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Broker Spotlight
Words from the wise: Look ahead, identify opportunities/Users/adamp/Desktop/Stuff for FAR/Magazine Assets/DEC08PACKAGED/images/AmyS

Once you get to know Amy Stier, it’s very clear that she likes to stay busy.

Stier, the Florida managing broker for New Homes Realty, belongs to 18 associations. Wherever she travels, she will likely be found taking a class. She manages 25 sales associates across the state, conducting one-on-one coaching with each of them at least once a month.

“I’m always looking to do more, get more tools in my tool belt,” Stier said from her Orlando office. She tells her sales associates, “Unless there’s someone you’re going to sell to today, get out of the office.”

“The office” for New Homes is wherever their sales associates reside: This is an Internet-only business. There are no brick and mortar storefronts, and they deal solely with buyers of new homes. Amy’s agents usually work out of their houses.

“She keeps her arms around them,” said Kurt Gleeson, vice president of national sales for New Homes Realty. “With all the bad news we get, it’s a great deal of work.”

According to Gleeson, Stier specializes in learning to identify opportunities. One of those opportunities is the recent completion of her course work for a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation.

“She came to me and said, ‘I’m going to get it. In the face of a down market, what can I do?’ This is the doctorate of international real estate.” Classes cover real estate practices and cultural trends in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

Stier says she gets calls from potential buyers living in Russia, the Netherlands and Argentina; and she sees the international market as another challenge.

“In my opinion, the world will get more mobile and global. Someone will call from the UK and I educate them on how things work here. It’s our responsibility to learn about their markets and how it’s done over there.” The difference can be attention to the smallest details, such as quoting dimensions in meters. She says that overseas buyers need to learn that the cost of an apartment in Berlin will buy a house in Tampa. “We have to educate people on what we can offer them.”

Stier started with New Homes in 1996, getting her license specifically to work with the company, which started in 1994 in Tampa, long before the world had any idea of the impact of the Web. “I believe we were the first Internet-only real estate company,” she said. Agents now operate out of 15 states and the Web site at

Now in her ninth year as managing broker, Amy is always looking ahead. “Potential is unlimited,” she said. “Sales are low in the Panhandle, for instance, but with a lot of military moving back to the States in the next few years, that will change.”

Amy is motivated by a simple concept, something that could be easily overlooked while trying to maintain a daily business.

“Wherever they come from, everyone moving to Florida knows someone who wants to.”