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A Blueprint for Consistently Finding Leads

To find a steady flow of leads, begin by targeting a neighborhood, becoming familiar with the community and marketing yourself.

NEW YORK – Geographical farming – a time-tested strategy for uncovering leads – can help generate a consistent flow of listing opportunities. Consider the following to making geofarming work for you:

  • Start by examining neighborhoods to determine if there is a single dominant agent in the area.
  • Make a 12-month commitment to marketing in the neighborhood and set a specific marketing budget.
  • Use consistent direct mailers, including letters, postcards and easy-to-understand quarterly sales reports.
  • Share feedback from sellers and buyers periodically.
  • Host quarterly and semiannual events, such as food truck nights. Make evergreen videos about the community. Walk your own pets in the target neighborhood.
  • Leverage listing with professional staging, photography and videography of the listed home, sending out just-listed and just-sold cards, tell neighbors about the open house, posting professional signs and take-one boxes, information with QR codes to access videosand a double-sided flyer with other listings in the area.

Source: Inman (04/26/24) Burgess, Jimmy

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