About Florida Realtors PAC
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A Look at the How Florida Realtors PAC Helps the Real Estate Industry

Backing the Florida Realtors PAC gives you a voice in our state capital — and protects your business interests.    

In politics, money talks, and the Florida Realtors Political Action Committee (PAC) gives you a voice.

When Realtors speak through your PAC, Tallahassee listens. And the more money the PAC raises, the more we are heard.

The Florida Legislature introduces more than 4,000 bills every year. Florida Realtors monitors each one and, when appropriate, works to influence the bill’s direction.

Many times, Realtors’ greatest victories receive no notice and little fanfare. An oppressive bill could die quietly in committee; an amendment that creates a tax on Realtor commissions could be unceremoniously pulled.

Florida Realtors PAC isn’t Republican; it isn’t Democrat; it doesn’t represent the independent voter; it doesn’t buy votes. It is simply a strong voice — and sometimes the only strong voice — fighting in Tallahassee for our state's Realtors and homeowners.

Without Florida Realtors PAC, your voice in Tallahassee falls silent.

What is a PAC?

Political Action Committees, or PACs, represent business, labor or ideological interests, and exist to raise and spend money to elect and defeat candidates. A PAC’s money must come from members’ voluntary contributions. PACs may give to a candidate, committee or any national party. In short, PACs merely represent a legal way for individuals to unite and ensure their voices are heard at all levels of government.

What’s the difference between RPAC and the Florida Realtors PAC?

Florida Realtors PAC is the branding name for Florida Realtors’ statewide political action committee efforts. RPAC represents the political efforts of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). With regard to the actual financials, Florida Realtors PAC and NAR’s RPAC are the same federated group with contributions being split among local, state and national associations. Every dollar is split in the following manner:

  • 30% to NAR – RPAC
  • 35% to Florida Realtors PAC
  • 35% to local associations

Are contributions to RPAC and the Florida Realtors PAC tax deductible?

Contributions used for political purposes are not tax deductible on federal income taxes.

Can I earmark money to a party or particular candidate?

Under federal election law, the earmarking of contributions is illegal.