Priority: Appraisal

Florida Realtors Monitors Appraisal Legislation

The science of appraisals is a complex process that requires experience, detailed knowledge, sound judgment and a firm understanding of the law. A lack of any of these attributes can result in adverse circumstances for property owners and buyers alike.  

Uninformed changes to complex appraisal laws can also produce undesirable outcomes for our communities and our economy, which is why Florida Realtors is very active in public policy issues surrounding appraisals.

To this end, members have adopted a variety of policy positions concerning appraisals. These include things such as ensuring appraisal management companies remain regulated in Florida and amending state law to ensure state certified appraisers have a strong voice on the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board (FREAB).

You can trust that Florida Realtors will be monitoring all legislative activity regarding changes to appraisal-related laws and will continue to recommend qualified candidates to serve on FREAB.