Water Quality
Girl wades in a Florida spring
Cyndi Monaghan / Getty Images

A Look at Florida Realtors' Efforts to Protect Our Water Resources

Our continuing advocacy efforts have seen significant success, with the state Legislature setting aside funds for our waterways.

Florida's beaches are famous throughout the world, and the beautiful springs and waterways that call Florida home are a key reason so many people are moving here.

Unfortunately, the summer months of years past have been plagued with blue green algae, red tide, and devastating hurricanes that have eroded some of Florida’s most inviting beaches.

These kinds of environmental issues directly impact Floridians, potential Floridians and the state’s real estate industry.

Although blue green algae and red tide get most of the news attention, Florida Realtors' environmental advocacy efforts also include things such as the protection of Florida’s famous natural springs and erosion prevention programs that help preserve the state’s beautiful beaches.

Our ongoing advocacy efforts have seen significant success, with the state legislature allocating historic amounts of funding for projects that address Florida’s water quality issues.