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Reverse MLS

It's a buyer's bonanza:'s Reverse MLS system is designed to help Realtors who specialize in representing homebuyers. The Reverse MLS system acts as a database of buyers -- allowing Realtors to enter a variety of pertinent information relating to a homebuyer's search for that cozy cottage, two-story Victorian or other abode at the top of their residential wish list. Features and benefits include:

  • Virtually unlimited features list
  • Another avenue to put buyers and sellers together.
  • Keep an eye on potential buying activity in your marketplace.
  • Organize, track and search buyer information in one convenient place.
Help With Reverse MLS

  • To add a buyer - click the My Membership tab at the top of the page.  Click on the IDX & Other Services tab on the top navigation. Then click on Buyer Database link.  Follow the directions at the top of the page, choosing the criteria. 

For additional help, please call the Florida Realtors Tech Helpline.