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College Scholarships Offered by Florida Realtors Education Foundation

We're here to help deserving Florida students offset the costs of college or graduate school.

The Florida Realtors Education Foundation Student Scholarship Program (FREF) was founded to help deserving students offset costs for college and/or post-graduate school. 

Here's who qualifies:

  • Florida high school seniors who will be attending an undergraduate college or university
  • Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate college or university
  • Students pursuing graduate studies

Those students considering a career in Real Estate or Real Estate related fields will be given special consideration in accordance with the purposes of the Florida Realtors Education Foundation. However, students in any major outside are welcome to apply.

Scholarships start at $1,000. The criteria for recipients include but aren’t limited to, academic achievements, financial need, leadership qualities, relationship to the Realtor family, and contributions to family, school and community. The foundation’s board of directors has sole and absolute discretion over all decisions as to whether an applicant qualifies.

The application period is now closed and will reopen in January 2025.

Tell me more: Frequently asked questions

Q. Are Realtors and their family members eligible to apply?

A. Yes. The FREF scholarships are available to any student who is a Florida resident and who will be attending an undergraduate college or university, and for students taking graduate-level studies. 

Q. If I already won a FREF scholarship, am I eligible to apply again? 

A. An applicant may receive one scholarship award per 12-month period, up to a maximum of two scholarships. All students must complete an application for each year, even if they were a scholarship recipient in a previous year.  

Q. Do I have to attend a college or university in Florida? Is this scholarship for Florida residents only?  

A. There are no limitations as to the location of the college or university attended provided the applicants indicate their intent to return to work in Florida after graduation. Yes, proof of legal Florida residency is required. 

Q. How do I upload reference letters?   

A. This scholarship requires three reference letters, with two from teachers or administrators from your school, on school letterhead. There are two choices for attaching reference letters:  the applicant can upload them, or the applicant can send an email from the program to the recommender asking them to upload the letter.  

Q. What amounts are awarded to scholarship winners?  

A. The number of scholarships and the dollar amounts vary each year.  The minimum scholarship for most years is $1,000. The FREF Board of Directors has the sole discretion on scholarship awards.

Q. How long is the review process? 

A. The review process is usually completed by the end of April. Winners will be notified by phone.  

Q. If I am notified that I am a winner, how soon do I need to claim the scholarship?  

A. Funds must usually be claimed by mid- to late July in the year of the scholarship award, or the scholarship will be revoked.  Specific dates change.

Q. How will the scholarship award be disbursed? 

A. A check will be issued directly to the college/university.   

Q. May I mail an application or any of the supporting documents to Florida Realtors?  

A: No. Applications must be online.