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Going head-to-head?
Stand up to the competition

When Englewood sales associate Gid Pool set his sights on doubling his production in a year, he knew he needed some expert marketing advice and turned to Dan Gooder Richard for a marketing makeover. Pool was already spending a whopping 27 percent of his income on marketing, and Richard offered some insight on how Pool can build an effective brand image without breaking the bank.

1 Write a Marketing Plan
Effective marketing starts with an effective plan that pinpoints where sales are going to come from and strategies for generating the deals.

2 Create a Marketing Budget
Pool’s broker has offered to pay for a limited number of postcards and for a portion of magazine ads. Richard suggested finding a retiring agent or broker with an established client database who would be willing to sell Pool that client list.

3. Establish a Strong Brand Image
Pool considers himself a “24/7” agent, always available, and Richard suggests he capitalize on that by creating a name such as “FriendliestAgent24/7”, registering that as a URL and using it as the focal point for all of his marketing materials.

4. Revamp Web Site
Pool has an ineffective Web site, and Richard suggests that he rename it with his new brand name, move his photograph from top center to a less conspicuous place and focus more on customers’ needs. Also, the current site is weak in capturing leads — Richard advises Pool to add response items (such as requests for relocation or tourism materials) that will garner names and addresses for follow-up.