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AI Is Also Changing Smart-Home Technology

The internet of things (IoT) – home devices working in tandem – continues to expand as lights, thermostats and more cater to owner preferences without being asked.

NEW YORK – The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to various devices and systems in the home that work and communicate together. They not only obey verbal commands, they also track a homeowner’s schedule and work together to make the home comfortable and save money on utilities.

Potential cost savings linked to IoT include smart thermostats, lights and appliances that can optimize energy consumption and help reduce utility bills. A thermostat, for example, can learn when occupants tend to be at home and adjust temperatures as needed. As a result, an air conditioner can work alongside lighting and blinds to ensure optimal temperature and lighting conditions.

Homeowners can also remotely control and monitor their home appliances, lighting and security systems via smartphones or laptops. They can check their home’s status and receive alerts while at work or on vacation. Smart doorbells with cameras allow homeowners to see who is at their front door, while smart locks enable keyless entry and locking/unlocking.

Routine tasks such as turning on lights and starting the coffeemaker in the morning can be automated and even given a unique command, such as, “Good morning, world!”

Some smart appliances can even give estimates on when they might fail or require maintenance, such as a smart washing machine.

Smart homes also can track people’s health, which can be particularly useful for older adults. These homes can detect falls, monitor vital signs and remind people to take their medications. A smart monitor tucked into a bathroom ceiling light can alert caretakers when an older adult hasn’t been detected by a certain time every morning – a heads up that something might be wrong.

However, there homeowners need to be vigilant about some things, such as the need to replace or upgrade IoT devices. They also need to make sure their IoT devices have adequate security to prevent cyberattacks, which some devices have failed to adequately do.

Source: Realty Biz News (09/21/2023) Shepardson, Ben

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