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Florida Realtors 2016 Election Results 

The vast majority of candidates endorsed by Florida Realtors Political Action Committee (PAC) won their race on Election Day Nov. 8, 2016.

Florida Realtors PAC 2016 General Election Endorsements

Florida Realtors® Political Action Committee (PAC) interviews candidates running for state government and as state representatives in the U.S. Congress. The PAC specifically looks for the candidates that support the housing industry and Florida homeowners without a preference for either political party. 

The election of PAC-preferred candidates can, by extension, bolster laws that support the real estate industry.

Download the lists here: 


March 11, 2016: End of Session Report

Florida Legislature adjourns

For Florida Realtors, the 2016 session was as much about preserving and protecting homeownership as it was ensuring no new laws were passed that would disrupt your business.

Commercial lease tax study 

Get details, analyses and summary findings from this exclusive report prepared by Fishkind and Associates. The report examines and evaluates the economic impact of sales tax exemptions for commercial leases in Florida. 


Historical timeline of legislative initiatives
Review the motions and initiatives that Florida Realtors has supported in the past 29 years.