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Florida Realtors...
provides essential business tools, most of them at no cost to you.

PLUS: Members receive exclusive money-saving offers on tech tools, insurance, travel and more through the Florida Realtors discount program.

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Florida Realtors...
makes sure the real estate market THRIVES

  • $200 million for Hometown Heroes, a ground-breaking state program that so far has helped 14,180 families buy a home.
  • A reduction of burdensome tenant ordinances
  • Protections for appraisers and brokers from frivolous lawsuits
  • Property insurer accountability measures
  • Safety and transparency reforms for condos

PLUS: Florida Realtors has advocated for billions of dollars to fund affordable housing and rental inventory.

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Florida Realtors...
protects your earnings

The association’s advocacy efforts led to:

  • Cuts in the capital gains tax (Average annual savings per Realtor: $3,825)
  • Defeat of sales tax on commissions legislation (Average annual savings per Realtor: $2,300)
  • Elimination of the state’s occupational license fee ($4.2 million total savings)
  • Lower real estate license fees ($8.8 million total savings)
  • Cuts in the business rent tax ($1.5 billion savings)
  • Defeat of a tax on second homes and businesses ($700 million total savings)

PLUS: During the pandemic, we made sure YOU could keep doing business by urging the governor to declare real estate an ESSENTIAL business.

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Florida Realtors...
makes you smarter

Florida Realtors’ professional development opportunities help everyone, from newbies to industry vets, maximize their potential and accelerate their careers — so you can grow, learn and earn.


Florida Realtors Provides Member Cost Retail Value
Webinars on hot topics FREE $199
Instructor development training FREE $200
Education consultation FREE $100 per hour
Education Director training $15 $500
Faculty training $199 $2,000
In-depth leadership training $199 $5,000
Graduate, Realtor Institute $500 $800
Annual convention with 40+ education sessions & high-profile keynote speaker $160 $2,200
Fast-paced, peer-to-peer learning on latest trends at REBarCamp $25 $1,200


Florida Realtors...
markets you to the world

Florida Realtors makes sure YOU can get in on the $12.6 billion annual international real estate action by offering:

  • Multiple real estate trade missions around the globe
  • Year-round networking events
  • Global-centric webinars
  • Access to top international speakers
  • Cultural sensitivity guidance
  • All the latest international economic trends

PLUS: Our advocacy team works hard all year long to ensure the real estate climate bolsters international transactions.

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Florida Realtors...
protects what YOU love

Our state’s natural resources are a huge part of what draws homebuyers to Florida. Part of our mission is to keep them safe. Over the years, Florida Realtors’ advocacy has led to:

  • $1.8 billion toward improving water quality
  • $450 million for beach renourishment
  • $2.4 billion for Everglades restoration
  • $325 million to protect our natural springs

PLUS: Our annual Clean Up Florida Waters event has removed 18 TONS OF TRASH from the state’s waterways.

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