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‘Why Use a Realtor?’ Tell Clients This

NAR’s latest program expands their “That’s Who We R” campaign by empowering each member to explain the Realtor benefits to family, friends and customers.

CHICAGO – The National Association of Realtors®’ (NAR) ad campaign, “That’s Who We R,” has a simple goal – to tell buyers and sellers why they should use a Realtor®.

NAR announced a new step in their Realtor-awareness program this week. In addition to touching Americans through its advertising campaign, it also wants to empower individual agents to tell personal customers why they should only use a Realtor.

“As members of the National Association of Realtors, we are unified by the Realtor brand and our iconic trademark R,” said 2022 NAR President Leslie Rouda Smith in an email announcing the new program. “It’s who we are – and it’s important for consumers to understand that distinction.”

Rouda Smith says NAR has an award-winning national advertising campaign, but asks the question, “What are WE saying to clients to engage in that conversation and articulate our value?” In addition to seeing entertaining commercials, consumers “should also learn that value directly from Realtors, and in a consistent way.”

To help individual members boost their one-on-one marketing, NAR developed language and supporting assets at It asks members to share the material on their websites, via social media, at the bottom of emails and anywhere else it can be read consistently.

NAR offers examples. In a personal bio, for example, Realtors could use this wording:

I am a Realtor, a real estate professional who has taken the extra step to belong to the National Association of Realtors. Through membership, I abide by a Code of Ethics and have gained expertise to help you navigate one of the most complicated and important transactions you’ll make in your lifetime.

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