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Teamwork, training and time kick-started this career

Three words come up regularly in a conversation with Matthew Davies: teamwork, training and time. 

Matt grew up in South Florida and worked in retail as a traveling regional director, spending a lot of time on the road.

"I wanted to have the freedom to spend time with my children," he says. "I was missing the soccer games, Cub scouts; I wanted the ability to control that. And it's nice to sleep in your own bed."

Barbara Brady, a Realtor at Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in Orlando and head of The Barbara Brady Team, was already aware of Matt's capabilities.

"I sold Matt his first home," Brady says. "I've sold seven or eight homes to his family over my career. I was familiar with him and knew he had a fabulous work ethic."

Leaving the retail road two years ago, Matt got his license and joined Coldwell Banker as an agent. He was quickly picked for The Team. "I recruited Matt as a buyer specialist," Brady says. "He's fully aware of all of the things you have to do to use time and make money. He handles buyers extremely well, and he knows how to nurture customers and not lose them."

In the two years since obtaining his license, Matt got his GRI and CRS designations, e-PRO training, and several hundred hours of specialized training classes, including the STAR POWER University program. (Brady and Davies are enthusiasts of Howard Brinton's "STAR POWER" system, and Brady enthusiastically holds to the mentoring-based coaching principles it prescribes.)

"The educational training absolutely allows me to see more success," Davies says. "It definitely gives me an edge."

To Davies, the team is very important. "There's always someone available for the buyer and seller. We keep each other informed with updates through the Internet. People feel more comfortable when they know they can always reach someone who knows what's going on."

"Team Brady" consists of three buyer specialists: a team manager, an administrator and customer care manager. "The team allows me to concentrate on money-making activities," Brady said. "I have to be responsible for them as well, I have to work smart. You have to be flexible, that's the 'F' word in real estate; flexibility."

In a way, his role as buyer specialist in the team has put Matt back on the road. "I'm extremely busy – seven days a week busy. My job is taking out buyers. And I certainly enjoy having a buyer in the car. In this market, that's a happy car. I've got three or four buyers a week seeing properties, and the other days prepping and keeping up with past customers. It goes from 8 in the morning to 8 at night."

So has his goal of entering real estate to have more time with his family been taken over by his schedule? Apparently not.

"I haven’t missed a soccer game or a picnic; I pick up the kids from school every day. I schedule my job around my family. My time is under my control."

Sometimes you can have it all.

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