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Help them buy a house
Help employers help you

An employer-assisted housing (EAH) benefit plan could include homebuying workshops, one-on-one housing counseling led by Realtors®, and company-backed financial incentives. NAR will provide assistance, at no cost, to employers who want a customized EAH plan. NAR says that the "Home From Work" campaign helps position Realtors as community leaders who work hard to ensure their cities and towns have an adequate housing supply, both in the rental and the homeownership markets.

"The Home From Work campaign has the potential to change the way employers think about employer-assisted benefits," says NAR President Thomas M. Stevens. "No longer will EAH be viewed as an expense associated with hiring a new employee, but rather as an investment in the employee and the future of their company."

More information about the “Home From Work” campaign and NAR's Housing Opportunity Program is available at
Tip of the Week—Play the Domain game

The most effective name for your Web site probably isn’t your own. Your domain name should describe what you’re specializing in, not who you are.