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NAR Conducts Session ‘Fully in Spanish’ as Membership Grows

Noting a rapid increase in Spanish-speaking members, NAR hosted the session, called “NAR en Español: What does the future look like?”, at its recent convention.

WASHINGTON – The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) says its Spanish-speaking membership continues to grow at an ever-increasing pace, so it hosted a session fully in Spanish at its recent convention. The session was “NAR en Español: What does the future look like?”

“Based on the increasing number of attendees we have witnessed each year, we see that this forum is not only a highlight for many Spanish-speaking Realtors from the U.S. and overseas, but that it also has tremendous potential for growth,” says Alejandro Escudero, NAR’s manager of global alliances and business development. “This year’s session encouraged dynamic dialogue between our speakers and a very engaged audience, giving both the opportunity to network in a setting where they gain vital professional knowledge while actively participating in their own language.”

Along with other U.S. and international panelists, three Spanish-speaking Realtors and global volunteer leaders of NAR were invited to moderate portions of the event. NAR Regional Coordinator to South America Mario Rubio; Global Ambassador to Peru and Ecuador Gonzalo Mejia; and Global Ambassador to Brazil, Chile and Colombia Ileana Bogaert all offered unique perspectives on the issues currently impacting the real estate industry.

“This forum is becoming a must for all Spanish-speaking attendees of the Realtors Conference & Expo, as opportunities like these allow members to feel included while sharing their story with counterparts from around the world,” Rubio says.

The event was presented as part of the NAR en Español initiative, which facilitates and assembles various practical networking and educational resources for Spanish-speaking members. NAR says the initiative, founded in 2018, is designed to ensure Realtors understand NAR’s industry-leading role while helping global members leverage their Realtor membership.

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