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Stay Top of Mind with Potential Clients – But Don’t Annoy Them

The best marketing tactic to pull in potential customers is not to seem as if you’re marketing to them at all. Start by making it sound like education.

NEW YORK – The key principle of organic marketing? It works because people don’t realize it’s marketing.

When a young couple reaches out to an agent to casually inquire about a property, for example, agents shouldn’t simply plug their contact information into their CRM software and blast the couple with text messages and emails. Instead, agents can focus on buyer education.

This can range from helping potential buyers understand where to find listings and how to understand them, to walking through the steps of securing financing and eventually putting in bids. Even if someone isn’t ready to buy, they’ll be less likely to delete an email that helps prepare for a major purchase.

In the process of educating potential buyers, agents also gain their trust.

Agent can also attach their name to an already trusted brand, such as a bank or local credit union, and offer workshops to first-time buyers.

Or they can build a thought leadership profile. This can take the form of creating content for a YouTube channel, blog, real estate magazines or reputable media platforms.

Finally, agents need to be honest and transparent in order to gain trust. This includes asking honest questions. If someone isn’t ready to buy, for example, agents can ask why. It could be because the potential is may be under the false impression that they need to put 20% down. Agents should also be transparent about how and why they are keeping potential clients informed and staying in touch.

Source: Forbes (03/22/21) Markarian, Kevin

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