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What You Can and Can't Copy to Reuse From This Website

Looking to use content from Florida Realtors News or this website? This Q&A will help you understand our copyright rules.

Q: May I redistribute and reprint a Florida Realtors News article on my blog, social media site or in print?

A: As a Florida Realtors member benefit, we permit members to reprint certain material published in Florida Realtors News and on

Members may reprint verbatim any article with the “©Florida Realtors®” copyright line on the bottom of the story, provided:

  1. You do not alter the content in any way.
  2. You include the following copyright notice: Reprinted with permission Florida Realtors. All rights reserved. 
  3. You understand that some information is time-sensitive. You bear all responsibility for reprinting out-of-date information. 
  4. You may not republish photos that are attributed to anyone other than Florida Realtors. 

Non-members may not reprint any information owned by Florida Realtors without express written permission. Email for more information.

Articles copyrighted to any organization or media outlet other than Florida Realtors MAY NOT be reprinted under any circumstances. 

Q: What about artwork and images?

A: Members may not use graphics, logos, button icons and images without express written permission from Florida Realtors. You may not republish photos that are attributed to anyone other than Florida Realtors.

Q: Do I need copyright permission to download or reprint content for personal use? 

A: You do not need permission from Florida Realtors to download or reprint a single copy of any content/editorial from for personal use. 

Q: Do I need permission to link to pages on

A: Permission is not required to create direct links to pages on, provided you are not reprinting material. Please note that some purchased content may expire from the site after 30 days due to copyright restrictions.

Q: What about video products?

A: Members may share links to videos and/or embed videos from the Video Library

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