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Florida Lags In Census Response

Only 60.1% of Floridians have returned their Census so far, ranging from 69.8% in Sumter County to 29.6% in Dixie. Panhandle and rural counties appear less responsive.

ORLANDO, Fla. – As U.S. Census partners, Realtors still have some work to do in Florida. Without a full count, the state could lose representation in Congress, as well as federal tax dollars allotted for a range of Sunshine State services over the next decade.

While Census takers are starting to directly visit homes of non-respondents in order to generate a full count, a census return can still be submitted online. The last day for households to self-respond either online, by phone or by mail is Sept. 30, 2020.

In Florida, 60.1% of residents have responded to the Census so far, though that percentage varies widely by county. According to an online interactive map created by the Census Bureau, a handful of counties in the Panhandle and southern center of the state have the lowest percentage of respondents.

Dixie County has Florida’s lowest response rate so far at 29.6%, while Sumter County has the highest at 69.8%. Many counties Along the Atlantic Coast – from Duval (63.6%) to Martin County (65.3%) – have higher rates, with the three populous South Florida counties ranging from 58.1% (Miami-Dade) to 60.8% (West Palm Beach).

The Census Bureau has an interactive map that lists all Florida counties’ response rates posted online.

Nationally, Florida ranks No. 32 for total number of census returns, with a national response rate of 63.1% as of Friday. The top Census-response states are in the Midwest – Minnesota (72.4%), Wisconsin (69.7%), Nebraska (68.9%), Michigan (68.9%) and Iowa (68.9%).

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