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Expressing Gratitude Right Thing to Do – and a Sales Tool

If business is “all about relationships,” expressing gratitude is one of the building blocks. It’s not just a life tool Mom taught you, it’s also a marketing tool.

NEW YORK – Business is all about relationships and showing gratitude to your peers and clients can go a long way to strengthen those relationships, particularly in a socially distant world.

“As our modern business model shifts from transactional to relationship, gratitude and appreciation emerge not only as life skills but as business skills,” writes Jamie Broderick, a business coach, for Making others feel valued and heard can help foster loyal relationships with clients and others in the industry. It also encourages people to praise you to others, possibly expanding your referral base.

Broderick says gratitude can be taught as a business skill, and even seemingly small gestures can have a big impact. For example, she emphasizes the impact of handwritten thank-you notes – a personal touch that can stand out to others. She urges business leaders to craft more handwritten notes of thanks to their sphere.

And thank-you notes aren’t just for clients. Broderick also encourages business leaders to consider thanking people who speak to their organization or go above and beyond in some way for their business.

She says companies should create a policy that ensures they’re continually expressing thanks throughout the year to others. It could even include a small gift and, in her case, she sends a small box of tea as gifts along with thank-you notes that are labeled in her brand colors.

“Make thoughtful and creative gestures of appreciation part of your strategy to nurture your relationships,” she says.

Another gratitude sales tool: Be public in your appreciation when you can, Broderick adds. For example, she suggests recognizing other people’s contributions or victories through social media or blog posts, or through newsletter emails.

Source: “How to Practice Gratitude as a Business Skill,” (Dec. 25, 2020)

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