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Please note: Legal Q&A answers were accurate at the time of publication but should be verified before relying on it. You may contact the Legal Hotline at 407.438.1409. Hotline hours are 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday. Or you may send a question via email to a Florida Realtors Legal Hotline attorney here. (member login required)  

Legal FAQ's

Q:Several days after I obtained a listing, the seller left a message on my voice mail explaining that a member of her family had committed suicide in the home several years earlier. She wasn’t sure whether this was something we were required to disclose to a prospective buyer. Before I could return the seller’s call, a cooperating broker told me he had a buyer who was going to submit an offer to purchase later that day. I’m concerned that the seller and I have a legal obligation to disclose the fact that a suicide occurred in the home. Do we?

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At no charge, Florida Realtors members may speak with an attorney on a range of topics including licensing, contracts and landlord/tenant matters. Call  407.438.1409.

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To better serve Florida Realtors members, legal questions may now be emailed to the Legal Hotline. Members will receive a live callback from a Legal Hotline attorney. 

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The Legal Action Fund of Florida Realtors is available to support members, local Realtor Boards/Associations or those persons involved in litigation that has significance to Realtors and Realtor-Associates as a class, private property rights, or the real estate industry as a whole. Cases shall be limited to those based on points of law and not on factual issues. The Legal Action Fund is administered by the Legal Action Fund Committee within approved guidelines and procedures.