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Become an international member of Florida Realtors today!

When you become an international member of Florida Realtors, you’ll not only create a strong bond with real estate professionals throughout the state, you’ll receive these benefits:

To join Florida Realtors as a non-U.S. professional, you must be a member of the Cooperating Association in your own country with which the National Association of Realtors has a bilateral agreement.

For questions about the International Membership, please email global@floridarealtors.org 

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Application for Global Membership

International Membership is exclusively for non-U.S. professionals. International Members may not use the REALTOR® term or logo.

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*International Membership expires on December 31 each year. Dues are billed annually. You will receive an invoice payable in January in order to maintain your active membership. For questions, please contact globalmembership@floridarealtors.org


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