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Website Design: What’s the Best HTML Editor?

Brokers and agents should start with a basic question: What do I need my website to do? A good HTML editor offers intuitive features, great images and more.

NEW YORK – Searching for the best HTML editor for real estate websites? Start by considering only services that provide high-quality image galleries, intuitive search features, interactive maps, and contact and query forms.

HTML editors are mainly classified as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors – graphic interfaces where users design the page and the editor produces the HTML, often the easiest to use for agents who don’t have a strong technical background.

On the other hand, text-based editors offer a direct interface to write or edit code. While they take a bit of technical expertise, they give a user more control over site design and functionality.

Adobe Dreamweaver is considered the premier WYSIWYG editor for real estate websites thanks to its versatility and diverse features, although it might be a little challenging for novices. Visual Studio (VS) Code is rated the best test-based editor for real estate sites by virtue of its broad community support, excellent features, and intermediate-level learning curve. The web-based site-building tools Wix and Squarespace are worthy of mention for their user-friendliness and many templates.

Budget-wise, VS Code is free, Dreamweaver is paid software, and monthly subscription fees often accompany online platforms.

A WYSIWYG editor or an online builder may be the best starting option for those unfamiliar with HTML and web design, while a more flexible platform can future-proof the site as business expands and site requirements shift.

Source: Realty Biz News (09/19/2023) Shepardson, Ben

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