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Free Leads: Set Up and Optimize Google My Business Page

Think of Google My Business as your resume. You provide info to Google – emphasizing unique elements – and Google shows your business to more web surfers.

NEW YORK – Google My Business is a free Google tool where agents can brand themselves as local experts and find ideal clients that are confident the agent will suit them perfectly.

To start building a profile, an agent should first Google “Google My Business,” then click the “manage now” button. If they are setting their account up, they should click the “add your business to Google” option, and proceed to build a profile with relevant information potential customers can view when they conduct a search.

The address helps Google identify agents near a specific site, with rewards provided if the agent has a unique and uncommon address.

Agents should think of their Google My Business page as a resume and ensure the profile is complete. It should contain all pertinent information and links, and highlight elements that give prospective clients confidence in the agent’s abilities.

Items that help a profile rank high on Google include photos of the business, the business team, satisfied customers and properties (preferably at the top of the page). It should also include online reviews and a question-and-answer section.

Source: Inman (08/01/21) Burgess, Jimmy

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