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Legislative Committee

Your legislative interests are protected by Florida Realtors® full-time lobbyists and political experts in Tallahassee. Legislation affecting the rights of Realtors and the real .estate interests of the public is closely scrutinized. We review more than 2,600 bills a year.

Based on the Legislative Committee’s decisions and Florida Realtors policies, lobbyists and Realtor Key Contacts work for passage of beneficial bills and the defeat of detrimental ones. At the political end, candidates receptive to issues of concern to Realtors are identified and supported through many political programs. Florida Realtors also offers political training sessions.

Legislative Session Updates

During the session, Florida Realtors connects you with the daily actions in Tallahassee. Track bills, contact lawmakers, read legislative updates and more throughout the legislative session.

Issues Mobilization
One of the best ways to gain influence and affect policymaking is to generate public support. Issues Mobilization is a public advocacy program designed to rally support and raise funds for or against a particular issue. Each Board or Association will be able to access funds to help mount local campaigns based on the amount of their Florida Realtors PAC contributions.

Ask your Board or Association executive for a copy of the issues mobilization kit, which will help you execute a successful advocacy program.

Great American Realtor Days

Seize this opportunity to voice your opinions on legislative issues during the annual Great American Realtor Days. Florida Realtors hosts this annual event in Tallahassee when the Legislature is in session. Members are briefed on the status of pending real estate legislation and meet with and lobby legislators. Call the Public Policy office at 850.224.1400 for more info.

Capitol Hill visits
We work for you on federal issues, too. This federal equivalent of the Great American Realtor Days program is held in Washington, D.C., in conjunction with the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) mid-year meetings. Congressional briefing sessions are followed by visits with Florida’s congressmen.

Florida Realtors PAC
The Florida Realtors PAC uses voluntary contributions from Association members to help support the election campaigns of qualified political candidates that are in favor of protecting private property rights and the free enterprise system. Florida Realtors® also provides on-site fund-raising training to local Boards and Associations.
Realtor Action Center
The Realtor Action Center is an online message system where members can instantly send an e-mail to legislators. You'll also find a link to "Find Your Legislator."

Legislative Tracker
On this Legislative Tracker page, you'll find a concise summary of any action taken on a House or Senate bill.

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