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Legal advice for Florida Realtors members is just a phone call away at 407.438.1409.
Florida Realtors Legal Hotline attorneys answer questions about real estate license law and related real property issues. Attorneys also offer legal interpretations of the Florida Realtors/Florida Bar contract and other standard business forms and contracts.

What You Need:
Have your Florida real estate license number or NRDS number ready when calling the Legal Hotline. The phone system only allows a limited amount of time to key in the numbers. If you don’t have the numbers, you’ll have to call back. Once connected, calls for an attorney will be placed in queue. Calls regarding ethics, MLS or procuring cause will be redirected to staff specializing in these areas.

Save time: Ask a question online
Legal questions may now be emailed to the Legal Hotline. Members will receive a live callback from a Legal Hotline attorney. Ask a question now. (login required) 

Who May Use This Service?

Current Florida Realtors members. If your license number does not appear in our computer system, you will not be able to speak with an attorney.
  • Local board/association attorneys, executive officers and staff.
  • Private attorneys who represent a current member as long as the member is also on the line for the call.

As a member service, there is no charge to access the Legal Hotline. If you are calling from outside the 407 area code, you may incur a long-distance telephone charge.

Q: I’m a new Realtor, and I’m guessing that my questions are asked frequently. Is there another option for me instead of calling the Legal Hotline?  
A: Yes. Check out these legal FAQs in the “Ask an Attorney”  section of Legal Hotline attorneys have compiled questions and answers in these categories: 

Q: How are Legal Hotline calls processed?
A: Calls are taken in the order they are received. You may have to wait “in line” for your call to be answered.  Last year, the Legal Hotline handled more than 30,000 calls!

Q: My seller/buyer has asked me a legal question. May I ask the Legal Hotline attorney for the answer?
A: No. The advice given on the Legal Hotline is intended only for use by the individual Florida Realtors member. Parties to a transaction who have a specific question about their legal rights should consult their own attorney.

Q: An agent with whom I am having a commission dispute called the Legal Hotline to ask for advice about the dispute. May I also call the Legal Hotline for advice on the same dispute?
A: No. The rules of the Florida Bar prohibit the Legal Hotline attorneys from counseling more than one side of a dispute.

Q: May I email a question to the Legal Hotline?
A: Yes. Legal questions may now be emailed to the Legal Hotline. Members will receive a live callback from a Legal Hotline attorney. Ask a question now. (login required) 

Q: Is the Legal Hotline a substitute for private counsel?
A: No. Members who require representation in lawsuits, the drafting of specific language or documents or resolution of problems going beyond the scope of real estate law should consult their own attorney.