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Effective Ads Include a Strong Call-to-Action

You need leads to stay in business, and some of those leads should come from ads. While the ad content and design must be compelling, a call-to-action seals the deal.

NEW YORK – Real estate agents need leads to remain in business, so it’s important to effectively write ads with compelling calls to action to generate more leads.

A call-to-action must motivate a reader to make contact, and it does that by including something their target audience finds worthwhile.

They could offer a free market report, ebook, newsletter, webinar or something else of value to get readers to share their contact information. The offer should be available for a limited time, and readers should understand that the free offer will help them and improve their lives.

It’s also important for their message to be straightforward, given people’s busy lives and short attention spans. There should be no doubt what the reader is expected to do next, using language like, “Act now to get a free market report.”

Some agents even offer monthly home buyer classes, sharing useful information and establishing a rapport with attendees. An in-person event, properly staged to achieve social distancing during the pandemic, makes it more likely that these contacts will become clients when they’re ready to buy.

Among other things, agents should tailor their message to the platform they’re posting on, such as punchy statements and fast updates on Twitter, and video tours on YouTube. Ads should also speak to the demographic they want to reach.

In addition, ads should include a link to their agency contact page to make communication easy; ensure the ad copy, design, and on-page placement are strategically combined to attract attention without annoying people; and craft several calls to action since not all customers will consider a single type of call-to-action appealing.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Blog (01/23/2019)

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