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‘It all comes back to numbers’/Users/adamp/Desktop/Brady

 Visitors to the "New Construction" page of the Perrone Realty Inc. Web site are greeted in a most unusual way.

Brady Pevehouse walks onto the page and says "Hey." It's a very personal touch, and an attitude reflected in conversation with this Web-savvy, numbers-obsessed entrepreneur.

"If I were in business for the money, I'd be doing something else," he said. Based out of Ralph Perrone's Orlando office, Pevehouse is office manager, IT support for the agency's Web presence, and a licensed sales agent and mortgage broker. "My main goal is to know that all my clients are taken care of, and that my investors know that their long-term objectives will be there. The comfort of my potential homeowners should be the motivator; I ask them, how long will you live here?

"This isn't a money business right now – everybody thinks it is – but from Day One my goal was to outlast everybody else."

Broker and owner Ralph Perrone met Pevehouse in college. "I've known Brady for 10 years; we went to UCF together." After school, Perrone felt dissatisfied with large corporate agencies and opened his own, entrepreneurial office. Pevehouse took a seven-year break from UCF to open new locations for a national restaurant chain, returning to gain a degree in finance, then working in marketing, animation and advertising. He often says, "It all comes back to the numbers."

Pevehouse joined the company in August 2005, teaming up with Perrone and his partner, Kendra Todd (Todd gained an enviable amount of publicity by winning Donald Trump's NBC reality show, "The Apprentice," in 2005).

"He got back in touch with me when he needed his house sold," Perrone said, "and he had so much fun during that experience that he wanted to do it too."

Regardless of Pevehouse’s assessment of the business, he's succeeding, money-wise. "He's my IT support and sells as well," said Perrone. "He does not stop; he will work until it's done. Brady will wake up at 7 a.m. and work until 3 the next morning, if that's what it takes. For him, this is a career."

When the company's Web sites are mentioned, Pevehouse laughs. "I like big hurdles. Back to the numbers – every aspect is trialed and tested, and I monitor traffic. How much time are they spending, are they coming back?  It's far more than a part-time job. For an agent to think they can throw up a site in two-three days and make it successful, that's not going to happen." The use of Flash technology on allows Perrone to walk across the commercial properties and front pages, while Pevehouse offers the new-construction greeting. His screen time will extend in April with an appearance on HGTV's "My House Is Worth What?" hosted by partner Todd.

"I work on the sites late at night, when the phone doesn't ring and it's quiet," Pevehouse said. "The Web stuff is a love of labor."

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