Priority: Taxation

Florida Realtors Works to Ensure Taxes Don't Hurt Real Estate

We understand the need for revenue to pay for essential services. But we also know that if taxes get too high, the real estate industry could suffer.

Communities need tax revenue to provide essential services such as education, law enforcement, fire prevention and emergency medical response.

But if taxes become too high or too burdensome, then communities put themselves at risk of shrinking and eventually dying out.

To help define and maintain this critical balance, Florida

Realtors has passed a variety of member-driven motions that serve to keep our communities healthy and growing.

For example, we have fought against a sales tax on real estate agent services, helped defeat a sales tax on computer services, and we supported the successful passage of the Save Our Homes constitutional amendment.

We are also actively advocating for the the elimination of the state sales tax on commercial leases, known as the Business Rent Tax. These advocacy efforts have resulted in significant cuts to this tax and businesses are starting to feel some relief. However, we have a long road ahead as we continue to work for the eventual elimination of this tax in its entirety.