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Hipsturbia: The Act of Ditching Cities for Trendy Small Towns

Millennials who want affordable housing are moving to smaller towns – but they prefer mini-versions of those big cities rather than traditional small-town life.

NEW YORK – The latest annual “Emerging Trends in Real Estate” report from the Urban Land Institute and PricewaterhouseCoopers touched on the growing trend of “hipsturbia” – “cool” suburbs with vibrant downtowns that offer walkability, public transit, and a mix of restaurants, retail and recreation.

Increasingly, millennials are leaving the city for these suburban communities in search of a quieter lifestyle that still has a city feel, and empty-nesters seeking to downsize are also staying in their towns instead of relocating to the city.

The trend was identified in New York back in 2013 but has since expanded to other major metro areas, including Silicon Valley, Chicago and Atlanta, according to the report.

Even smaller markets like Charleston and college towns like Tempe, Arizona, are becoming part of the “hipsturbia” trend.

Source: Fox Business (10/17/19) Leggate, James

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