Key Contacts
Realtors meeting with Florida lawmakers

Be the Point Person for Your Legislator in Tallahassee

Build a relationship with your legislator and act as the voice of Realtors when important issues arise.

Key Contacts make up our most critical advocacy team, opening the door and leading the way, serving as the direct contact to their personally assigned state legislator.

If selected, you will serve as the voice of Realtor issues at Great American Realtor Days, and all year long, for a two-year term.

Whether you have been a Key Contact for many years, or just entering the program for the first time, the personal relationship you develop and maintain with your legislator is crucial in advancing our agenda.

Florida Realtors Key Contacts are required to complete an online field report at least twice a year, but we ask that you complete a report after each interaction with your assigned legislator or staff.

Filing a field report after each meeting alerts Florida Realtors' PAC staff that the meeting occurred and that a follow-up communication strategy may be required.

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