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Let Everyone Know You're 'Going Virtual' for Our Convention

Help spread the word about the Florida Realtors Virtual Convention. The more the merrier, right?
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Share Our Videos!

What's in it for you? These videos, designed for YOU to share on our social media networks and with your colleagues, highlight how our annual conference can put YOU on the top of your game and help you build a better real estate business. 


Let's get some buzz started now.

Spread the word about the 2020 Florida Realtors Virtual Convention by sharing these marketing and promotional materials at your office and through your social media and professional networks.

The process is simple. Just download these shareables and video clips listed below and add them to your Facebook posts, blogs and in other social media. 

Put a spin on your posts and tell others why you’ll be attending Florida’s premier real estate event — the 2020 Florida Realtors Virtual Convention. 

Be sure to include our hashtags — #RealtorNation2020 and #FloridaRealtors — on each of your social media posts.

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Add a frame to your Facebook photo

Let everyone know to "look" for you at the 2020 Florida Virtual Convention by adding a temporary Facebook profile frame to your photo.

Just click "update" on your profile photo and then click "add frame." Search for Florida Realtors and then select our convention frame. 

Join our Facebook event

Keep up with the latest convention updates, find out who else is going and share your excitement by RSVPing to our 2020 Florida Realtors Virtual Convention event page on Facebook. Invite your colleagues to join, too!

Share our flyers

Click the blue buttons below to download our promotional flyers. You can include them n your office newsletter or handout to colleagues in your office.