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Mission Statement Could Help Guide Buyers – and You

By filling out a mission statement, buyers identify priorities and often may uncover goals they might not have known about until later in the process.

CHICAGO – Companies often create mission statements to direct their business. But what about a mission statement that helps buyers articulate their goals?

Realtors often talk to new buyers about their wants and needs, and a buyer mission statement can help. According to, a remodeling website, a written home search mission statement can remind consumers about their priorities and what they envision in a home and even in life. The mission statement can cover everything from style preferences to personal values to help homeowners find a space that truly matches their lifestyle and priorities.

A home mission statement “is about more than style … often what you are drawn to visually will lead you to deeper realizations about what you crave at home,” Houzz writer Laura Gaskill notes. She encourages consumers to flip through housing pictures online or in magazines for inspiration, and then write down what drew them to certain images (e.g. “love the farmhouse table” or “sunny, open floor plan”). Do themes start to emerge?

Next, buyers should consider what’s most important to them in a home. What are their top priorities? What role does the home play in their life – is it a place to raise children, work remotely, etc.? Those who value their extended family, for example, may want to ensure they have enough room for big family gatherings.

The mission statement should also sum up how a home would make them feel. Clients should conjure up three descriptive words. “When you walk through the front door, what three words do you want to spring to mind? ‘Uncluttered,’ ‘clean,’ and ‘serene’?” Gaskill writes. “‘Welcoming,’ ‘cozy’?”

Buyers may also want to do a visualization exercise picturing an ideal day in their home. What do they hear, see, smell, touch and taste?

“Pulling from the key points and themes you identified in your notes, begin writing your home mission statement,” Gaskill writes. “Begin with ‘My home is a place where …’ and complete the statement.”

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Source: “Could a Mission Statement Help Your House?” (Sept. 7, 2020)

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