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Global Business Events

Find out what's happening around the state.


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Help us identify your clients

Each year, Florida Realtors asks members to help identify characteristics of the international market in Florida. Even if you don’t sell to international clients, your input is valuable.  Survey participants also have a chance to win one of 10 $50 gift cards. Results from the survey will be included in the upcoming 2014 Profile of International Homebuyers in Florida. Thanks!

Realtors: Give us your feedback

Help Florida Realtors® create a guide for prospective international buyers to understand key aspects of a real estate transaction.

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Other Resources

video Florida Realtors Take 5 Videos

Learn from the best in the business: Take five minutes to watch these Florida Realtors videos featuring industry experts who share strategies and solutions for working with international clients.


Technology to Target International Buyers 
Presenter Doug Devitre leads these four video and webinar sessions (listed below) to help Realtors land international sales. Watch these recorded sessions here.   

  • "How to Sell to Global Audiences"
  • "Simplifying the International Real Estate Transaction"
  • "How To Leverage Global Referrals"
  • "Inbound Marketing for International Real Estate"

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