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Be You, Only Better — Raise Your Personal Bar With the C2EX Program

Looking for a way to stand out as a trusted real estate professional? Sign up for NAR's Commitment to Excellence program.

Do you know your real estate profession inside and out? Do you know where you stand among your fellow Realtors?

Find out through C2EX, NAR's Commitment to Excellence program, an online self-assessment to help you become a better Realtor, showcase your professionalism and become a passionate advocate for the future of the real estate industry.

C2EX is not a designation or a course. It's not a requirement, but a benefit available to Realtors. It's easy. Log on to any time, 24 hours a day, and take the self-assessment that measures your proficiency in each of 10 elements of professionalism – 11 elements for brokers. Based on your results, the platform will generate customized learning paths, recommend

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Go Ahead, Show Off!

Received your Commitment Excellence from the National Association of Realtors? Let everyone know! Contact Florida Realtors to get a T-shirt. Then, take a selfie wearing it and post it online with the tagline: "Brighten your mind and your business #C2EXRealtor." We’ll keep an eye out for it!

experiences, and provide tools and resources to increase your knowledge and enhance your skillsets.


The Commitment to Excellence program was a 2019 Learning! 100 award winner, which honors organizations for fostering a culture of professional growth, innovation, and organizational performance.

NAR joined a distinguished group of previous winners, including Amazon, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the American Heart Association as organizations recognized for their superior learning and development programs.

"For years, we have all been concerned about how we can raise the bar in the real estate profession," said 2019 Florida Realtors President Eric Sain, a Realtor and district sales manager with Illustrated Properties in Palm Beach and vice-chair of NAR's Commitment to Excellence Committee. "We know it's vital to continue to improve our expertise, increase our professionalism and show that value to consumers. C2EX is NAR's answer to our call to raise the bar for professionalism.".