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Lesson to Learn: Don’t React in Real Time

Realtors sometimes try to “sell themselves” by answering questions quickly, but listening and secure self-awareness work better than rapid-fire responses.

NEW YORK – Frances Katzen merges her expert knowledge of New York City’s real estate market with an international viewpoint.

Katzen, founder of The Katzen Team at Douglas Elliman, was born in South Africa and raised in Sydney, Australia. She now has a network of contacts in the United States, as well as in Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Katzen says one of the key real estate business insights she has gained is not to react in real time.

“Stop talking and listen,” she says. “I think when you feel insecure about your position in the job, you tend to want to ‘sell’ yourself. But, as we learn who we are and get more comfortable in who we are and stop apologizing for who we are, we’re able to stop and truly take in what others are saying.”

Katzen also believes companies can do better when they operate from a position of integrity.

“When you do, you complete things much more fully and to the level that clients expect and deserve. But more importantly, you feel really good about what you are putting forward,” she says.

“There is nothing more gratifying than seeing someone who has put the sweat equity into their job and now, as a result, are in the position to buy something that is concrete and such a departure from everything that they have had in their past,” she adds. “It really is ‘that moment’ of arriving into their financial freedom and of owning something really beautiful. Watching their faces get emotional about this realization is pretty awesome.”

Source: Inman (01/23/23) Murdock, Christy

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