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Download radio ads

Broadcast what Realtors® have to offer a consumer! Ride the airwaves, but spare yourself the pain of production costs by using one of these free ads. Take note that there are three seconds of music beyond the voice track. This is your chance to personalize the commercials for your market.

Audio Ad Description
"Don't Do it Yourself" – A humorous take on what can go wrong when folks try to do things they have no experience in doing
"I Love My Realtor" – A straightforward approach in a conversational style that discusses some of the reasons for hiring a Realtor


So, how do you get these spots on the air?
It’s easy. Simply attach the MP3 file of each spot to an e-mail. Send it to whichever radio stations you’ve contracted with. Along with the actual spot, type out the message you’d like the local DJ to add during those three seconds at the end. For example, “A message from the (insert local board name here) Association of Realtors.”

These spots are intended for local boards to use to promote the hiring of a Realtor. They are not meant for individual Realtors, Brokers, or companies. Florida Realtors has provided the commercials free of charge with the goal of giving local associations a quick and easy way to get the word out by making a media buy with local radio stations to promote the Realtor brand for the good of all Realtors in your community.

The station will have someone read that message and it will be edited into the spot. And, just like that, you’re done. The commercials are ready to air. By the way, since you’re spending money to air commercials on their station, most stations will add the tag at the end and edit it into the spot for free.

If you have comments about the spots, please drop an email to Sev Scaglia at Florida Realtors Communications Department at