division is under 0.15 acres as land for development continues to grow scarce.

Is the United States car culture crashing? (7/12/2016)
The suburbs exist because Americans love cars, but millennials aren’t buying or even getting a license. That, in turn, could impact future housing markets.

Get ready for a baby boomer sell-off (7/11/2016)
Freddie Mac survey: There are a lot of baby boomers out there, and many plan to downsize or move soon – and that would add a lot of homes to the market.

Listings with ‘easy access to 3,000-mile bike trail’ (7/8/2016)
A bike trail running from the southern tip of Fla. to Maine should be a reality one day, and listings close to that trail could see a spike in buyer demand.

City living not just a modern trend (7/8/2016)
The U.S. is undergoing rapid urbanization, with those migrating to city centers largely rich, college-educated and childless. But it isn’t a modern phenomenon.

Men’s homes gain value faster than women’s homes (7/7/2016)
Study: Homes owned by single men are worth 10% more than single women’s homes (12% more in Fla.), and they’ve appreciated 16% more since purchase.

Rental investors have changed some neighborhoods (7/5/2016)
Some owners in Fla. communities with a lot of single-family homes owned by big investment firms say the uptick in renters makes their community less friendly.

Study: Gated community homes sell for more (7/1/2016)
However, homes in gated communities may not command higher prices if related amenity costs, such as a clubhouse, make overall homeownership more expensive.

Study: Student loans don’t harm homeownership (6/20/2016)
Study: It’s education that counts, not student debt. College degrees, and the earning premiums that come with them, build assets that help people buy homes.

Latest trend in senior housing: Roommates (6/20/2016)
As housing prices and rents climb, senior citizens wanting to save money are turning to roommates – a trend especially true for single senior women.

Homebuilder sentiment rises in June (6/16/2016)
The builder sentiment index finds builders more optimistic about current sales prospects this month than they’ve been since January.

High new-home costs: It’s labor, not materials (6/15/2016)
The cost of raw materials – asphalt, iron, steel and diesel – has fallen, but total new-home construction prices are up 1.8% because labor costs are soaring.

Think you’ve seen it all? Consider this … (6/14/2016)
A Nashville home closing went smoothly until the ex-owner told the buyer that he wasn’t leaving. The former owner must now be evicted.

40% of baby boomers are potential homebuyers (6/14/2016)
Freddie Mac: About 60% of boomers prefer to age in place, but the rest want to move at least one more time – “an enormous impact on the demand for housing.”

Lower-priced homes? Builders can’t do it (6/13/2016)
Buyers seeking a home for less than $150,000 may be forced into the resale market. Builders say land and construction costs make low-cost new homes challenging.

The presidential election creates housing stress (6/9/2016)
27% of Americans think the housing market will get worse after the Nov. presidential election; and so far, no major candidate has focused much on housing issues.

New homes are bigger than ever (6/8/2016)
Census Bureau: According to its 2015 survey, the median size of a single-family home was 2,467 square feet thanks mainly to bigger bedrooms and bathrooms.

Is tight credit another reason for fewer listings? (6/8/2016)
Before the recession, many owners vulnerable to foreclosure chose to sell instead, but fewer feel threatened due to tighter lending standards. Another concern: Higher mortgage rates could convince more owners with low rates to hunker down.

The millennials have taken over (6/7/2016)
For the first time in their 60-plus-years lives, baby boomers aren’t the nation’s largest demographic group – millennials are now the biggest living generation.

Romance vs. parents? Millennials pick mom and dad (6/6/2016)
Census Bureau/Pew Research: For the first time in more than 130 years, more young adults live at home with mom and dad than with a romantic partner.

Fla.’s recent housing success? Thank baby boomers (6/6/2016)
Clear Capital Index: Four Fla. cities made “Highest Performing Major Metro Markets” in June for home price trends, thanks in large part to an influx of retirees. Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami are at the top of the list.

In the buy vs. rent battle, ‘buy’ is winning (6/6/2016)
The latest buy vs. rent analysis from Florida Atlantic and International universities finds that buying makes more financial sense in most metro areas.

Fannie Mae: Sellers happy, buyers frustrated (6/6/2016)
The number of homebuyers who think it’s a good time to buy dipped to an all-time low as homeowners who think it’s a good time to sell soared to an all-time high.

Single men’s home values increased more than women’s (5/26/2016)
RealtyTrac: Homes owned by single men, on average, are valued 10% more (In Fla. it’s 12%) and have appreciated 16% more than homes owned by single women.

Women are more skeptical but driven to buy a home (5/19/2016)
A men vs. women homebuyer survey found that women are a tougher sell even though they want to own a home more than their male counterparts.

Builders hampered by soaring regulatory costs (5/10/2016)
NAHB says the cost to comply with new home construction regulations has increased almost 30% in just five years – part of the reason for a dearth of inventory.

Hail to the thief: Today’s burglars are really smart (5/9/2016)
Technology can boost security, but also empowers criminals. An open back door isn’t a lone temptation as smart burglars plan crimes based on structural design.

Home improvement spending: Democrats vs. Republicans (5/3/2016)
In a study that has no bearing on the current presidential contest, HomeAdvisor found that Democrats spend more on their homes and Republicans favor DIY projects.

Foreclosure uptick in reverse-mortgage homes? (5/2/2016)
Homeowners with a reverse mortgage risk foreclosure if they fall behind on real estate taxes or property insurance – and many of them are.

Is this a turnaround neighborhood? Check Facebook (5/2/2016)
U.K. researchers say it’s easier to check social networks if seeking a higher-return investment than it is to drive through neighborhoods or visit Starbucks.

‘Ideal time’ to buy a home say 3 out of 4 people (4/29/2016)
Survey: Despite economic concerns, current and prospective homeowners have an increasingly more favorable view of the real estate market.

Housing costs may prompt a population shift (4/27/2016)
It might be more than sunshine and beaches drawing people to Fla.: More buyers are moving to Sun Belt cities to escape high housing costs found elsewhere.

Survey: Real estate is the best investment (4/25/2016)
When asked the best place to put money in hopes of future returns, 35% of Americans surveyed said real estate. Only 22% said stocks or mutual funds while 17% said gold.

A top selling point: The ability to age in place (4/25/2016)
By 2030, 73 million Americans will be 65 or older, and demand will continue to rise for one-story homes with grab bars, wider doorframes and ramps.

Fla. students can go to school across county lines (4/15/2016)
Fla.’s new law allows students to attend any school – even across county lines. Could that affect demand and home prices in current A-rated school neighborhoods?

The 1960’s ranch home? It’s back. (4/14/2016)
In some areas, demand is high for one-story homes, but there are fewer listings because builders have been constructing more two-story homes on smaller lots.

More luxury-home sellers drop asking prices (4/14/2016)
In a year-to-year comparison, twice as many $5M-plus home listings cut their asking price in Jan. as the high-end market hits its peak, according to

Seller optimism drops on economic nerves (4/11/2016)
Fannie Mae survey: It may be a great time to sell a home, but an increasing number of potential sellers don’t think so. As a result, inventory could get even tighter.

Builders marketing hook: ‘Cheaper to own’ (4/8/2016)
Buyers pay more for new construction, but builders are telling them that it’s a better deal in the long run because greener homes save money on utility costs.

Trends: More Americans heading south (3/31/2016)
Census Bureau: For almost 100 years, relocating Americans tended to move toward the Pacific, but a shift finds them moving to Fla., Texas and the Carolinas.

Economist: Millennials will soon start buying homes (3/30/2016)
Rollins prof says demand will go up: Millennials make up 1/3 of buyers, incomes will rise and 44% of renters (many millennials) plan to buy within three years.

6 ways to explain low inventory (3/24/2016)
Factors influencing the lack of homes on the market include homeowners who are still underwater on their mortgages and not enough new-home construction.

First-time buyers may face a difficult spring (3/23/2016)
The inventory of properties priced below $250K fell 8.2% in Jan. from a year earlier, says NAR, so competition among entry-level buyers could be fierce.

Cities to watch: 2016’s fastest-growing places (3/21/2016)
Two of the top 10 cities ranked by Forbes magazine as the fastest-growing in the U.S. are in the Sunshine State: Orlando at No. 7 and Cape Coral at No. 10.

Hispanic ownership rate up for first time in 6 years (3/19/2016)
In another sign of a real estate recovery, the Hispanic homeownership rate increased from 44.5% in December 2014 to 46.7% in December 2015.

It’s not a housing bubble: 3 reasons (3/17/2016)
Rising home prices and looser credit make today’s market look like a housing bubble, says NAR’s Lawrence Yun. But it’s different than the pre-recession run-ups.

Buyers seeking a lower-end home? Good luck (3/16/2016)
Inventory at the high end of the real estate market continues to grow, but the number of lower-end homes is shrinking as more first-time buyers jump in.

Builders bend rules for multigenerational sales (3/15/2016)
18% of American homes are multi-generational, but local zoning often bans second kitchens, so builders call them “service bars” or “convenience centers.”

The annual hot home buying season starts April 1 (3/14/2016)
Home sales in Fla. and the nation traditionally ramp up in spring and early summer. In Tampa, for example, 37% of yearly home sales close between April and July.

What don’t buyers want? (3/10/2016)
Popular home features come and go. A recent NAHB survey looked at rising stars but also features on their way out. At the top of the list? Elevators.

Boomers and millennials desire different things (3/9/2016)
NAHB study: For every generation except boomers, a laundry room tops their list of desired home amenities. Boomers, however, now value energy efficiency more.

AARP wants to make communities older-adult friendly (3/7/2016)
Housing needs changes as adults age – and they all age. AARP’s trying to help communities plan for that transformation in housing and community design.

Single females a growing market force (3/7/2016)
Since the 1990s, single women have bought homes in greater numbers than men, and the percentage of single-female buyers continues to expand.

Where’s the listing inventory? (3/1/2016)
Potential sellers and builders appear unmoved by the recent rise in median home prices – two trends contributing to today’s growing lack of listing inventory.

Minority homeownership rates rising (3/1/2016)
The rate of minority ownership rose for the first time since 2007 – and some experts predict minority buyers will make up 88% of the market from 2020 to 2030.

What type of home sells fastest? (3/1/2016)
According to a study, a Spanish-style home with a city view, stainless steel appliances and good schools priced around $225K should fly off the shelf.

NAHB study: Boomer generation housing preferences (2/26/2016)
NAHB compiled data to answer one question: What do today’s baby boomers want in a home?

The ultra-wealthy cut back on home buying (2/24/2016)
While a dozen mega-mansions worth $100 million-plus sold during the recovery, Forbes says it’s an anomaly – a high-luxury home market doesn’t actually exist.

46% of homeowners expect equity gains in 2016 (2/22/2016)
Even though 60% say they’ve gained equity over the past three years, they expect it to continue – and 85% of those people think it will go up as much as 10%.

Builders eye outer lots for entry-level buyers (2/17/2016)
The outskirts of town – a development hot spot during the housing bubble – are coming back into favor as builders seek C- and D-grade lots for their new homes.

Another reason to own a home: Cheaper car insurance (2/17/2016)
It costs a 30-year old safe driver about 7% more ($112 per year) for car insurance if they rent rather than own, according to the Consumer Federation of America.

Zillow reports 4Q loss (2/12/2016)
The company’s stock has fallen 81% over the past 12 months and 26% percent since Jan. 1. Its lower-than-anticipated results missed Wall Street expectations.

More homes built for roommates? (2/10/2016)
Builders introduced a new affordable home model built for roommates or extended families that prefer to share expenses by living under a single roof.

Builders tinker with features as preferences change (2/10/2016)
Cork flooring, pet washing stations, outdoor kitchens and two-story family rooms are on their way out. Great rooms, laundries and energy efficiency are in.

Fewer buyers bringing all-cash to close (2/8/2016)
However, Fla. ranks second for cash closings – 46.7% in Oct. In Miami and West Palm Beach, more than half of Oct. sales were all-cash. In Broward, it was 49%.

Millennials have the power to reshape RE market (2/2/2016)
Young adults will soon redefine the housing market – there are a lot of them out there. Pent-up demand is strong, but many aren’t quite ready to commit yet.

One builder thinks cheaper homes work (2/2/2016)
Most new homes are getting bigger to attract move-up buyers, but D.R. Horton says recent market-share gains come from its smaller-home “Express” brand.”

4 big real estate trends (2/1/2016)
What trends could impact real estate? The Urban Land Institute suggests mortgage rate uncertainties and Gen X’s transition into real estate leadership positions.

Luxury U.S. homes face sudden slowdown (2/1/2016)
Global turmoil hasn’t impacted the overall housing market, but it has cut demand for luxury property as international buyers cut back on their investments.