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Articles relating to "Trends":

U.S. housing markets strengthen (8/27/2015)
Freddie Mac’s Multi-Indicator Market Index ranks Fla. as the second most improving state month-to-month, with 4 of top 5 most improving metros month-to-month.

Buyers who want new construction need patience (8/24/2015)
Census Bureau: Buyers who want a new home have to wait about seven months after they sign a contract – one month longer than they did two years ago.

Millennials find it cool to move in with Mom, Dad (8/24/2015)
In bygone years, a young adult’s first home was a right of passage, and they were encouraged to move forward. But millennials see things differently.

Zillow completes transaction – acquires DotLoop (8/21/2015)
The online real estate advertiser says it finalized the deal to acquire DotLoop, an paperless transaction-management platform.

All-cash sales hit 2009 levels – but not in Fla. (8/20/2015)
While 22% of U.S. sales were all-cash in June, it jumps to 47.8% in Fla. Of the top five metros for cash sales, four are in Fla., with Miami heading the list.

Boomerang buyers poised to return with a roar (8/20/2015)
About 700,000 ex-homeowners who lost a house during the recession will be qualified to buy again this year – and many miss the benefits of homeownership.

Fed change could boost manufactured home sales (8/18/2015)
A federal move called “duty to serve” would force Fannie and Freddie to treat mobile home loans the same way they do site-built. And that could increase demand.

Why are Americans waiting longer to buy first homes? (8/17/2015)
Short of cash and unsettled in their careers, the typical first-timer now rents for six years before buying a home, up from 2.6 years in the early 1970s.

Home prices are up in nearly every U.S. metro (8/13/2015)
The supply of for-sale homes isn’t keeping up with demand, says NAR’s chief economist. It helps current owners but creates a challenge for buyers.

52% of Americans plan home purchase within 5 years (8/12/2015)
BMO Survey: 16% of recent buyers spent less on their home than they expected, while 13% went over budget. One in three (27%) searched for more than six months.

Seller, buyer confidence dips slightly (8/11/2015)
Fannie Mae’s latest survey finds more frustration among buyers and sellers. The dip could be tied to consumer confidence, which has also taken a recent hit.

Big data is changing commercial real estate (8/10/2015)
Reams of statistics organized by complex software is streamlining the financial process, boosting buyer analyses and improving property management.

Study finds high student loans hurting real estate (8/6/2015)
A study that contradicts some reports finds that 56% of millennials have postponed major life events, such as home buying, because of student debt.

What do today’s buyers want in a home? (8/5/2015)
New-construction choices offer a glimpse of current buyers’ desires. Overall, garages are growing, while granite is preferred in two out of three kitchens.

More owners sell high-end properties via auctions (8/3/2015)
An auction can sell a home faster, and it’s no longer considered only a primary selling vehicle for low-end homes or foreclosures.

Retirees choosing to ‘upsize’ homes (8/3/2015)
Earlier generations downsized in retirement, but many baby boomers go a different direction: They see retirement as a last chance to have the house of their dreams.

What do Realtors worry about most? (7/28/2015)
NAR’s latest report on Realtor confidence finds eight leading concerns, with Oct. 3 TILA-RESPA disclosures heading the list followed by a too-tight inventory.

Jumbo mortgage market inflates (7/27/2015)
The percent of homebuyers applying for a jumbo loan in the first six months of 2015 was 36% higher than the number who applied one year earlier.

Labor shortage a silent threat to housing’s rebound (7/21/2015)
New homes can’t ease buyer demand if the U.S. can’t build them, and in June, construction industry unemployment dropped to its lowest level since 2001.

Do most real estate agents own or rent? (7/20/2015)
About 84% of real estate brokers and sales agents own a home, according to Census data analysis – higher than other professionals in the same age bracket.

Builder confidence at highest level since Nov. 2005 (7/16/2015)
“The fact that builder confidence has returned to levels not seen since 2005 shows that housing continues to improve at a steady pace,” says NAHB chairman.

What might 6.5 million homeowners be missing? (7/9/2015)
A financial services study finds that at least 300 million homeowners could save about $200 per month simply by refinancing their mortgage.

Your business: 5 issues that will impact it (7/1/2015)
Realtors who understand the market are getting ready. Two big changes on the horizon: Baby boomers’ needs are shifting as millennials enter the market.

FAU study: Lower gas prices boost home sales (7/1/2015)
The Fla. university studied home sales in Va. over 10 years and found that properties not only net more money when gas is cheap, they also sell faster.

FHA price cuts lead to pricier home buys (6/29/2015)
The agency cut its premiums this year to make housing more affordable. But instead of pocketing the money, many clients use it to buy a more expensive home.

Hispanics eye larger share of market (6/24/2015)
New Hispanic households represented 40% of the total U.S. household growth in 2014; between 2010-2025, they’re expected to be 7M of 17M new households.

Apartment occupancies soar to record high (6/22/2015)
Axiometrics: The U.S. occupancy rate in May hit 95.3%, the highest ever. Higher rents usually result from higher occupancy: Rents rose 5% nationally in May.

Why are home values higher in gay neighborhoods? (6/17/2015)
The answer: No one really knows, but statistically, gay neighborhood homes sell for more money – and female-couple neighborhoods outpace their male counterparts.

52% of Hispanics say it’s a good time to buy a home (6/17/2015)
FAU study: Recent sentiment survey finds that Hispanic consumers are more optimistic about the current economy but have a few doubts about the future.

Report: Renter growth to explode by 2030 (6/16/2015)
An Urban Institute report suggests that current trends will continue, with more home occupants renting their property rather than buying it.

Embrace change to succeed in real estate (6/10/2015)
A “global futurist” at ULI’s recent Fla. meeting says technology will change quickly. Get up to speed now on virtual home staging and automated agent selection.

RealtyTrac: In April U.S. home prices = market value (5/28/2015)
In Fla., home sale prices topped market value in only one county (Leon), but they were close to 100% elsewhere. The best deal: Escambia with 87% price to value.

Report: 82% of new rentals are luxury projects (5/27/2015)
A lack of lower-end rental housing is sparking price increases nationwide as developers focus on high-end construction, according to an affordable housing group.

$40 million homes spark ‘copycat effect’ (5/19/2015)
A few years ago, $40M-plus homes were rare. Now, the priciest homes sell for well above $100M, and those $40M listings are cropping up across the U.S.

Home ‘flipping’ still popular in Fla. (5/12/2015)
People still love to buy Sunshine State homes, fix them up and sell at a profit. The state was the nation’s No. 1 home flipper in RealtyTrac’s latest survey.

Builders cater to the move-up buyer (5/7/2015)
Over 100 of top homebuilders say they’re targeting second-time or move-up buyers as research indicates the market will be strong in years to come.

Homeownership rate hits 22-year low (4/29/2015)
Census Bureau: The U.S. homeownership rate slumped to 63.7% in March – the lowest rate since early 1993 – from 64.8% one year earlier.

Shrinking shadow inventory to raise prices (4/28/2015)
Fewer foreclosures may mean a tight inventory will get even tighter – and Realtors who specialize in distressed property sales may want to consider a new niche.

NAR study: Return buyers to boost housing demand (4/20/2015)
NAR expects Fla., along with Calif. and Ariz., to see the largest share of return buyers over the next decade. Almost 1M previous owners have already done so.

The real reason millennials aren’t buying (4/20/2015)
While young adults do face ownership challenges like school debt, many have simply postponed big events that kickstart buying, such as marriage and children.

Home energy on the verge of a major change? (4/9/2015)
At-home solar energy use increased 50% each year for the past three years. Experts say roof panels already make financial sense, with battery storage coming soon.

The top 10 features in demand for new homes (4/7/2015)
The outdoor kitchen and fireplace fell out of favor, and more consumers are starting to shy away from first-floor carpeting, laminate countertops and sunrooms.

Most Americans want to move in retirement (4/6/2015)
Bankrate survey: 3 out of 5 U.S. residents want to retire in a different state or city, including 50% of adults age 50 to 64.

Home prices outpace wage growth in 76% of U.S. (3/30/2015)
RealtyTrac: In an economic recovery, wages tend to rebound last after employers find a smaller field of job candidates.

Census: Americans returning to far-flung suburbs (3/30/2015)
The outer suburbs and new homes took a major hit in the housing meltdown, but new data finds that population growth in far-out developments is picking up steam.

Census Bureau: Fla. has fastest growing U.S. city (3/27/2015)
In sheer number of residents, Fla.’s home to 7 of the top 50 fastest growers in the U.S. Mid-Fla.’s older-adult magnet, The Villages, tops list for second year.

Bidding wars return (3/26/2015)
NAR: One in three homes currently sells for more than its listing price, which suggests it may have involved a bidding war with more than one potential buyer.

A pivotal age for real estate marketing: 61 years (3/25/2015)
Study: At age 61, on average, adults shake off the burdens of child raising and jobs, and, for the first time, are free to decide where they want to live.

Census bureau: 10% of Americans want to move (3/25/2015)
About 11.2 million Americans don’t like their current living situation and want to move somewhere else, with younger adults and renters topping the list.

Rent-to-own homes making post-recession comeback (3/17/2015)
Sellers who want to attract credit-challenged buyers, improve the quality of a neighborhood or flip homes quickly increasingly offer a rent-to-own option.

Open-house crowds draw police in some markets (3/17/2015)
Lower listing inventories and stronger buyer interest have caused problems in some areas. A recent Boston suburb open house drew 100 people in 45 minutes.

NAR: Rents could soon outpace household income (3/16/2015)
Recent buyers are financially stable thanks to fixed monthly loans, but life is getting expensive for renters as housing costs eat up more of their income.

Experts make case for big 2015 spike in young buyers (3/11/2015)
Economists point to four converging conditions that suggest a lot of buyers in their 20’s and 30’s will soon commit to buying their first home.

30% think it’s a great time to buy a home (3/10/2015)
TD Bank study: However, two in five consumers say there are too few for-sale homes in their price range, and 44% don’t know about home affordability programs.

Millennials on the homeownership path (3/9/2015)
If the real estate industry’s future depends on 20- and 30-year olds, the short-term future looks fairly rosy as mortgage standards ease and the recession fades.

Could Gen Z reshape real estate? (3/9/2015)
Real estate experts have already started looking at 13-17 year olds to see if they’ll still value ownership as they reach adulthood – and it appears they will.

Townhome market showing signs of a comeback (3/4/2015)
Townhouse construction rose in 2014 based on increased homebuyer interest. Realtors in Fla. and seven other states say there’s a noticeable upswing in demand.

Baby boomers’ housing: What happens when they leave? (3/4/2015)
A huge number of current homeowners are age 51-69, and the industry is starting to wonder what happens next. As boomers age, will millennials fill a housing gap?

Builders shy away from starter homes (3/4/2015)
For now, first-time buyers will have more luck focusing on resale homes than new construction. There’s starter-home demand, but builders aren’t interested yet.

Baby boomer housing a hot market over next decade (3/2/2015)
Merrill Lynch study: 27% of retirees expect to move during retirement, and 37% have already done so. Over the next decade, almost 11 million boomers will turn 65.