2020 RPAC Endorsements
2020 Florida Realtors PAC endorsements with 2020 buttons
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A Look at Florida Realtors® Picks for the 2020 Election Cycle

Florida Realtors® PAC is proud to endorse the following candidates for the 2020 election cycle.

Florida Realtors® PAC makes candidate endorsements each election cycle. All candidates are evaluated based on numerous factors, including their voting records on issues that are relevant to the real estate profession.

Tim Weisheyer, 2020 chair of Florida Realtors® PAC Trustees and Broker/Owner of Dream Builders Realty and dbrCommercial Real Estate in Central Florida had the following to say about the 2020 endorsements:

“The difficulties brought on by the global pandemic make it clearer than ever that having the right people in government is essential to ensuring public safety and protecting the basic functions of society. We believe these candidates are the right choice to fulfill those responsibilities and look forward to supporting them in their elections.”

Note:  The below list only reflects the races that have been screened and endorsed by Florida Realtors® PAC for the general election.

General Election Senate Endorsements

District 1: Senator Doug Broxson

District 3: Representative Loranne Ausley

District 5: Jennifer Bradley

District 7: Senator Travis Hutson

District 9: Jason Brodeur

District 11: Senator Randolph Bracy

District 17: Senator Debbie Mayfield

District 19: Senator Darryl Rouson

District 20: Danny Burgess

District 23: Senator Joe Gruters

District 25: Senator Gayle Harrell

District 27: Representative Ray Rodrigues

District 29: Representative Tina Polksy

District 31: Senator Lori Berman

District 33: Senator Perry Thurston

District 39: Representative Ana Maria Rodriguez

General Election House Endorsements

District 2: Representative Alexander Andrade

District 3: Representative Jayer Williamson

District 4: Patt Maney

District 6: Representative Jay Trumbull

District 7: Representative Jason Shoaf

District 10: Representative Chuck Brannan

District 11: Representative Cord Byrd

District 12: Representative Clay Yarborough

District 15: Representative Wyman Duggan

District 16: Representative Jason Fischer

District 18: Sam Garrison

District 19: Representative Bobby Payne

District 21: Representative Chuck Clemons

District 23: Representative Stan McClain

District 24: Representative Paul Renner

District 25: Representative Thomas Leek

District 26: Representative Elizabeth Fetterhoff

District 27: Webster Barnaby

District 28: Representative David Smith

District 29: Representative Scott Plakon

District 31: Keith Truenow

District 32: Representative Anthony Sabatini

District 33: Representative Brett Thomas Hage

District 34: Representative Ralph Massullo

District 35: Representative Blaise Ingoglia

District 36: Representative Amber Mariano

District 37: Representative Ardian Zika

District 38: Representative Randy Maggard

District 39: Representative Josie Tomkow

District 40: Representative Colleen Burton

District 41: Representative Sam Killebrew

District 42: Fred Hawkins

District 50: Representative Rene Plasencia

District 51: Representative Tyler Sirois

District 52: Representative Thad Altman

District 53: Representative Randy Fine

District 54: Representative Erin Grall

District 55: Kaylee Tuck

District 56: Representative Melony Bell

District 57: Representative Mike Beltran

District 58: Representative Lawrence McClure

District 59: Michael Owen

District 60: Representative Jackie Toledo

District 62: Representative Susan Valdes

District 64: Traci Koster

District 65: Representative Chris Sprowls

District 66: Representative Nick DiCeglie

District 67: Representative Chris Latvala

District 68: Representative Ben Diamond

District 69: Representative Jennifer Webb

District 71: Representative Will Robinson

District 73: Representative Tommy Gregory

District 74: Representative James Buchanan

District 75: Representative Michael Grant

District 77: Mike Giallombardo

District 78: Jenna Persons

District 79: Representative Spencer Roach

District 80: Lauren Melo

District 81: Kelly Skidmore

District 82: John Snyder

District 83: Representative Toby Overdorf

District 84: Dana Trabulsy

District 85: Representative Rick Roth

District 87: Representative David Silvers

District 89: Representative Mike Caruso

District 90: Representative Joseph Casello

District 91: Representative Emily Slosberg

District 92: Representative Patricia Hawkins-Williams

District 93: Representative Chip LaMarca

District 101: Marie Woodson

District 103: Tom Fabricio

District 104: Robin Bartleman

District 106: Representative Bob Rommel

District 110: Alex Rizo

District 111: Representative Bryan Avila

District 112: Representative Nicholas Duran

District 114: Demi Busatta Cabrera

District 115: Representative Vance Aloupis

District 116: Representative Daniel Perez

District 118: Representative Anthony Rodriguez

District 119: Representative Juan Fernandez-Barquin

District 120: Jim Mooney