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Q: What if a seller asks me if I’ll cut my commission?

A: Realize that sellers ask for commission cuts because they don’t see value in using you. The higher the quality of your service, however, the more value you present.
It’s all in the strength of your presentation. You must show energy and enthusiasm in a highly professional manner. How do you do that? Much of this comes from your desire and drive — the desire to do a great job. Have a well-scripted presentation that you know covers the specific needs of your seller. You should discover those needs when you prequalify the seller at the time you set up the appointment.

Offer sellers a chance to see the value of the MLS and get involved. Any associate can put a listing into the MLS and, by extension, the Internet. Go further and ask the seller if he or she understands “how the MLS works in our town,” and then go on to say, “We have X agents in town. When I submit your listing to the MLS, every agent has the opportunity to sell your home. Is there anything we can put on the MLS listing that will draw attention to your property?”

Meet the Expert:
Mike Ferry is the president and founder of the Mike Ferry Organization, a real estate coaching and training organization (