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Smaller new homes may mean more first-time buyers (11/21/2014)
As a recession ends, affluent buyers enter the market first, driving up the size of new homes. But when lower-income buyers return, average home sizes decline.

Even for childless homebuyers, good schools matter (11/19/2014)
Nationwide, homes near top-ranked schools generally command higher prices – about $50 more per square foot. RealtyTrac cites St. Petersburg as a top value.

Lots of money flowing to real estate tech companies (11/19/2014)
Last year’s recovery set the stage for some serious investment. One, RealScout, hopes to make any broker’s website compete equally with Zillow and

‘Dockominiums’ making comeback in S. Fla. (11/18/2014)
With the economy recovering, “dockominium” sales – essentially boat parking spot purchases that transfer like condo sales – have started to return.

You own your community (11/17/2014)
Real estate pros can be advocates for communities and smart growth by helping developers understand residents’ preferences for compact, walkable neighborhoods.

Some homes retain value and transcend trends (11/12/2014)
Timeless features appeal to buyers, such as good flow, natural light, flex space and proportional rooms, such as bigger kitchens if a home has eight bedrooms.

Changing demographics impact housing market (11/11/2014)
Millennials (18-33 year-olds) should soon buy a lot of homes. They have more money now, and over half used real estate apps or visited a website this summer.

Moving boomers want a bigger, pricier place (11/10/2014)
The baby boomer real estate market over the next five years is be an estimated $1.9 trillion, but it’s unclear what they want – or if they can afford it. A social networking site for homes (11/7/2014)
You have LinkedIn for professional connections; homes have It hopes to be the go-to site for historical home info, including all remodeling jobs.

Builders don’t try to compete with resales on price (11/3/2014)
Fewer buyers wrestle with a resale-versus-new home decision as price difference hits $70K and builders opt to construct fewer homes at higher prices.

The housing market is changing (10/30/2014)
Slower home price gains are a two-edged sword: More owners could decide to list their home now as buyers see less risk in waiting a bit.

Census Bureau releases annual housing survey (10/17/2014)
Bureau found that about 1 in 20 U.S. homes has moderate to severe physical problems, and 1 in 10 had cockroaches and/or mice in the past 12 months.

Today’s homes may not fit tomorrow’s needs (10/15/2014)
Harvard study suggests U.S. isn’t ready for its aging baby boomers. They’ll increasingly find car-dependent suburbs less accessible as they try to age in place.

Expect wave of single buyers to impact housing (10/14/2014)
It’s official: Over 50% of Americans are single as the percentage of married couples declines. The trend will impact household incomes and desired floor plans.

New home costs, styles differ by area (10/14/2014)
NAHB: New home prices differ nationally, as well style variations. In general, New England has smaller yet more expensive homes than the South.

Home offices grow along with home-based businesses (10/14/2014)
With half of all U.S. small businesses now based at home, more buyers want a great home office – not just a desk sitting in a guestroom’s corner.

Industry trends to watch this fall (10/13/2014)
Ten years ago, a buyer thought: “It’s best to buy home sooner rather than later, so I can start building equity.” But they now know prices sometimes go down.

Study: Student debt costs housing $83B this year (10/13/2014)
John Burns consulting says the problem will also get worse in years to come since overall U.S. college debt is increasing 6% annually.

Sometimes a manufactured home doesn’t save money (10/7/2014)
While a manufactured home may seem like a cheaper alternative to site-built housing, the U.S. consumer bureau says that owners often pay higher interest rates.

Survey: U.S. luxury investors to buy big in 2015 (10/6/2014)
A poll finds that almost half of individuals worth $5M or more expect to buy luxury property within 12 months, including 81% of the millennials in that group.

Smart homes that people actually want (9/26/2014)
Few buyers care that a listing is a “smart home.” They want to know what it can do, and a survey identified the top smart home features that attract interest.

Consumers somewhat confident about home prices (9/25/2014)
Many buyers stung by the meltdown continue to worry. While 53% of Americans expect housing prices to go up, a fair number of people (47%) still aren’t so sure.

Student debt could reduce home sales 8% this year (9/22/2014)
John Burns report: Some 414,000 households will be blocked from the market by escalating student debt, and many others will settle for less expensive homes.

Trend: More home is squeezed onto a smaller lot (9/15/2014)
Since 1995, the median size of land under a new home has dropped almost 13%. By 2013, it was about 1/5 of an acre.

More singles than ever: How it affects real estate (9/15/2014)
For the first time since record keeping started in 1976, more than half of all Americans are officially single – divorced, widowed or never married.

Could millennials kill off the McMansion? (9/11/2014)
What type of homes will today’s youngest buyers want in 10 years? No one really knows. They appear to like smaller homes now, but could a new family change that?

Over half of Fla.’s June sales were all-cash (9/10/2014)
CoreLogic: Fla. ranked No. 1 nationally with 51% all-cash sales, and Cape Coral-Fort Myers topped the list: 61.2% of home purchases didn’t require a mortgage.

A future buyer glimpse: Gen Z values homeownership (9/9/2014)
Survey: The 13-17-year-old generation buys online and consults 1,000 friends for every decision, but they’d give up modern luxuries in order to own a home.

The next big niche market? (9/9/2014)
The number of active-adult housing buyers continues to grow. Builders say many must sell a home first, and as those sales pick up, they expect a spike in demand.

Tubs passé as more owners opt for walk-in showers (9/8/2014)
A survey this year found that four out of 10 respondents opted to forgo bathtubs during a renovation – even in the master suite.

Fla. a top destination for retiring baby boomers (9/4/2014)
Four Fla. counties – three in SW Fla. and one in Central Fla. – made RealtyTrac’s top 10 list of boomer relocation destinations from 2007 to 2013.

Study finds most college grads can afford a home (9/4/2014)
RealtyTrac: Even with student loan debt, U.S. grads can buy homes in 96% of markets. But their incomes must rise 34% to compete with buyers without student debt.

Report: It’s cheaper to live in Fla. than Northeast (9/2/2014)
Contrary to some consumer perceptions, it’s cheaper to live in Fla. than most Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states, according to a Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

You’re going to be serving more immigrants (8/18/2014)
Research Institute for Housing America: Immigrants could account for more than 1/3 of homeowner growth and 1/4 of renter household growth from 2010 to 2020.

First-time buyers stuck as entry-level homes dry up (8/15/2014)
Investors scoop up a lot of starter homes, but many first-timers can’t afford one anyway. It’s creating problems for the market, move-up buyers and others.

The sensible revival of the multigenerational home (8/15/2014)
In 2012, 57 million Americans lived in multigenerational households, up from 28 million in 1980. Some builders now cater to this growing demographic.

The porch is making a comeback (8/14/2014)
42% of new homes had a porch 20 years ago; today, it’s 63% because buyers want a home that “has it all,” and porches promote real conversation in a digital world.

Luxury sales can hinge on a lavish clubhouse (8/12/2014)
High-end developers find that it boosts sale to invest in clubhouse amenities, such as his-and-her massage rooms, farm-to-table cuisine and guest quarters.

The single-family vs. mobile home difference? (8/11/2014)
It’s not much: Newer upscale mobile homes can include hardwood floors and granite as some boomers opt to spend more money for a great location.

First phase of housing recovery slows (8/8/2014)
Fannie Mae: 2014 will be a year of mixed housing outcomes with prices rising more slowly and sales falling slightly – but “some reason for optimism.”

Affordable housing propels fastest-growing cities (8/6/2014)
The number of people moving long distances – more than 500 miles – for cheaper housing has doubled since 2007. Ten years earlier, they moved for a better job.

Multigenerational households reach record high (7/22/2014)
18.1% of U.S. residents share a home with kids, parents or grandparents. The trend has dampened a housing rebound but offers huge potential for future sales.

Deed-restricted housing growing in other states (7/17/2014)
Fla. and Ariz. once had a lock on homeowner associations, but the number of deed-restricted developments is starting to grow nationwide.

Less is more when it comes to noise (7/15/2014)
An increasing number of buyers, especially in the luxury market, are willing to pay more money for a home that keeps outside noises out.

Are first-time homebuyers making a comeback? (7/14/2014)
Census Bureau: It’s not much – just a 1% drop in the number of 20-somethings still at home – but it’s the first decline since 2005.

BMO Harris Bank: Most U.S. homeowners have used a real estate agent (7/10/2014)
BMO Harris Bank survey: Despite many feeling they could buy or sell on their own, in the end, the majority (75%) turn to a professional for help.

Americans keep positive attitude about housing market (7/7/2014)
Fannie Mae: Latest housing survey shows consumers’ confidence in the market has trended up during the recovery; 70% say it’s a good time to buy a home.

‘Boomerang’ buyers get second chance (6/17/2014)
Lenders report an uptick in ex-homeowners checking the finance options to buy a home again. An FHA program requires only a one-year wait after a distressed sale.

Aging baby boomers becoming roommate generation (6/10/2014)
For some, the win-win situation pairs a house-rich but cash-poor owner with someone who has the opposite problem.

The runway in the driveway (6/10/2014)
Americans are again warming up to airpark developments, with more property showings and sales. Such developments fell out of favor during the housing slump.

CFPB: Older Americans face debt challenges (6/9/2014)
U.S. consumer agency says more older adults today struggle with housing issues, including unaffordable mortgage payments and the risk of foreclosure.

Homebuyers consider commute costs when shopping (6/4/2014)
Planners agree: traffic jams are part of life. And most buyers who can’t afford to live downtown factor the commuting costs into a home-buying decision.

Census: Almost half new 2013 homes have 4 bedrooms (6/4/2014)
Most single-family homes also have central air, at least a two-car garage and two or more stories. One in three boasts at least three bathrooms.

Cash is still king – but from a different kingdom (6/4/2014)
Two years ago, investors brought cash to the closing table, but their presence is waning. In today’s changing market, the cash buyers tend to be baby boomers.

On the horizon: 2 surprising real estate trends (6/3/2014)
In the not-too-distant future, tenants might legally smoke pot, and many U.S. homeowners could lose benefits from the mortgage tax deduction.

Size of new homes in U.S. hits record (6/3/2014)
While the average size of new homes dropped during the recession, the trend changed in 2013 when 2,598 average square feet passed the 2,521 square feet in 2008.

Developers rethink traditional retirement community (6/2/2014)
The question developers are asking: What do boomers want? It appears many don’t want to “retire” and prefer instead to create a new and better work-life balance.

Survey: Confidence to heat up summer market (5/28/2014)
Overall, 77% of 2,500 consumers reported a favorable view of housing – a 12-point jump from one year earlier. Millennials showed the most optimism at 85%.

Builders’ bonus: Weak competition from ‘newer’ homes (5/27/2014)
Buyers who long for a new home often settle for cheaper almost-new homes. But thanks to the recession, homes built within the last five years are in short supply.