Women in Real Estate Conference®
women in real estate conference where successful businesswomen meet, share and connect with illustration of women

WIRE — Where Successful Businesswomen Meet, Share and Connect

This annual event brings together real estate pros from all over the state to focus on leadership, inspiration, recharging and empowerment.

The Women in Real Estate Conference®, presented by Florida Realtors, features a high-profile roster of speakers — women of influence in the real estate profession. 

WIRE's goal is to educate, empower and promote women in the real estate profession. Attendees examine workforce behaviors and identify the ones that lead to success — and those that don't.

What: 2024 Florida Realtors Women in Real Estate Conference
When: Friday, June 14, 2024
Where: World Equestrian Center, 1750 NW 80th Ave., Ocala, FL 34482

Registration is closed.


Kim Becking | "Accelerate Unstoppable Momentum"

Kim Becking is changing the way we think about change and resilience. She's on a mission to empower leaders, teams and organizations to build a Momentum Mindset to reframe change and redefine resilience in this rapidly changing world that never slows down. She inspires everyone she meets to be more adaptable, more resilient, and better equipped to own what’s now and embrace what’s next with a deep breath and a big cup of "bring it on."

Rachel Druckenmiller | "Self-Silencing"

What if you could shift from overwhelm to clarity, from doubt to confidence, and from fear to courage? For nearly 20 years, Rachel Druckenmiller has been helping people do just that. She is a catalyst who ignites curiosity, clarity, and courage in leaders and teams. As a keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, and leadership trainer, she helps people unlock their potential and live and lead with purpose and passion, so they are more engaged and fulfilled at work and in the world.

Erin Stafford |  "Beat Burnout & Sustain Peak Performance"

Erin Stafford has blazed a trail of action-oriented success fueled by trial and error, bold decisions and unwavering self-confidence. Her figure-it-out mentality has shaped her career journey from being a fledgling public relations intern to a high-powered marketing executive at a hyper-growth company. Using lessons gleaned from her distinct career, interviews with dozens of high achievers from all walks of life and hundreds of surveys, Erin shares impactful and essential mindset shifts for leaders to move from exhaustion and burnout to kicking butt and thriving again.


(Content subject to change)

10 a.m.Welcome and Music // 2024 President Gia Arvin and DJ Renee

10:10 a.m. Take the Lead – Skills of Effective Leaders // Christine Hansen, Tammy Noll Adams, Charmaine Hickey, Dionna Hall & Margy Grant

10:35 a.m. Accelerate Unstoppable Momentum // Kim Becking, Featured Speaker

11:30 a.m. Mighty 5-Minute Messages// Margy Grant

11:50 a.m. "Note to Self" & lunch service

12:35 p.m. Music with DJ Renee

12:40 p.m.Self Silencing // Rachel Druckenmiller, Featured Speaker

1:55 p.m. The Lives We Build // Juana Watkins, Florida Realtors® Vice President of Law and Policy & General Counsel

2:25 p.m. Break

2:40 p.m. Music with DJ Renee

2:45 p.m.Beat Burnout & Sustain Peak Performance // Erin Stafford, Featured Speaker

3:35 p.m.Safe travel home!



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