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Broker Spotlight
Teaching by example, a winning technique
Contract negotiations and training are just a part of the job, says Larry Melear, broker manager of the Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate branch in Boynton Beach. “I get involved with their deals, watch out for this and that. I have an open door policy, I’m basically on call 24 hours a day.”

Phyllis Strain is new to the business and is grateful for Melear’s encouragement. “He knows the business so well – I guess any broker has to – but he’s particularly supportive of the whole office. He doesn’t sit behind his desk, he’s always out in the office helping people.” She searched for the right word. “I think he’s exceptional.”

New technology is one area where Melear’s expertise has particularly impressed Strain. 
“He’s coached me as a new person, not just showing me new technology but how to use it, and giving real meaning behind how it helps us.” Mapping software, printed marketing materials, visual representations of MLS listings, all play a part in Melear’s modern office.

“When someone searches the Internet and puts in a request,” Larry gave as an example, “an agent’s cell phone will ring within one minute, letting them know a lead came in, with their phone number.

“I guess for anyone new to the business, the technology I teach is like ‘Wow’.”

The Boynton Beach native, who got his license in 1995, was exposed to real estate at an early age. “My family has a lot of land in the area, I’ve always been around real estate, so I decided to get licensed.”

It is Strain who first brings up the phrase “dress for success,” but Melear responds with great resolve. “Absolutely,” he said. “When I started in sales everyone was, not in T-shirts, but casual, and I wore a tie and jacket. They’d say, ‘what are you wearing, it’s summer,’ and I would say, it’s my uniform.’ We’re professionals. You’ll find that those who dress well are generally the top producers.”

Melear might not teach classes on business attire, but his high visibility might be enough. “I try to pass it on by example,” he said. “I got a few following me.”