2020 RPAC Endorsements
2020 Florida Realtors PAC endorsements with 2020 buttons
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Florida Realtors® PAC Endorsed Candidates 2020 Election Results

See how Florida Realtors® PAC endorsed candidates performed during the 2020 election cycle.

Realtors® spoke loud and clear during the 2020 general election, making their voices heard and helping to grow the Realtor® legislative caucus to 10 Realtors® and Realtor® affiliate members.

Additionally, Amendment 5 which was supported by Florida Realtors® was approved by 74.5% of Florida voters. Starting on January 1, 2021, homeowners will now have three years to transfer their accrued Save Our Homes benefits.

Tim Weisheyer, 2020 chair of the Florida Realtors® PAC Trustees and Broker/Owner of Dream Builders Realty and dbrCommercial Real Estate in Central Florida had the following to say about the 2020 election results:

“The difficulties Florida is facing has made it clearer than ever that we need to continue to elect legislators who understand the important role Realtors® play in keeping our communities and our economy strong. Thankfully, our members were ready to answer the call this election, helping us grow the Realtor® caucus and ensuring many of our endorsed candidates will be traveling to Tallahassee in support of real estate.” 

Note:  The below list only reflects the races that have been endorsed by Florida Realtors® PAC for the general election.

General Election Senate Endorsement Winners

District 1: Senator Doug Broxson

District 3: Representative Loranne Ausley

District 5: Jennifer Bradley

District 7: Senator Travis Hutson

District 9: Jason Brodeur

District 11: Senator Randolph Bracy

District 17: Senator Debbie Mayfield

District 19: Senator Darryl Rouson

District 20: Danny Burgess

District 21: Jim Boyd

District 23: Senator Joe Gruters

District 25: Senator Gayle Harrell

District 27: Representative Ray Rodrigues

District 29: Representative Tina Polksy

District 31: Senator Lori Berman

District 33: Senator Perry Thurston

District 35: Representative Shevrin Jones

District 39: Representative Ana Maria Rodriguez

General Election House Endorsement Winners

District 1: Michelle Salzman

District 2: Representative Alexander Andrade

District 3: Representative Jayer Williamson

District 4: Patt Maney

District 6: Representative Jay Trumbull

District 7: Representative Jason Shoaf

District 10: Representative Chuck Brannan

District 11: Representative Cord Byrd

District 12: Representative Clay Yarborough

District 14: Angie Nixon

District 15: Representative Wyman Duggan

District 16: Representative Jason Fischer

District 17: Representative Cyndi Stevenson

District 18: Sam Garrison

District 19: Representative Bobby Payne

District 21: Representative Chuck Clemons

District 23: Representative Stan McClain

District 24: Representative Paul Renner

District 25: Representative Thomas Leek

District 26: Representative Elizabeth Fetterhoff

District 27: Webster Barnaby

District 28: Representative David Smith

District 29: Representative Scott Plakon

District 31: Keith Truenow

District 32: Representative Anthony Sabatini

District 33: Representative Brett Thomas Hage

District 34: Representative Ralph Massullo

District 35: Representative Blaise Ingoglia

District 36: Representative Amber Mariano

District 37: Representative Ardian Zika

District 38: Representative Randy Maggard

District 39: Representative Josie Tomkow

District 40: Representative Colleen Burton

District 41: Representative Sam Killebrew

District 42: Fred Hawkins

District 50: Representative Rene Plasencia

District 51: Representative Tyler Sirois

District 52: Representative Thad Altman

District 53: Representative Randy Fine

District 54: Representative Erin Grall

District 55: Kaylee Tuck

District 56: Representative Melony Bell

District 57: Representative Mike Beltran

District 58: Representative Lawrence McClure

District 60: Representative Jackie Toledo

District 62: Representative Susan Valdes

District 64: Traci Koster

District 65: Representative Chris Sprowls

District 66: Representative Nick DiCeglie

District 67: Representative Chris Latvala

District 68: Representative Ben Diamond

District 71: Representative Will Robinson

District 72: Fiona McFarland

District 73: Representative Tommy Gregory

District 74: Representative James Buchanan

District 75: Representative Michael Grant

District 76: Adam Botana

District 77: Mike Giallombardo

District 78: Jenna Persons

District 79: Representative Spencer Roach

District 80: Lauren Melo

District 81: Kelly Skidmore

District 82: John Snyder

District 83: Representative Toby Overdorf

District 84: Dana Trabulsy

District 85: Representative Rick Roth

District 87: Representative David Silvers

District 89: Representative Mike Caruso

District 90: Representative Joseph Casello

District 91: Representative Emily Slosberg

District 92: Representative Patricia Hawkins-Williams

District 93: Representative Chip LaMarca

District 96: Christine Hunschofsky

District 101: Marie Woodson

District 103: Tom Fabricio

District 104: Robin Bartleman

District 106: Representative Bob Rommel

District 110: Alex Rizo

District 111: Representative Bryan Avila

District 112: Representative Nicholas Duran

District 114: Demi Busatta Cabrera

District 115: Representative Vance Aloupis

District 116: Representative Daniel Perez

District 118: Representative Anthony Rodriguez

District 119: Representative Juan Fernandez-Barquin

District 120: Jim Mooney

Amendment 5 Election Result (Supported by Florida Realtors®)

Limitations On Homestead Property Tax Assessments; Increased Portability Period To Transfer Accrued Benefit

APPROVED by 74.5% of Florida Voters

Beginning on January 1, 2021, accrued Save Our Homes benefits may be transferred for three years.

Senate Endorsed Candidates Who Did Not Win

District 37: Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez

House Endorsed Candidates Who Did Not Win

District 30: Bob Cortes

District 59: Michael Owen

District 69: Representative Jennifer Webb